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Moscow, Aerial test shooting


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Aerial 360 Video in Moscow

In early 2011 we developed a method for filming and editing 360 video shot by 4 Canon DSLR cameras and posted an article with technical details on our website.

You can see our first test ride around the Kremlin in the car by following this link.

In this article we talk about 360 video and that it can be shot not only by professional cameras, but also by a device assembled from compact digital cameras, which gives some advantages in size, weight, cost, and can reduce the parallax.

The result you see is what we filmed from the air with such device created by one of our colleagues. This film is most certainly not a masterpiece, it only demonstrates the technical capabilities of 360 video. Something that was impossible for many years is now happening on your screens.

Flights over Moscow are illegal, but you can fly above the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and on the outskirts. That's why we went to Crocus City Mall in the north-west of the city where several helipads can be found. Please note that in order to view 360 video online you need a powerful computer and fast Internet connection.

360 video

Photo and video by Ivan Roslyakov

17 December 2012

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Hello - Do you have any aerial footage of a deserted New York City under lockdown? I'm a stock footage researcher and one of my clients needs this footage for a television pilot. Thank you!

Linda Giella - Stock Footage
Research | Production | Licensing

linda giella, USA

I shoot aerial photography from a R-44 and was really impressed with the 360 video. My question is WHERE is the camera located that is rotating and filming the R-44? It does not appear to be connected to the helicopter.
Dave Warwick

Dave Warwick, USA

Dear Dave, first you should answer where is the camera located at this panorama :) http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Nepal-Airlines&set_language=2

Varvara, AirPano

jagjit singh says it is wonderful.

jagjit sooch, Canada

Por favor CORREGIR , espacol por ESPAÑOL. Gracias

German Porras, USA

Dear Sir or Madam,

my name is Anna Nentwig and I am working for RTL Television, Germany’s biggest private broadcaster. For a current film-project we are looking for aerial-footage that shows the city of Moscow. If you are offering footage of Moscow (in HD, aerials of the city) I would appreciate your letting me know.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you in advance and best regards,

Anna Nentwig

Anna Nentwig
RTL Sportredaktion

Tel: +49 221 456-75437
E-Mail: anna.nentwig@infonetwork.de

RTL Television GmbH
Picassoplatz 1
D-50679 Köln


Ein Unternehmen der Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

Anna Nentwig, Germany

Awesome! Which 360-degree player are you using? Is there is downloadable desktop version?? Thank you for sharing!

Michelle Osier, USA

Thank you, Michelle! You can not save panoramas to your computer. You can view them online only.

Varvara, AirPano

always splendid vieuws by AirPano.com

M Shabbir Baloch, Pakistan

Really excellent video guys, but I don't like background music so much.
Overall well done.

Ivan V, South Africa

Ivan, if you don't like background music, you can turn off it. There are control buttons in the left bottom corner. Press the "sound" button to turn the sound OFF.

Varvara, AirPano

the best !!!

themis diaman, Greece

It,s coooool

Golvier Y Hong, Korea

Wonderfully,amazing few words lot meanings.

ANWAR HASSAN, Bangladesh


Paulo Rattes, Brazil

Fabulous I mear most innovative 360 video


Ongelooflijk mooi....enig.....echt genieten !!!!!!

geert vansteenkiste, Belgium

Amazing ... Never seen such kind of panoramic before.... Simply WoooooooooooooooooooooW

mohsin tariq, Saudi Arabia

absolut spitze, perfekt gemacht

TomTom Speedyvalais, Switzerland

its very beautiful loking

zahid hussain, Pakistan

Awesome ! Thank's guys !

Haris Demic, Montenegro

Awesome photos& Hello from Tunnel Hill Georgia,YSA

Tim Taylor, USA

man!!! so coooooool :p

amal dev, India

very good

majid jahani, Iran

Ohh My God

ahmed wagih, Egypt


nikos sotiriadis, Greece

Absolutely amazing, obviously a foundation being set for the future.

Richard Carty, Jamaica

it is realy marvelous

nandlal khanchandani, India


Polak Zpolski, Qatar

It's very beatiful.thanks alot

Arash Nasirpour, Iran

Muy interesantes

VIctor hugo MARTINEZ Almazan, Mexico

so coooool~~

kiljae Lee, Korea

Ohh My God !! thatz soooo amazing !! great work

Sanjay Kumar Purswani Purswani, Pakistan

¡¡Felicidades!! Como siempre sois extraordinarios
y grandes profesionales.
Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo.

José Calvo, Spain

Krasivaia reprezentatia. Spasiva !


Magnífica presentación.

Eugenio Duque, Colombia

"It´s a wonderful things to seen in my life.Thanks guys" Karel Hofmann -Czech Republic

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

Excellent. Runs perfect right from the beginning.
(Ok, since yesterday I'm running on completely new hardware, hehe).

Jürgern Schrader, Germany

its wonderful

mohamed ieleish, Egypt

always splendid vieuws by AirPano.com

Franck Aernoudts, Luxembourg

Wow fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many thanks Air pano team, Great experience I’m swinging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Akash Yadav, India

It's a wonderful things to see in my life. Thanks, Shivendra, INDIA.


You made my day! I have never seen anything like that. Thanks guys

John Ross, USA