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This is an amazing resource for a teacher. I can give my 6th graders a fantastic view of what they are studying! Thank you!!

Kathie McDonald, USA

well ................. they are amazing !!!!
Thanks for all your work .

Aditya PAUL, India

Quite amazing website with lots of unseen locations in the world. Thanks to those exploratory photographers who made this possible. Hats off to all behind this venture.



To all involved, Great Job!
Some people would, otherwise, never see the beauty aroung our planet!

Kim Ross, Australia

I visited the falls few years ago,but got to know better on the screen.Thanks for the great effort for it also brought back sweet memories and I felt as though I was visiting once again and can do so when ever I WISH TO IN THE FUTURE.THANK YOU FOR SPREADING SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE AND PLEASURE,especially for those who cannot travel.Thank you for the great thought and effort.
Batool Abbas. Sharja.UAE

Batool Abbas, United Arab Emirates

You are very kind to us. Thank you too!

It is really amazing to see
the magnificent sites.
it is really wonderful sites with panorama view in 3D.
Thumbs up....

O/B Castoro 10

Vengadasalam Subbiah, Malaysia

What a magnificent site!! Watching all the beautiful places on your site, I thought of the joy and trials you must have had visiting around the world while filming. The music is beautiful as well. Thank you for spreading such beauty to all of us. I am sharing this with all my friends!!

Sharon Moran, USA

Congratulations to all of you that are responsible for this amazing website. I am having many hours of total enjoyment watching your superbly stunning views from around the World. I do not like to Travel so this for me is so very special. Many thanks again and I look forward to more countries in the future especially London as I am from the UK.

Jacqueline Williams, United Kingdom

Enjoying my adventure around the world. I have sent this site to many of my friends to enjoy. Thank you. Just magnificient!!!

Elaine Clesi, USA

tks- I enjoy panoramic view I stay in 'iran' and wish to see 'iran' in air panorama
we have beautiful place in our country

meysam sokhangoo, Iran

tks - great - enjoy this site

Jeff goh, Singapore

"Thanks a lot to the team for such a wonderful project. It is great to see so many beautiful places from anywhere of the Universe from one's home."

Sukumar Choudhuri, India

Dear Airpano Team,

First, I'd like to congratulate you for the idea and the immense effort for realizing it. Excellently done!
Wish you best of luck in further developing the project!
I come from Bulgaria and wish to see it on your list some day :)

Áîëüøîå ñïàñèáî è óäà÷è!

Ñ óâàæåíèåì,
Èðåíà Äèìèòðîâà

Irena Dimitrova, Bulgaria

"Why there is NO India in ur list??I live in India and wish to see India in air panorama."

Ashwani Kapoor, India

Dear Ashwani Kapoor. It seems to us that Taj Mahal is situated in India;) Here it is the link to the pano http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Taj-Mahal-India

I enjoyed the panoramic view. please capture Penang island, Malaysia. Its one of the beautiful island in the world!.

Arun Raam, Malaysia

Can I buy a CD to play on my 65in LG3d tv

Fred Cooke, Australia

Why there is NO singapore in ur list??I stay in singapore and wish to see singapore in air panorama.

Chanakya k, Singapore

How about the seashores of the Philippines. They have a magnificent scenes.


Hi Airpano Team ,Great job done by all of you.Thank you for sharing these amazing views. I wish God Bless you: Keep it up the great work."Thank you"


Lovepreet Kaur, India

As a pensioner I cannot afford to travel to all the wonderful places I had dreamed of seeing but now each day I travel wherever I desire thanks to you and your wonderful site.
Thank-you so much

pat wright, United Kingdom

We are grateful for your message.

Thank you for your wonderful projects, they bring back many treasured memories!
Toni Christensen, Australia

Toni Christensen, Australia

Not able to traveloutside of my country ,Travel insurance. Thank you now I can

Harry Best, Australia

just got back from monument valley last week.... your photos are beyond discripition.....so breath taking....

thank you

douglas holman, USA

I get a few AirPano from my fried from Australia. At pressent time I am in the States but I was living 11 years in South Africa. I was waching again Cape Town and arrounds. All looks fantastic and I hope you do some places in Poland from Baltic Sea to Tatry Mountain.

