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just wooow
its a good job and i adore it at most
so thank u

mero gamal, Egypt

wow ..this site is awsome .wonderfull job.

mustapha harb, Algeria

When you people will visit Pakistan? I am one of few panographers from Pakistan. It would be nice to meet you people here. We have plenty of unseen beauties of world. Airpano project can bring these unseen and pure places to world.

Emaduddin Bhatt, Pakistan

Dear Emaduddin, unfortunately, it is impossible to visit Pakistan this year because our schedule is too intense. May be, it will happen later. Good luck!

I am always amazed by work of you people. You people are highly skilled in every photographic skills. Light, composition, colours, sharpness and artistically your work is excellent. Airpano project is also an excellent project by you people.

Emaaduddin Bhatt, Pakistan

Thanks a lot for your high appraisal of our project and compliments.

What a wonderful work your team is doing. Thanks a lot for showing this amazing world to we people

Mukesh nagar, India

I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg 6 years ago. Your flights over the cities have made me feel that I was right back there. This is such a wonderful innovation and I am visiting all the places I have been and all those I will never get to. Thank you so much.

Margaret Hodges, South Africa

We are pleased with your message. Thank you for visiting us and you are welcome to visit us again whenever you wish.

Sigan trabajando amigos que lo que hacen es un regalo para los ojos...felicitaciones por vuetsro gran trabajo

Jorge Núñez, Spain

awesome, kudos!

L. Letona, Honduras

Truely beautiful, visited the city a good number of years ago and these spectacular photographs brings back a lot of happy memories.

Breda O Riordan, Ireland

It gives us pleasure to bring you back to your happy memories.

prachtige opnames met veel dank aan de fotografen.

pierre veldhoen, South Africa

Truely spectacular as well as very talented photographers

Lions Club of Kitchener, Canada

What about Mexico?
There are several places and natural beauties, for example:
Tehotihuacan piramids
Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and the deepest canyon in the world name: canon del cobre chihuahua.
and more
Thank you

Eliud Perez, USA

Mexico is in our plan for December 2012 http://www.airpano.com/help_to_get_permissions.php but we need help in getting of a shooting permission.

Great Job!!!!!

Kalle Ecke, Germany

do you work also commercial
I ean for an residential project.
I live in Rotterdam/NL and in
Fort Lauderdale/US


Aat van Herk, Netherlands

Parabéns,aos organizadores deste site,que é maravilhoso,com suas fotos,e espero em breve que voces possam ter mais fotos dos Países do nosso Planeta.Gostaria muito de conhecer a Cracóvia,a Crota,enfim!Países pouco procurados ou fotos deles.gostaria de estar sempre recebendo novidades deste site.Obrigada Ângela Beatriz.

Ângela Beatriz Salles, Brazil

This is just amazing!!! :)

Joshua Abbott, USA

Do you allow someone to look at just one place to see if they wish to pay for a subscription?


love it
great job
keep up the great work
just marvelous,
amazing ,

Patricia Pearson, USA

Very nice pictures,what camera and lenses do you use ?

david mcsloy, USA

where is israel on your world map?

natie grama, Israel

Realmente maravillosas las imagenes y fotografias
en las que Dios puso sus manos para toda la humanidad !!!!! espero sepamos todos cuidar este regalo que nos hizo sin distincion de razas. lugares. tierras. poderes. religiones, ojala algun dia entendamos que nos regalaron este planeta Tierra para que todos podamos habitarlo en armonia y paz hasta el dia que cada ser tiene su destino marcado.
Felicito el trabajo y la labor de los que hicieron posible estas imagenes .



Muchas gracias, Silvana, por su respuesta y por lo que estima tan alto nuestro trabajo. Saludos.

As imagens são belissímas. Parabéns pelo belo trabalho. No país onde vivo (Brasil), também existem paisagens belissímas lugares maravilhos de norte a sul. Pesquisem pelo pantanal, no centro-oeste, as caatingas do nordeste, as pradarias do sul enfim...

