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World / Europe / Iceland / Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland


“Ice and fire” – these are two words, which despite their seeming mutual exclusiveness, perfectly grasp the nature of Iceland. Although called “the land of ice”, ironically, Iceland has boiling hot springs and geothermal lakes. And how magnificent are the flows of glowing lava from Eyjafjallajoekull, the famous volcano!

Iceland is actually one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. Moreover, despite its name and the fact that it has glaciers, Iceland is not an arctic country. The climate of Iceland has cold oceanic temperatures with strong winds; the weather is wet and quite variable. Icelanders joke that if you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait five minutes for it to get worse. 

Not too many people reside on the island. According to the 2010 US census, the population of Iceland totals 317,630 people, ranking 180th in the world. Their human population is much smaller than their national sheep population of just under 800,000. More than half of Icelanders live in the country’s capital, Reykjavík. This is what makes Iceland the least densely populated country in Europe with only about 3 people per square kilometer. Notably, the country boasts a rather robust sheep to human ratio of two to one. This means that in an area of one square kilometer, one may run into 4.5 sheep and 2.5 people. But in reality, one is more likely to see sheep than people along the road. 


The landscape in Iceland is very desolate and harsh. There are almost no trees. In winter, the central part of the island resembles the moon’s surface. This is why NASA astronauts conducted their lunar landing training here. 

One of the most famous landmarks of Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. This unique geothermal pool is located in the southwest region of the country. It is about 200 meters wide and several kilometers long. Water temperature averages +37°С. The pool attracts tons of tourists every year, total number of which is almost equals the country’s population – over 300,000 people. 

Alftavatn lake

Iceland is also home to Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull, and the most “boiling” river in the world – Deydartunguver. Its hot boiling cascades are fed by the hot springs and have an average water flow of 225 liters per second. 

Moreover, the European equivalent to Niagara Falls is also located in Iceland. It is Dettifoss, the mightiest waterfall in this part of the world. It spills over 200 tons of water per second from 45 meters height. One can see its splashes a mile away, and rainbows play in its waters on sunny days. 

And lastly, the geysers are yet another famous landmark of Iceland. In total, there are more than 250 geyser groups consisting of 7,000 hot springs – the world greatest cluster of geysers.

Hot steam valley

However, these records are not the ones that portray the charm of the nature of Iceland. Spacious fields, mountains, and water exists in all possible states: from frozen ice to steaming geysers – this is what makes this unique, majestic, harsh and deserted landscape of Iceland, the country that looks so different from anything else in the world. 

23 July 2012

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fantastic job ! Congratilations anf thanks to share it !

just amazing! Daniela, Bulgaria

me ha dejado extasiada e impactada su hermoso trabajo, digno de compartir. Gracias!!

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It is so amazing that photographers would travel so far away to take this wonderful pictures. Great Job and we all appreciate your hard and tough work. Well done. Thank you so much.

Stephen Tan, USA

Absolut genial! Great Work!

Horst Haselei, Germany

je suis en extase devant tant de beauté, et félicitation pour ce beau travail

gyll cooll, France

I just returned from Fjallabak Nature Reserve and Jokulsarlon. Your imagery is simply stunning. I would love to see some direction indicated so that it was easier to stay oriented. Great Work Congradulations!

William Albertini, Italy

Awesome, Kudos to your great work :)

Reddy Mahesh k, India

hi Appreciate your service

meysam shafaie, Iran

Absolutely stunning. With each new country/scenery I visit, your work continues to take my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing us to take a virtual trip around the world for free. To all of you that have given us the pleasure of viewing your wonderful work, I wish you all happiness and good health. :)

Jann Easton, Australia


Ali uneci, Iran

Extremely out of this world place. I have never seen anything so unique in geographical landscape and yet scary-the Blue Lagoon.

Farah Bangash, USA

Es is sehr schoen.wunderbar!

vimal Thompson, India


delnia khezraqa, Iran


mahnaz kafshi, Iran


Nartu Sankara Rao, India

the very beautifuly , tank you

alireza manafi, Iran

Dásamlegt að sjá aftur landmannalaugar. fór þangað 16 ára. Þetta var afréttur sem afi minn og amma notuðu. auðvitað ekki allan en að hluta ásamt bændum úr Landsveitinni. og veiði í Veiðivötnum var búbót og eru kannski ennþá.

