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World / Around the World. The Best in 8K

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Around the World. The Best in 8K

Let's take a trip around the world, in the 360° format and 8K resolution! Over the past years, the AirPano team has been creating ultra high definition videos. Having combined the best scenes into one small film, we invite you to take a look at our planet - its completely different corners, so unlike each other. Do you want to walk inside the waterfall, fly to Rio de Janeiro or visit the bears in Kamchatka? You don’t need to choose: all this and much more is included in this video. Exciting places and unusual activities await you: flying over the highest waterfall in the world and ascending the snowy Alps; diving among sharks, turtles and seals; mysteries of ancient Petra and a miracle of nature, Lake Baikal shackled with ice; colourful fireworks and funny Chinese pandas; vibrant New York and silent Lofoten, illuminated by the northern lights… Almost four dozen sketches illustrating the beauty and diversity of the vast world around us! And all this in high quality: in 8K resolution.

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