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News / Stas Sedov in China

23 Jun 2016

At the present Stas Sedov having been invited by the China State agency for tourism is overseeing the beauties of the Gansu province of the country. The Silk Road festival is taking place there. Gansu is one of the most gorgeous provinces in China. The Silk Road goes right through it. The province is famous for the Yueyaquan oasis in the desert, the ancient Jiayuguan Pass of the Great Wall, The Zhangye Danxia colored landforms.

"My Chinese journey continues. Up till now I have seen herds of camels, climbed to the top of a high barchan on top of which I saw a great view. I have also experienced a sand storm that changed into a storm with sand and rain. The Sleeping Buddha in a 45-meter high cave seriously impressed me". Stas Sedov, AirPano drone operator.

Stas Sedov in China

The Zhangye Danxia colored landformsChinese desert