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World / Europe / Russia / Starry sky over mount Elbrus

Starry sky over mount Elbrus

We invite you to a journey to the mount Elbrus. You will be able to see incredible starry sky over the highest peak of Russia, mount Elbrus.

This video was filmed during Olympic Games in Sochi. We were in these places while shooting virtual tour of Elbrus. At that time we shot more than 10 hours of the starry sky, which we bring to your attention.

Starry sky over mount Elbrus

Author of the video Ivan Roslyakov

10 July 2014

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Outstanding presentation. I'm completely mesmerized by the beautify captured in these photos and the high quality of work. I'm curious as to how many hours or time involved in putting something like this together and the uploading onto VIMEO. Nov. 2nd--@2:30pm

Ed Nelson, USA

claudia raffaini, Argentina

Very impressiv! You did an outstanding achievement! Thank you.

Alfons Burgener, Switzerland

God's handiwork!

Thomas Smith, USA

This website has changed my life. Thank you for showing travelers and non-travelers alike how to "see" the world in a new way. Love, love to "travel" with airpano.com. I recently returned from Russia and love your people and beautiful country.

Nancy Trotta, USA

"These are beautiful images of the night sky with the Milky Way companion, professional work, thank you"

Karel Hofmann, Czech Republic

Very nice presentation.Same milky way&snow mountains are found during our way to visit goumukh at India.Really fantastic feeling.Thank you.

dhanakoti rao, India

Very, very nice, perfect!

I like the constellations and Mikly Way very much!

Thank you

Martin Hrdlicka, Czech Republic