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Armenian Landscapes. Relaxation video

Our journey to Armenia continues. Today’s 360 video is about Armenian nature. 

Gosh is a village in the Tavush Province of Armenia

You will virtually visit the alpine meadows of mount Aragatz at the height above 2000 meters, fly over the bright cliffs  of Zangezur canyon, breathe the aroma of the blossoming poppies of the Ozdun village, fly over the great Sevan lake and the Arpa river's canyon, look at sheep flock near Ardvi village, admire the mysterious rocky symphony of Garny and feel the calmness and pacification of the forest lake Gosh. 

Zangezur canyon

Have a nice relax and view. 

Armenian landscapes

Photos and video by Sergey Semenov

24 June 2022

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