Edward Ksiazka, USA

Visited the castle in 1965 while stationed in Germany. What a sight! And the schloss is not yet 200 years old.

Dave G, USA

What can I say. God Bless Australia. My husband was in professional sports and we lived there for 5 years. We would come back to Texas for Christmas and fly back before New Years.
It was a magical time in my life, one I will never forget.Since then my husband has passed and I find myself thinking of the land down under that was so good to my husband and I. GOD BLESS YOU AUSTRALIA.

Gloria [ Twinkle ] Williams, Australia

Truly beautiful. I have been there and seen it from the air.

Theresa Wang, USA

I am speechless..Amazing I Wish the team all the best for capturing the world which our eyes can't store.

Sreedath Sarasendran, India

Ireland, please. Preferably the regions around Cork, Limerick, and Dublin.
Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

Bob Collins, USA

You guys are Brilliant! Try to include Rio in the top 10!

Lauro Costa
Phoenix, AZ USA

Lauro Costa, USA

Wow, your panoramic view of the countries and cities is wonderful! I was fortunate to visit Hawaii, Ukraine my birthplace, Turkey, Greece and parts of Italy. San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Miami and northern Wisconsin are also places which are beautiful. I also lived in Landeck, Austria for 5 years as a D. P. when I was an immigrant on my way from Soviet and Nazi occupation.

How wonderful the world is, and thanks to you we can see so much of it.

irene pyskir-bilak, USA

Thank you for giving us such a pleasure!!! Your work is simply outstanding. Watching photos were like as if I am there. keep doing great work :)

Atul Singhal, India

Thank you very much for bringing the world, our beautiful, wonderfully created world and it's cities to my home! Such stunning photography and views! I'm not able to travel abroad so this satifies my wanderlust a bit. I would love to see some more pictures of cities and natural wonders of the caribbean islands!
Thank you! Thank You!

phillip marsha, Trinidad and Tobago

Thank you too! We are pleased that you liked our project.

Thanks to the team for such a wonderful project. It is great to see such beautiful places from one's home.

Selvamurugan Azhagappan, India

First of all i whole heartdly thankful to AirPano.com team for such a wonderfull effort. I think without this i might not see all these amazing and wonderfull things. in the world. Here is one request from me please add something from Pakistan as well as we have the longest karakarm highway, the beautifull northern area where Lake Saful Malook, Mahanjudaro. and so many other beautifull natural sceniries. once again thanks for your effort.

Muhammad Imran Raz, Pakistan

Stunning, stunning photography guys! Unbelievable stuff! Fabulous!

Ron Bannell, France

Amazing, brilliant,top entertainment, very good job. Amazed, yes, how do u guys get to this perfection, really really liked it. Hats off, the best i have downloaded so far. Congrats

Fred Pais, India

u r realy collected by the
differenet types of city's images , vedio show the our cultureral . so great job

jitu balmiki balmiki, India




Superb ! Congratulations !
A world trip on my fingertips.

Franck AERNOUDTS, Luxembourg

Wow !! Great collection.You wowed us the first time with the taj mahal views and over and again with other such amazing collections ! Great job ,guys !!!

PPR joseph, USA

great job ,makes me feel russa is in the ball game ,of a better world,we will all win.usa..mick

michael greiner, USA

Algunos sitios que conozco los veo aquí con muchos mas detalle.
Gracias por esta maravilla de trabajo.

Jesús Guber, Spain

Thank You for sharing, your amazing efforts and photography. Got to see views of my hometown of NYC Manhattan that never seen before, can almost see the old tenement building where I grew up on the Lower East Side near the Manhattan Bridge. Should do 1 of Seattle, Space Needle, Puget Sound, The Cascade and Olympic Mountains and Mt. Rainier as live in that area now.

Paul Chan, USA

You Guys you have done an Amazing Job!! keep up the good Work.

sujesh kr, India

Wow fantastic

David Campbell, Australia

Amazing Guys....