Darci - Rio de Janeiro May 2012

The images are gorgeous. Congratulations on your beautiful work. In the country where I live (Brazil), there are also places maravilhos beautiful landscapes from north to south. To search the swamp in the Midwest, the Northeast scrublands, grasslands south anyway ...

Darci - Rio de Janeiro May 2012

Darci Ferreira, Brazil

Parabéns! Muito lindo!!! Nunca vi nada igual! Maravilhoso. Gostaria muito que fizessem um trabalho em Israel, Jesusalem na Cidade Santa, nas passagens bíblicas, tais como Rio Jordão, Monte Sinai, Monte Moriah, enfim todos os lugares que Jesus passou!
Muito Obrigado por disponibilizar a nós que nunca talves teremos condiçõe de visitar todos estes lindos lugares, Parbéns! A todos que cooperaram para que este lindo trabalho pudesse chegar ao mundo inteiro...Parabéns!!!

adriano bruxino, Brazil

Wonderfull.I invite you to come to our beautiful holy land Israel.You will find many extraordinary
famous sites ,to be fotografed.

Jaakov M E R O N, Israel

Absolutely wonderful, marvelous, amazing work..you people have done a great job and it really shows character of Russian people how intelligent they are and how innovative they are...Hats off to you people...carry on the good work. Include some scenes from Pakistan as well, places like JHEEL SAIFUL MULOOK in Northern Pakistan, Lahore, karachi etc

Abdul Lateef, United Arab Emirates

Thank you very much for your message. We are happy you liked our creative works.

c'est magnifique chapeau et un grand bravo pour votre art

mohammed laalou, France

fotografii uimitoare si fantastice........, felicitari pentru cine a conceput.

tanase mihaela


ag adibudojio



Absolutely amazing concept and photography... Great work!!! Perhaps you could cover some places in India like the valley of flowers or ladhak or jaisalmer

Debarshi Bhadra, India

Wonderful photography & Amaizing work.

Saraiya Bharat, India

wonderful and beautiful work no one can challange this work can i download this photography

Dr.Sameer Butala, India

Amaizing work.
is there any possibility to do somthing for Palmyra antiquities, Syria.

Waleed Asa'ad.
Palmyra, Syria

Waleed Asa'ad

Great Work!!! i have not been to few of these places but feels like i am there,amazing piece of work ..thank you very much

Pls explore to India also

Suresh BK , Banaglore

We are pleased you think that. thank you!

Przepiękny program do oglądania świata, proszę o więcej fotek tego typu. Oglądając w takiej perspektywie to dech zapiera i można się wczuć jakby się tam leciało w czasie rzeczywistym. Gratuluję pomysłu na najwyższym światowym poziomie.

Zibi Ewa`la

Dear visitor, we are glad you visited our site. But we'd be grateful if you leave your messages in English. In this case, you'll be understood.

so we know how wonderful how nice how beautiful and how big this world we live in , nothing is more importent than knowing this , nothing we cannot accept,nothing we cannot solve in our live, if acctually we are so small.
great people make great work. great work make great education.love you people,thank you very much.

Emily Wang

Thank you! We are touched by your opinion as well as by your high appraisal of our work.

Dreams to do this kind of work ! Love taking trips but this is pure pleasure just watching your work, love to tag along !!!

Kathleen Wroblewski

If you can get to the land downunder (again), there are some great photography wonders apart from Sydney, which has the most beautiful harbour in the world :)

Annette Kootoofa

I really enjoyed watching the pictures. I have been to most of the places you have shown here. I think you have done justice to the beauty of those places.

Joseph Thomas

I congratulate you for your superb photographs, for your initiative in making this a world project and for making the results freely available for us to see.
I was a professional comercial photographer for 18 years and retired just before Digital photography became mainstream. I am envious, I retired 20 years too soon.
If you would some free help in editing your English text, please contact me.
Travel far and travel safely.
Roy Romsey

Roy Romsey

Thank you, Roy. We are moved by your message. It always gives us pleasure to get such messages like yours. Have a nice day!

