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News / Master-Class of Sergey Semenov

15 Jun 2011

On 29-th of June at 7 p.m. in the exhibition hall of the Center of Development and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Eastern Autonomous District (Srednyaya Pervomayskaya st. 3, floor 3) will take part a Master-Class  of the leading photographer and stitch&processing master of AirPano.ru - Sergey Semenov.

The master-class is devoted to the basic techniques of Art Landscape Photography and special details of panoramas' shooting beginning with the basic principles, correct choice of proper equipment (tripod, panoramic head and objectives) as well as camera's adjustments and ending with conversion of files, stitching and processing of panoramas. Also, the difficult cases will be discussed: shooting when camera is out of the window or roof, 360⁰-shooting, HDR panoramas shooting, shooting of spheres, gig-panoramas, shooting under fast-changing conditions and in trips as well as aerial photo shooting of panoramas and spheres.

The Entrance Is Free

To attend the master-class your personal information such as your first and last names as well as tel. number and e-mail address is needed to be sent to konkurs@photovao.ru or karpovaev@crp-vao.ru.
Additional information is supplied by tel. number: +7 (495) 780-92-98

Master-Class of Sergey Semenov