Sigrún Jóna Sigurðardóttir, Iceland

Los felicito por compartir al mundo su proyecto; la calidad, los paisajes, nitidez de las imágenes y la tecnología fotográfica en 360° son fantásticas….. Fomentan de esta manera el turismo virtual y abren las puertas al conocimiento de nuestro maravilloso planeta.

Héctor Delgado Guillermo, Mexico

Words are puny, weak, poor substitute for the magnificent work which you do. You consistantly remind us of the glorious work our creator has done. May your future efforts be blessed with success

Yehudit Shahar, Israel

Marvellous !!!!!!! Barutifull.........Hats off to Nature's creation.............

Sayar Dsouza, India

Beautiful ,Marvellous photos. I am so glad to see these photos of Nature..

Gauri Deshmukh, India

Big interesting, Environ earth's butifor !!!

garden gengyun, USA

I am in awe of the beauty that is Iceland . It is truly a place of unspoilt treasure.

Thank you to the team who carried out these almost impossible tasks!

Yin Mon Thwe, South Africa

Fantastico,meraviglioso,ottimo,superlativo,grande,immenso,magnifico,very much nice,complimenti e buon lavoro (have a good jobbs.Saluti Ema Mark

Emanuele Marchetti, Italy

We have booked a cruise around Iceland for 2 weeks.
Will be there in August 12. Enjoyed the pictures and the historical details. V.P.


I am v v happy , to look , through , camera 360 , eye .
V v glad to show this to my Mother -in -law , age 85 , happy to see Un-known uni varse .
100 /100 .
nece tosee all , Helicopters ,
b+ ve .
madhavi .

madhavi Joshi, India



Fentastic. Very very good......
Not seen ever.
Thank u very very much.


the great artist of the universe the gods personal art. he used the colours to paint this part of land which were not given to human beings. amazing photography. i am lucky that i was able to see this land at least through this photograph thanking you all who carried out this job.

bhagyakumar nair, India

We are thankful for the message.

Varvara, AirPano


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Ibrahim Elshakankiry, Egypt

Excellent pictures, photos from the world nature. Now its my favourite site.

narendra shah, Ghana

Beautiful pic's. Wonderful planet.

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awesome work,i love it simply

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Cherian Rodrigues, India

Looks like you centered a vein of high grade copper ore
in your panorama. Your views are always breath-taking.
Highest praise for your efforts!

John Tunison, USA


kris lindstrom, USA

nella valutazione voto siete modesti !!!!! vorrei poterVi dare 10 e lode GRAZIE

franco girella, Italy

Great dinner not only to our eyes, to our thirst for knowledge as well.

velusamy gounder manohar gounder, India

Winszuję świetnego pomysłu Autorom.
Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem widoków!
Chwała Miłosiernemu Bogu!

Przemek Pacia, Poland

beautiful universe.....

Naren Pradhan, India

Just beautiful - thank you very much! Keep up the good work please...it's an immensely beautiful planet!!

Bode Osunsanmi, USA

"Its a realy mind blowing pictures, so nice."

Rukmini Manu, India

Maravilloso trabajo, gracias!

Rosalia Orrego, Paraguay

Beautul photography. No visable trees as you mentioned,

Beautiful. No trees visable as you mentioned.(question) What creates the greenery on the various mountains? Grass? Another "great" piece of work on our tour of the planet.

Ed Nelson, USA



Yet another masterpiece. magical colours.Thank you.
Roy Romsey

Roy Romsey, United Kingdom


Amado Mesta, Mexico

Amazing photography. Congrats and all the best

Ann Stevens, Canada

Unreal and unbelievable images. Congratulations !


Interesting,but harsh and deserted!

danica cvetkovska, Macedonia

Los felicito por tan espemerado trabajo y dedicación.

ramona dominguez, Argentina