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News / Icelandic Volcano Grimsvotn Became Faster Than AirPano's Team

25 May 2011

On Sunday, May 22, in Iceland the eruption of the Grímsvötn began. The height of a smoke and ashes cloud was up to 20 km. On Tuesday when we decided to send Dmitry Moiseenko for the shooting the height of the ashes cloud became 5 km. On Wednesday, in the morning, Dima left Moscow but the cloud went down to 2 km. And when DIma landed in Reykjavik the low-down volcano became extinct :)

Frankly speaking, last year another volcano named Eyjafjatlajökudl (the name rose from my memory) had almost finished its eruption too when we were close to its crater. So, we could only enjoy the steam clouds. On Hawaii red-hot lava stopped flowing onto the sea when our helicopter flew there. We left and next day the lava flow recommenced.

Such kind of bad luck we have with volcanoes.  :)