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World / South America / Brazil / Forest waterfall, 360 video panorama

Forest waterfall, 360 video panorama

For the past 2 years AirPano team has achieved impressive results in panoramic photography.

We have developed and refined a method of capturing spherical aerial panoramas at nighttime. We have created the first nighttime virtual tour over Las Vegas in the history of the world.

We have managed to photograph a gigapixel panorama from a helicopter.

We have found a way — that seemed impossible at first — to photograph spherical panoramas from an airplane.

We have gone underwater, inside a microwave oven, and soared in a hot air balloon.

Our spherical panoramas have been recognized and awarded for 2 years in a row, 2011 and 2012, at Epson International Pano Awards competition.

Our desire to add more action to our panoramas along with the urge to constantly develop our skills brought us to shooting spherical video. However, our first experimental 360 filming showed that 3D video panoramas had their flaws. Quality of a video spherical panorama could not compete with a quality of a classical panoramic photograph. Naturally, we were not happy about it.

This, however, did not take away our dream of adding more action to our panoramas. New idea came from one of the website comments. It said, "you have everything in your panoramas, but sound and smell". Adding a smell turned out to be quite a challenge. Working with a sound, on the other hand, was in our area of expertise: we have already added a sound of falling water to our panorama. So we thought, why not add falling water itself to the picture? As a result, we combined a high-resolution static spherical panorama with a video of a forest waterfall to show the natural beauty of the place.

The only downside of this new creation is a need for a rather powerful computer and a high-speed Internet connection to view the panorama, because its size is about 18 MB.

AirPano used the following equpment for shooting this virtual tour: Canon 5D Mark II, Sigma 15mm, Gitzo tripod, Nodal Ninja 4 tripod head.

Authors of the video: Stanislav Sedov, Dmitriy Moiseenko and Ivan Roslyakov

30 July 2012

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zelo lepo

rosana pengal, Slovenia

its very nice iknow you want to see that
its acceptable for people

amir mohammad hayati, Iran

Hi,Will this panorama is how to shoot and production?

cmy china, China

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Tong Gorokh, Ukraine

Amazing..Awesome work..

Nisar Thettath, Qatar


Hodine Magda, Hungary

very beautiful.thanks

zahra karbalaei, Iran

How much is a dream

sajjad dostvandi, Iran

It's very nice.
Thank you for this picture.

Ebrahim-e majidi, Iran

A todas les daria 10 no 5 porque son espectaculares, quisiera poder dedicar mi tiempo a estos trabajos tan interesantes, cuidense mucho, a traves de Uds. podemos disfrutar de lugares que jamas podriamos visitar muchas gracias

Coleccionador Gonzalez, Spain

this place like ramsar city in my country!
very nice & beautiful place

matin afshar, Iran

very nice place!

Hossein Nafari, Iran

Great place. I can feel it.

Olson Tramp, USA

seeing places that i may not go there ever....................
your panorama just makes me feel calm & happy.

fatemeh ahmadi, Iran


Adi New, USA

Really very helpful....



leslie lin, China

very nice

md mazhar ali ali, India

Not impressed. Video stopped and started again over and over. Looked like a stop gap movie, no fluidity.
I have a high speed 10 mps) connection and a computer 3 years old with windows 7. Should have been better.

ed diehl, USA

Nice work, Pano team!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akash Yadav, India

thanks so much

mohammad jafarizad, Iran


faisal alrawqi, Saudi Arabia

very gooooooooooooood

amir REZA, Iran

So nice...

Mukul Tiwari, India



Beautiful cannot find words to describe


what a awsomeee seen i like it

patel kamal, India

Thanks so much for this wonderful experience all the rotating pictures are marvellous

jorge alfonso Chameng Atenas

Awsome catch guys

pandit martand Sharma Ippili, USA

Excellent work. thanks for that..

Lindawati Santosa, Australia

How beautiful is our world. Let's keep it that way.

Oscar Ramos, USA


Srboljub Dimitrijevic, Serbia and Montenegro

The picture and sound of waterfall is good.Quality of both is excellent. Had one problem on my lap top though, could not open to wide screen as I've been able to do with ALL of past sendings. I retried this with your Leaning Tower of Pisa panorama and it worked as usual.

Ed Nelson, USA

Parabéns, Sensacional, Maravilhoso, Estupendo.
Minas Gerais

Paulo Rattes, Brazil

J'aime ces panoramas, notament le Taj Mahl, des souvenirs pour moi


claude cascio, France


Kishore Paratala, India