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Maldives, One&Only Reethi-Rah. Split-panoramas
Maldives, One&Only Reethi-Rah. Split-panoramas


Theatre Day. Virtual 360-tour to four Russian theatres

2019 has been declared the year of Theatre in Russia, so TASS News Agency has launched a special project "Theatre Day. Virtual 360-tour to four Russian theatres". We are glad to participate in this project and introduce the first virtual tour to Russian State Academic Drama Theatre named after Fyodor Volkov in Yaroslavl. It is the place where Russian professional theatre was born in 1750. We managed not only to visit Russia's oldest theatre but also capture the teamwork: see all behind-the-scene things and dressing rooms, visit rehearsals, witnessed the stage scenery installation and, of course, enjoy the excellent performance of "The Seagull"!

Filming this kind of projects requires specific equipment and facilities, so we needed to have several shooting spots and an extra camera, for which we want to thank our partners Insta360Insta360 Pro2 cameras have proved to be reliable in both theatrical performances and the cold at the altitude of 3,500 meters... But that's a story about our different project that we will uncover soon!

For more details go to the TASS website (and watch a 360° video).

#insta360, #insta360pro2, #insta360russia

Theatre Day. Virtual 360-tour to four Russian theatres

AirPano on the "60 years on the wings of Morocco" exhibition

AirPano continues to please us by showing wonderful places of our planet not only virtually! Anyone in Moscow can visit the open-air exhibition "60 years on the wings of Morocco" for free. This exhibition is devoted to 60 years anniversary of the Royal Air Maroc company. Visitors of the exhibition have a chance to win 2 tickets to Morocco, if they publish photos in Instagram with required hashtags and mentioning of the airline's profile.

The exhibition is taking place on Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow from 19 September till 19 October.

AirPano on the "60 years on the wings of Morocco" exhibition

AirPano on the "60 years on the wings of Morocco" exhibition

Adobe & AirPano

Adobe — the absolute world leader in the development of computer graphics software — advertises a new version of the Adobe After Effects application, using the video made by AirPano. When professionals of this level trust you, this is not only the reason to be proud of, but also an objective indicator of the quality of the works we create!

Adobe & AirPano

AirPano Travel Book on iPhone

The AirPano Travel Book application is now available on the iPhone! The first version of the app was released in the summer of 2014 and was suitable only for the iPad. Now, owners of iPhones can download this great application too. The AirPano Travel Book is #1 in the Travel category by number of downloads. Also, the application has been listed amongst the best apps in the AppStore. You can download the app here.

AirPano Travel Book on iPhone

AirPano Travel Book on iPhone

AirPano participates in the exhibition of landscape photography «Primordial Russia»

There will be an exhibition «Primordial Russia» in the Central House of Artists, Moscow from 25th January till 23th February. There will be shown more than 200 unique photos. There is no human, no industrial landscapes in this exhibition — there is only nature, animal world and unrepeatable landscapes of all Russian regions. There will be 13 bird's eye view photos by AirPano, including photos from lake Baikal and Kamchatka. Our photos, which will be in the exhibition, you can see in the gallery.

AirPano participates in the exhibition of landscape photography «Primordial Russia»

Panoramic calendar with AirPano photos

GEO published large panoramic calendar «Der Blick ins Weite» for 2014 («Gazing into the Distance» in free translation from German). This calendar contains only photos taken by AirPano (authors of the photos are O. Gaponyuk, D. Moiseenko, S. Rumyantsev, S. Semenov). When author's copies came from a custom house, we found out that 10 calendars weight nothing less than 70 kilograms. German puctuality is amazing: calendar complect includes set of details for fastening on a wall and even a rope.

Anyone can buy the calendar here:


Note: calendar is printed in German.

Sergey Semenov, Ivan Roslyakov and the panoramic calendar

Volcanoes Don’t Give Up Easily...

In spite of the active stage of the volcano's eruption has already finished and there is only a stream of 100 meters height left from 20 km steam and ashes jet, we, however, decided to fly till the volcano as we were able to reach Iceland.  Below you can find D. Moiseenko's story about the flight.

Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland

Icelandic Volcano Grimsvotn Became Faster Than AirPano's Team

On Sunday, May 22, in Iceland the eruption of the Grímsvötn began. The height of a smoke and ashes cloud was up to 20 km. On Tuesday when we decided to send Dmitry Moiseenko for the shooting the height of the ashes cloud became 5 km. On Wednesday, in the morning, Dima left Moscow but the cloud went down to 2 km. And when DIma landed in Reykjavik the low-down volcano became extinct :)

Frankly speaking, last year another volcano named Eyjafjatlajökudl (the name rose from my memory) had almost finished its eruption too when we were close to its crater. So, we could only enjoy the steam clouds. On Hawaii red-hot lava stopped flowing onto the sea when our helicopter flew there. We left and next day the lava flow recommenced.

Such kind of bad luck we have with volcanoes.  :)

In 2008 I decided to visit New Zealand

In 2008 I decided to visit New Zealand for a couple of weeks to be sure that The Lord of the Rings was really shot there :) The way to New Zealand was very long and took more than 24 hours, and I had to change a plane twice: in Dubai and in Sidney.

On my way back I decided to stay for a night in Sidney, because it is one of the most beautiful cities of the planet, and this visit didn’t require getting Australian visa. In the morning before leaving for the airport I found the contacts of a helicopter operator in a phone directory and shot several panoramas in the harbour near the world-known Opera House. It was two years ago but only now we have got time to work with the materials of those photo-session.

That time we still couldn't shoot the high resolution spheres that is why Sidney shooting is represented in its usual quality.