Nice and wonderful views, photography and music. ¡Congratulations¡
Please have a look to Santiago de Compostela cathedral and old town, could be one of next reports...

Antonio. Cartagena. Spain

Antonio Viqueira

It gives us pleasure to hear from you, Antonio.

A family member lives in Istanbul....would be awesome to view here. Is Turkey on your schedule soon ? Tnx for the fantastic visuals, and sound tracks !

Olivia Steffen

This is very very beautiful very amazing! I love this website! Great idea! Wonderful Project :)

daniele Mangiarratti

We are interested to see the TAJ MAHAL in Panorama view...
And also the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple..

Naga Rajan

love it!. I wonder what music are you playing, can you tell me where I can download it from? You have a lot of scope for your panoramios in India. Love if you come over.

Anish Pathak

You are amazing!I've spent hours looking at your panoramas.I especially love the ballon ride in burma

Mike Allred

Thanks a lot for your interest and attention.

Wonderful Project. Appreciated the efforts.

Jags Reddy

its great,,,,,,,,amazing views of amazing places

binukumar sudhakaran nair

Airpana.com have nice collection of Aerial photography, which is unmatchable

Mukesh Limbachiya



wonderful photos!!! you gusy should come to Pamirs and take pictures....we have beatiful landscape :))

Taholam Shova

This website is the most wonderful creation on web I have seen ever. I am thankful to airpano team for their great efforts behind this creation and such an awesome photography. This website will be the most wonderful gift today to my wife on her birthday!
Request you to explore some great locations like Jog falls,Ajintha-Alora caves from India.

Raviraj Kulkarni

We are glad to have your opinion here, on our web-site. Regards!

This is fabulous! Breath taking!!

Keep the great work going, guys!

John Malcolm

Um trabalho excepcional, de grande beleza e arte. Parabéns pela iniciativa de nos mostrar os pormenores de imagens surpreendentes.

João Vieira

Its a wonderful one. Most of us know that our nature is a beatiful. You have done better and prove everyone by your works that our world has beatiful nature. I am very much amazed to see your pictures. You are the great,need some wonders and I am from India, we have a lot in our country, I wish you to capture those and explore it to the world.

Thanks & Regards,

Vijay R

Thank you for your message. We do appreciate your attention.


Giovanni Calvisi

Absolutely fantastic.
Congratulations and thanks.

Walter Vogel



Congratulations, it's a fantastic imagens, the way that only i think over it's GOD!!! also your technique to do that. SALUD no olvides que el tequila te inspira cuando tendras una imagen para Mexico...

Meliton Garcia


cathi Stout

Dear Sir,

I am from INDIA. I want to see some best Indian Places in 360 degree on Airpano.in.


Superb ... No wrods to praise your work.

It is as good as you being in that place.

Thanks & appreciate your efforts to bring the beautiful places in front of us on the net.

Ashutosh Mestha

We are happy to have your message on this page. Thank you.

Very beautiful!Very wonderful!Very amazing!
I'm very like this website!
Very great idea! Very great world!

Fengdong Wang

Thank you! Come to visit us again soon.

magnifique merci

andree arts

Well done lads, exceptionally well done!!

Dalton Montgomery

Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for showing us the beauty of our world. Hope you get all the permissions you need for future shots.

Barbara Nelson

You guys are the real contemporary artists! show, wonderful! when will we see the Millau Bridge?


WOW! It's simply great work. Amazed. Thanks to my daughter Anuradha who recommended me to watch AIRPANO. Will you please send me alink to watch further airpanoramas.
Thanks once again.

Ramesh Sangamnerkar

We are glad you visited us. If you wish, you can visit our site once a week, because once a week we place one new panorama.

Do you have any places in the UK?

sumera manghat


xu yanwu

Brazil is still unknown to many foreigners. Try PANTANAL - FOZ DO IGUAÇU - ABISMO DAS ANDORINHAS - and other links in google to search for other amazinhg places. You'll fall in love rapidly...

