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Central Himalayas

This time we invite you to a journey into the highest Mountains on a planet! You will be able to see some of 8000-peaks and dozens of smaller mountains from the very unique point of views and catch a sense of a flight.

Central Himalayas

Central Himalayas

Photos and video by Ivan Roslyakov

16 April 2014

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rica aurel, Romania

Nice shot and Incredible India, Loved It

Faizy Faiz, India

A veces me parece un sue#241o el poder disfrutar de los magn#237ficos paseos que uno puede realizar gracias a vuestro maravilloso trabajo, con una tecnolog#237a fotogr#225fica tan hermosa como incomprensible para mi.

Rogelio Montoto, Argentina

Excellente trabajo, felicidades....y gracias por compartirlo...

yolanda dominguez, Mexico

I am from Kathmandu,Nepal and I am proud to be a Nepali.Mt Everest lies here and I love it.JAY NEPAL.

Shibanga Gyawali, Nepal

Espectacularmente maravilloso. Gracias

Cáceres Iliana, Mexico


Rosario Diaz, El Salvador

bohnert guy, France

This is truly amazing, the best thing on the internet...I truly enjoyed all of the videos!!!

JoAnne Filler, USA

maravilloso trabajo de un gran equipo .


Muchísimas gracias por darnos la oportunidad de conocer paises, gracias por su extraordinario trabajo. Aveces no puedo verlos porque ahora necesito adobe flash PLAYER y la TABLET no lo acepta. Mil gracias

blanca tellez, Mexico

Beautiful..Great work--4/23/014

Ed Nelson, USA

Interressant he

heij Adriaan, Netherlands

Fabulous, Fantastic, video shooting done which has a great perspective to learn and master the natures creation.

aspi rao, India

after seeing your site,i love to watch computer.
I always wait for your mail. A human being will never forget your work & efforts made by you to give them a picture & video that still is not available with anyone on our planet.


Great job and congratulations for this 'work at height' to the whole team! Keep up your wonderful work.

Ana Nicolai, Romania

Excellent and thanks a million for your efforts to show us such splendid beauties of the natures on our earth but I am really afraid the how long such beauties will be preserved due to Global warming.

DP Bhattacharya, India

the best site i have ever seen,congratulations,

Dragan Serdar, New Zealand

very nice

dhanakoti rao, India

Amazing and Great effort to make some thing different than previous work

Qazi Qureshi, Canada

Actually very very great and wonderful.Thank you so much for sharing with us !

SM Naufer, Sri Lanka

I went for Himalaya trekking in 2013 .It was splendid!!!

Lekha Subash, India

Thank you for your time and resources , to share such wonderfull scenery.Paramount really...

Gal Dezső, Romania

I went for my Himalaya trekking in 2013 .It was splendid!!!

Lekha Subash, India

I flew by Everest in a small plane in 2000, but slow motion is better.

Henry Haynes, USA

splendid !

Dollinger alain, France


Karthik Reddy, India

But highly...until you can spin the head.
Beautiful pictures.

Iwona Kundys, Poland

umesh chauhan, India