Shashank Daundkar, India

Thank you for sharing your excellent shots - great photography!

Ishmael Teves, Philippines

Extraordinarily beautiful. How about South Sudan?

Denis Loft, Sudan

Dear Denis,

you're asking about South Sudan, one guy before asked about Australia and one girl - about Africa.
It is really difficult to understand what place we should go :)


William Gallagher, Spain

What a beautiful piece of work. Unbelievable project. Thank you

Bob Miller, USA

wow... excellent...i have just seen the taj mahal ...very good.. no word to describe...d. m. murarka

deendayal murarka, India

WOW!!! I just viewed Halong Bay in Vietnam, Manchu Picchu and Taj Mahal...Thanks Guys!



It'd be nice to see Kaieteur falls in Guyana :-)


Thank you very much for exciting and rocking view of The Great Wall of China and The Taj Mahal..
It is wonderful and exciting to hear and see about such nice and great project to cover up Fly and Bird Eye Views...


We are grateful for your kind attention.

awesome. I discovered airpano today and the photographs are stunning, awesome

rajith nair, India

Today I have seen "TAJ MAHAL INDIA". It is very Beautiful.I request you to cover other beautiful sights in India!

Prakash Date, India

"These Are So Beautiful Hats off You Guys,
Please Make A Episode On Discovery channel.
So We Can Watch Live,
Kindly Revert Back If Its Possible.

Hrishikesh Deshmukh, India

These are beautiful. I can't wait til Italy is uploaded as I was just there, and hopefully there are more American landmarks to come.

Michael Stuart, USA

Skláním se před Vaší dechberoucí prací .

eva jakšlová, Czech Republic

A very intersting
muy interesante saludos desde Hidlgo Mexico

felipe mendoza, Mexico


salvatore zinna, USA

Thank you for affording me a short but very sweet return visit to my beautiful home city, Cape Town, South Africa. Very impressive and thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent job.

Coral Anna Cartwright, USA

Thanks for you opinion.

I'm really grateful to the peolple who made possible visit this wonderful world.

bianca canale, Italy

A very intersting way to view many different areas of the world. Nice job!

John Buller, Canada


Sorry, but you are the best!!!!!!

sônia schimidt, Brazil

God is wonderful, to have created such wonder. Thanks to those with the eyes to capture this for others.

Roberta C Grace, USA

what a beautiful world. thank you

robert durham, USA

What a great piece of work you guys have done here!!
I'm jealous! Can I work for you? ;)
I'd suggest you add Bungle Bungles from North Australia to your list - you want be dissapointed.

Tomasz Makarewicz, Australia

Ohh my god! What a great work you have done …. Amazing ….. Feelings like I should stop taking photos from my camera now … it doesn’t stand anywhere close to your work …. Lots of love and best wishes for you.

umesh daundkar, India

Awesome! I actually got the mouse pointed in the wrong direction and got airsick from going around in circles. Thanks so much for the trip!

Melody Baty, USA

Greatest website I have ever seen. Thank you very much.
I hope to see Jerusalem soon. Are you working on it? What a beautiful world God has made for us to enjoy.
Bob Gleaves, Florida, USA

Bob Gleaves, USA

very thanks
absolutely fantastic

argelly mary, France

Absolutely a breathtaking experience - to actually visit the many 'beauty spots' on our planet! Thank you!! (Would you consider visiting Western Australia also?)

Rosalie Turnor, Australia

Loved the sights great stuff, many thanks from Adelaide Sth Australia

Mal O'Brien, Australia

I have not checked to see if you have done Namibia. Worth your consideration though.

Bossie Bossert, South Africa

Beautiful tour of our beautiful planet! Let's all work to protect it and preserve it.

Thank you.

Brenda Robinson, Canada

This was a magical trip around our beautiful planet!
I thank you kindly.

susan amelia smith, USA

Loved the panoramas...
would love to see some of London and Paris. Do you have any of those?

Judy Bowery, USA

Absolutely fantastic and an incredible achievement. Well done.
I would like to see the Maldive Islands from above the water if possible.