João Caio

Astonishing work! Great! Congratulations. What is your address?

João Caio

We were there 3 weeks back. Your panorama makes me feel I am still there! Excellent

Raju Khatri

Absolutely amazing!!Congratulations!

Mimis Charalambides

I think your camera lenses have not taste the desert dust... :-)(just kidding)
you people are in India so why not shoot the beauty of THAR Desert in Rajasthan state... Cities like Jodhpur,Jaisalmer and Bikaner will be the perfect canvas for your imagination... Good Luck..Keep Going :-)

saurabh singh

Amazed to see the team up of technology and passion converted into soulful pieces of art reflecting both parts of this beautiful world, created by God and Created by us.

saurabh singh

Thank you for the high appraisal of our work.

Great Job.World is amazing.I want more.

Janusz Czarnik

My congratulations, this is an extremely amazing project. Everyone has the right to meet the beauty of the world we live in, so we are inspired to preserve it. Cheers from Brazil.

Pedro Guimarães

Thank you for your frank and kind comment.

Amazing work! Perfect way to decide where to go next!!

Bianca Bovell

All that’s above “YOU ROCK” it’s all you guys … THANKS !!! For access

Filip Krzanowski

thanks to my friend George who recommended AIRPANO seems like I have visited all the world!!! perfect!!!

Lina Triantari

Many thanks for your comment. Regards to George!

come to india and do all this leh ladakh kailash mansarover kedarnath badrinath south india north india all himalaya.we will love if u do this.

Meena Saraiya

Verdaderamente es fantástico lo que están haciendo, les felicito con todo mi entusiasmo. Gracias

Fernando Paniagua

It's really fantastic.....It seems like we have visited all the world..Veryy beautiful
Thank You

Nitakinne Afaf

I am divided in my opinion the images can be used in geopolitical strategies. On the other hand: the images can documents the abuse, the exploitation and destruction of our mother earth. We the human beings have carelessly and selfishly exploited our earth for profit: I feel sadden and humble when I look at the images.. I have very mixed feelings.

Hiyam Naour

Hiyam Naour Naour

Thank you for your frank comment.

nice work !! it's amazing and so beautifull I hope you'll get the permission to photograph all the world's wonder ^^

Drafli hanan

Many thanks for your good wishes.

comment peut-on selectionner le texte en français ?

herve colette

Congratulations, spectacular images, thank you very much all

Jose Oliverio

Congratulations, spectacular images, thank you very much all

Jose Oliverio

parabéns pelo fantástico trabalho,continuem pois assim teremos o que apreciar na internet.

helio cordeiro da silva

Please make a 360 for kerala gods own country.... !! i have searched for my place.. ! no result...should have use these 360
projects in google earth/map

jareesh mohd

Awesome work in progress.
Please make these into a live desktop or screensavers.

. Parksy

Thanks a lot for your interest and attention.

Really wonderful pieces. views and technology. Excellent.

Peter Ooi


Vicky Martin

Thank You for your breath taking beautiful Photos. I really enjoy veiwing them. They are works of art.

Mark Williams

It gives us pleasure to get such messages like yours.


pv sridharan

Mükemmel bir çalısma fakat TÜRKİYE den hic bir yer yok:( TÜRKİYE icinde isteriz eminim TÜRKİYE DE daha güzel yerler vardır

oguz haksever

Dear visitor, please, send your message in English. We'll understand you better that way.

CARTAGENA DE INDIAS in the south caribbean, is a city with 470 years old, with a walled city and many fortress.
Come to take pictures and show this beatifull place.

jaime Borda

You have done a splendid job of providing real enjoyment of visiting all these wonderful places on earth. Kudos to you.

Ranga Nathan

Wonderful work you have done. But can I request you to make your work Which also can be played on BlackBerry PlayBook.

Zaran Dhulla