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World / Europe / Russia / The Land of Bears, Kamchatka, Russia

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The Land of Bears, Kamchatka, Russia

One of the craters of the long-extinct Kamchatka volcano (caldera) is filled with picturesque Kurile Lake. Kurile Lake is one of Europe's largest locations of salmon spawning (Pacific salmon). Another unique feature of Kurile Lake is a long salmon spawning period: from June to March. Both factors attract many brown bears to the lakeshore. Under normal conditions bears avoid each other, but during salmon spawning period they group together. One can observe up to 20 bears near the lake simultaneously: they are so preoccupied with fishing that they ignore not only other bears, but also humans.

Today we present new 360 video: flights over the bears in their natural habitat in the Kurile Lake in Kamchatka.

Kurile Lake, bear with sockeye salmon
Kurile Lake, bear with sockeye salmon

Bear with fish
Bear with fish

Planet of bears
Planet of bears

Family of bears
Family of bears

Authors of the video: Stas Sedov and Ivan Roslyakov

31 January 2014

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Very beautiful place. It looks like Utah and Alaska combined

Alex Bierworth, USA

Croatia is a small country with the most beautiful sea, islands and shores ... I would like to Air Pano show this beauty around the world

Oto Crnkovic, Croatia

Enjoyed very nicely...The Beautiful sight...

nagjibhai desai, India

Super cool videos! They all played perfectly for me. Really neat to be able to zoom in and move around in the video.

Jamie Dolan, USA

I have many bears in India but their population is fast dwindling due rapid deforestation. It is wonderful to see Kamchatka beers in armchair. There shall be ORGANISED MOVE to preserve natural flora fauna.

DP Bhattacharya, India

It was beautiful. If the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, both were very good. Thank you.

arstan paviz, Iran

Increíble, maravilloso, impresionante, magnífico. Que más se puede decir

JuanMa Perez, Spain

Magnificent !
Thank You So Very Much for Sharing
these special moments in nature in a very
special way

patricia d, Canada

this is a nice place.
I like It.
sorry.I cant Writing English Very Well.

ah ep, Iran

v good

jaffal almeshal, Saudi Arabia

sandeep roy, India

Manuel del rio rosique, maravilloso.

Manuel del rio rosique, Mexico

Muito Bom

António Carlos Macedo de Oliveira, Portugal

Thanks for your good choice,So beautiful

Mahdi mohseni, Iran

The bear also did its role in nature .... !!
Good Team work.

Sumendra Jain, India

Thank you so much for giving us this amazing world!!Gratitude!"


What a great great job of what you guys have done for us!!!Thank you so much for giving us a perfect view to this amazing world!!Gratitude!

Feng Jack, China

Absolutely amazing nature and incredible work. Enjoyed a 100%. Thanks!

Dalius Lekas, Lithuania

amazing and beautiful Job!!!!! Congrats and thank You for Shari It ! :-)

Lily Perez, Mexico



For us brazilians, it is almost incredible

lubomir ronald sucek, Brazil

Truly, truly amazing work. So beautiful. Can you tell me what kind of quadcopter you used for the aerial shots? How were you able to hide the quadcopter itself from the final video?

Terry Burton, USA

Amazing, wonderful, unbelievable ... BUT, it is NOT JUST 360 degree video. It should be called "4PI VIDEO" to emphasize that it covers the whole space, i.e., the view over the whole sphere which has 4Pi steradians.

Jan Pavlik, Czech Republic

Wonderful nature, brilliant photography

Joseph Potomski, Australia

Je voudrais adhérera vautre cite, trais intérsant. Merci.

Sabine Sanchez, France


dick panneman, Netherlands

excellent ! pas de mots

Vasyl Oliinyk, Ukraine


Anton Ruiter, Netherlands

Nice video, thanks for your new post created

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

I think this is very good service to the mankind to look over the world most amazing pics and videos.

shaukat pervaiz, Pakistan


José CIOLINO, France

Your panoramas are always fantastic and this 360 degrees video adds an exciting experience.
Thanks very much.

Bernard van Marle, Netherlands

Thank you very much, Bernard! You're always welcome! 

Varvara, AirPano

Congratulations ! and thanks for sharing