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News / Last October we shot in St. Petersburg

01 Apr 2011

Last October we shot in St. Petersburg. Along with art photography one of the tasks was the training in creation in the air of ultra high resolution panoramas. Finally, our developments were successfully practically tested and in the air of St. Petersburg the panoramas of 18.000x9.000 resolution were shot. That, as we know, hasn't been realized by anybody in the world yet.

In order the panorama's demonstration is good a very powerful computer is needed to view images made in such high resolution and, unfortunately, everybody hasn't got such kind of computer.  Another alternative way is to show panoramas part by part when the computer downloads exactly the part which is being viewed by a spectator. This way is widely used in the Internet to demonstrate Giga-pixel panoramas shot from the Earth.

At present time we are finishing processing the ultra high resolution panoramas shot over St. Petersburg and in the nearest time they will be exposed on the site.