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World / The best panoramas made by AirPano in 2019

The best panoramas made by AirPano in 2019

The first AirPano panoramas were published in 2006. Over the 13 years of work, we have created 4,000 panoramas and almost 150 videos in 360° format. Summing up the year 2019, we present our favourite places that were captured this year. Some of these locations were new for us, others keep us coming back to for more.

Kamchatka, for example, is among these places. It is the Kingdom of Nature with landscapes of unearthly beauty, wild animals that are almost untouched by humans. The largest freshwater of the peninsula, Kronotskoye Lake, is located in its central part, while Kamchatka's eastern coast stretches at more than 2,000 kilometres and has several world-famous nature reserves.

Semyachikskaya spit, Kamchatka, Russia

Altai is another pristine corner of Russia and famous for its majestic nature, too. Over the territory of over 90,000 sq. kilometres one can find a very diverse terrain, especially near the border with Mongolia. This area has received the name Mars due to its unusual and unearthly landscapes.

China is one of the most ancient countries with its unique culture. Paying tribute to its great heritage, we included the legendary "phoenix-town" Fenghuang, the cloud-covered Guilin nature park, the walk through Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge and two 30-meters-high Detian Falls located at the Vietnamese border in the list of the best 2019 AirPano panoramas.

Detian Falls, China-Vietnam

Hong Kong, a special administrative part of China, is very beautiful, too, but its beauty is of a different kind: there are modern skyscrapers against the background of the mountains and sea.

We can endlessly talk about Asian exotic and beauty. There are, for example, Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls located in Java just near the highest active volcano of the island. This tiered waterfall is wonderful, but not that famous. By contrast, the island of Komodo with its dragon, the Komodo monitor, is very well known, but the attractions of the island are not limited by this animal. The underwater world of Komodo with the coral reefs, caves and their inhabitants deserves no less attention.

The Dead Sea, Earth's lowest elevation on land, is very popular among tourists but who saw it from above? Hardened salt creates bizarre patterns that harmoniously complement the resorts standing nearby.

Dead Sea, Israel

Let's fast-forward to Africa. It's not the first time for the AirPano team to come here for taking pictures and we decided to include the panoramas of the Sahara, the largest hot desert in the world, with its giant sand monoliths reflecting all shades of orange in our top-2019.

Sahara Desert, Algeria

A remarkable contrast to these landscapes is the panoramas from the North American continent, bald cypress swamps in Louisiana. Taxodium, the conifer tree in the cypress family, is a flood-tolerant tree living in extremely damp areas. This strange forest, growing out of the water, amazes and fascinates.

Bald cypress swamps, Louisiana-Texas, USA

Another great miracle of nature is the Seychelles Islands that were created by the corals which have risen from the sea. One more archipelago that deserves to be captured from above is the Caribbean: there are breathtaking mountain landscapes, rivers and waterfalls, thick forests, picturesque gulfs and reef bays.

Greek islands are ready to compete with them for the title of the most beautiful islands. We invite you to have a look at Zakynthos with its clear beaches, blue caves and the atmosphere enveloped in ancient Greek myths.

The Kingdom of Cold and Reserved Colours is the Jungfrau in Switzerland. This area is primarily known for its ski resort, so the views of mountains covered with snow are the most "classical" ones.

Barents Sea Coast, Russia

The lovers of strict northern beauty will find it in the landscapes of the Barents Sea but the colours will be more bright thanks to the Northern Lights. And finally, the genuine pearl of the great Russian attractions is the Solovetsky Islands combining nature, architecture, history and spirituality.

A couple of dozen places from all corners of the Earth are so different but all of them leave a lasting impression and show how beautiful our world is.

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