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News / Epson International Pano Awards 2020

24 Oct 2020

9 years in a row AirPano has won in the main categories of The EPSON International Pano Awards. This year our photographers make the Top 20 list in the 360° category of the best panoramas of the year and Oleg Gaponyuk has become the VR photographer of the year and won the first place for his underwater split-panorama from Palau archipelago.

It is worth noting that Oleg had to spent more than two months in Palau due to the world lockdown. But this made it possible to take a close look for the underwater world of the amazing archipelago.

1. Oleg Gaponyuk — Split in the Cave, Chandelier Cave, Palau

5. Oleg Gaponyuk — Inside a Coral Cave, Komodo Islands, Indonesia

7. Ádám Plézer — In the Middle of Pacific Ocean. Caroline Atoll. Kiribati

11. Sergey Rumyantsev — Winter on the Top of Kuntivaara, Finland

16. Ivan Roslyakov — Hidden Side of Annapurna Sanctuary, Himalayas, Nepal, Grand Barrier

18. Stas Sedov — The Biggest Wooden Church in the World, Kizhi UNESCO Heritage Site.

Epson International Pano Awards 2020