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News / Adam Plezer

29 Dec 2017

We're pleased to tell you about our friend Ádám Plézer, who is the author of the virtual tours of French Polynesia and the Seychelles. Here is his story:

I am an economist working in Brussels for an international organization. I have been living here for almost fourteen years, but as a native Hungarian I fly to Hungary almost every single weekend. I have always liked photography in all its forms, but last year finally I found what really is for me: aerial photography with a drone. The very first spark was given when I was searching for pictures about Raja Ampat in the internet, and I saw a picture from AirPano. I thought to myself, how cool would it be if I learned to make this specialty of photography? So this is how I ended up learning to fly a drone, then I bought a very good one, DJI Inspire RAW, the camera of which has a pretty nice dynamic range. I did the first series of full 360*180 degrees panoramas in French Polynesia in 2016. Virtual tours from that trip were published by AirPano a few months ago. For this virtual tour the technical help of AirPano with the stitching was essential.

Ádám Plézer

In the past months I have spent a lot of time in improving my stitching skills and I managed to better understand a lot of things about colour in general. But of course still many possibilities to improve! This year I travelled a lot with my drone, which is quite a logistic challenge. It is packed into a huge box and has to be checked in. It flew 75000 km in the hold of aeroplanes this year, and 380 kilometeres on its own in French Polynesia, Zakynthos, Raja Ampat and the Seychelles. I took it on my back to the top of Bora Bora this August, and in October I carried it on my head while walking in chest-high water in the Seychelles. I took off from a little boat in Raja Ampat almost fifty times and I also landed there amidst currents pushing the boat. I escaped by an inch from a torrential rain in the Seychelles, but the result is the panorama about Anse Georgette with the dramatic dark clouds approaching. My main motivation in photography is to see the world from above, and to photograph my favourite places, and also places which are very remote, hard to access. I have still a lot of places and projects in mind and I do hope to realize them in the near future so that I can share the results with you through AirPano and also my own website.

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