Brian Cleverley, Australia

Dear Brian, many thanks for your interest! All panoramas of the Maldives you can find here: http://www.airpano.com/Search-Panorama-Results.php. Choose whatever you like.

GOD BLESS THE TEAM WHO MADE THESE.GOD is great and creation also great.its you who brought all to enjoy seeing the greatness of God.
THANKS .so u r equally great.

pyde mohanarao satyavarapu, India

Excellent work done by you. I visited Taj but could see much more in your presentation! breathtaking vies! Thanks! Keep it up!

Dr Subramanian Narayanan, USA

Really a wonderful work which is worth to be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Krishna B, India

Picturesque work, keep it up!

Amazing would be also some photos taken above colorful flower fields in the Netherlands :)

Matej Rajtár, Slovakia

Just Splendid! I am speechless, if I write someting, it will be repeating others words

Krishan Datt, India

wonderful capture all the seens



great job done. keep it up.

MK Gulia, India

Sencillamente espectacular ver a Machu Picchu desde este brillante mirador panoramico !!!. Gracias !!!!!

Rosa Elvira Moron, USA

The best panorama photos i have seen

fred lees, Australia

Very impressive photography....I always loved panorama photos and own Iscorama 54 anamorphic lens.....German made
Great job and great project

Ralph Raffoul, Lebanon

What fun! World travel has never been so easy!!

Gene Worscheck, USA

Beautiful !!!!

Frank Morrrill, USA

brilliant photography and special music. never seen such great works

charles meilak, Malta

brilliant journey

Agostinho Colaҫo, United Kingdom

What a magnificent journey*****

gary lucy, USA

This is the best i have very seen. You are doing a great job maybe get some of the plant on high flights.

steve byfield, USA

A fantastic array of eye-candy as well as technically superb.


Jack Kent, USA

Beautiful work, to be able to see where I cannot go to. Thank You, very much.

Edward Poullet, Puerto Rico

...looks like you've wiped my first message out...

Wonder why?

Peter Bras, New Zealand

Peter, you left your first messge under Kuala Lumpur and it is still there - http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Kuala-Lumpur-Malaysia

" **YOur reply**: Hi Peter,
Can you explain in details what do you mean? We honestly don't understand what does "Syds" mean and where did you click it to get Kuala Lumpur. According to our antivirus and other scan there no virus on our site so far.
Best regards, Sergey
Original message: **...click on Syds and get KL....? what the bloody heck - virus too?**

_ You did not put my post onto your comments page, I see (**just searched the comments page...**) - Zero negative comments, or what?

You have not been in **Syd_ney_** for more that a few hours or a day to two. '**Syds**' is just like '**BC**', while '**SA**' could be South Australia, or South Africa.

Like NZ is easy to understand, surely.

How did I get to KL? Lord knows, I'd clicked on 'Sydney' in the listing and went straight to KL. My son was there for a few days, years ago, so I know what those towers look like.

Regarding the virus comment, you should know that sites that direct the viewer to another place altogeather USUALLY come with a virus!!!

Ask yahoo or google - they will explain. A site in .ru is regarded by my computer as 'being a go-go area' computer wise.

Now that I have attempted to click on 'Sydney' my computer is banning your images - maybe with good reason.

A initial virus check did not show any present, but over he next 6 hours it will be checked again.

Then I'll let you know...

I notice, you have only Fiordland, NZ in your listing - why not come and do a bit on Christchurch? Lots of empty spaces inside the red-area, (central city fences off area) that could be captured from a chopper.

Cheers from ChCh, NZ
Peter Bras.

Peter Bras, New Zealand

Hi Peter,

Your comment on this page
- so please calm down. We don't have many negatives because it's quite
unique project. But we do have more than 120 000 people daily from
around the world.

I've been working in Dunedin for three years and stayed in Sydney for
at least a month but have never heard Syds. May be people tried to
speak correctly to me for better understanding.

Anyway, if you would like to help to fix the bug, it would be great
for us to understand what page you clicked Sydney on and jumped to
the KL. May be I missed something and there is a broken link somewhere.

Best regards, Sergey