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I tried to view it on my ipad air 2 but does not work.

pls let me know what to do because this wpuld be perfect to view on the ipad plus I don t have a PC.
Thank you!


Gabriela Fierek, Germany

Simply breathtaking - your site has made it less easy to take our planet for granted!

Thank you!

David Lee, United Kingdom

Every single second of it was extremely satisfying, a great peasure. I shared it with my dad 65 years old my nephews 8 and 6 years old and they both where astonished as i was the first time. Please go and film the whales in Baja California some time!

Jesus Alberto Flores, Mexico

Sir Great Job and I am thankful to u to see this wonderful world, outstanding Photography.

Chaitrali Murgod, India

I'll be lost in this wonderland for a long time.

Thank for this site.

May God bless you all.

Donald Anderson, USA

Donald Anderson, USA

I just saw the amazing picture of TajMahal,What a shots just amazing...specially the pic number #11 and Tajmahal from the altitude of 200metres ... Beautiful is a word for this ART of Photography..
Thank you so much

Ehtesham Khan, India

Absolutely stunning work! I commend all of you wonderful people for such dedication to the art, and for bringing the world into our homes in such a realistic fashion. Thank you for your heart, inspiration and talent.

Leslie Braun, USA

Beautiful Photography!

Eddie Ramirez, USA

i lovo airpano it is sick i think you need more videos though otherwise really good.

matthew logan, American Samoa

While looking at the Golden Ring of Russia I saw that little box down in the right hand corner that let me select a city I want to visit. That was great,are we going to see more of that in the future? I hope so. Makes it so easy to travel around. We can travel to other places right from the site we are on. Your web site just gets better and better. Thank you so much.


Ñïàñèáî! Âû äîñòàâèëè îãðîìíîå óäîâîëüñòâèå. Äàé Âàì Áîã ñ÷àñòüÿ!

Ýëåîíîðà Ãèàöèíòîâà, Russian Federation

Once again you have astounded me. The Antarctic video is breathtaking, and part 1 made me feel as though I were there with you... I could almost feel the water splashing gently on my face as you cut through the sea and then you made me shiver as we cracked through the ice. There aren't enough adjectives to describe both your work and the emotions you transmit to me when you take me along on your incredible journeys.
I only have THANK YOU and OBRIGADA to try to communicate my gratitude for your work, but I feel so much more than that! Hugs from Brasil, irene

irene linda, Brazil

This website is simply incredible. Great pictures and I love the music to go with them. :

Henri Paananen, Finland

Thank you SO much for the chance to travel the world from the comfort of my home. As I am unable to travel due to health problems, I can see places that I have wanted to visit.
A simply stunning presentation - and the music is great as well.
Many,many thanks !

Helen W-P, Australia

Desperately waiting for Mauritius!!! Incredible Website, btw.

Harry T, Switzerland

Thank You so much for showing the wonders of this world !

Jan VOCHTEN, Belgium

For arm-chair travelers everywhere, I thank you! What fun!!

Loretta Holland, USA

Gracias por Los PPS. Muy Bonitos

Juan Plata, Colombia

Absolutely stunning!!!Most grateful for this. Keep feeding me for ever!!!

enzo galvano, South Africa

Hi please put picture of the world and more picture for site tanks

mehdi hashemian, Iran

Simplemente#161#191impresionante #161muy buen trabajo, los viajes ilustran, y miren que si, lo magnifico de la naturaleza. Gracias.

juan manuel garcia, Mexico

Well... just flat-out fabulous. Thanks!

Louis Foussard, USA

My wife and were lucky enough to have had a flight off one of the pontoons a couple of years back the barrier reef is spectacular from the air and your video brought it all to life again thanks a lot for all your beautiful work guys.

James f O'hare, Australia

Great,enough said,thank you!!

Pete Pitr, USA

Very nice beautiful.

Really wonderful job.

Thanks for bringing the whole world in my home.

J Shah, USA

This is fantastic. Could look at it forever.

roger perron, Egypt

Thank you for producing the Great Giza and Sphinx interactive view. Absolutely amazing!!! Our Ancients did great work!!

Grace Walker, USA

Hello valued Airpano team,
I have some beautiful shots from the air of the fantastic mid air ball PanoramaTechnology on my homepage www.hoebue.de embedded. I am most grateful to you and that you exist at all! Through you to every viewer is the beauty of our planet earth made visible to enjoy it at home on your PC.
For what you planned in 2015, I can not help you, but I wish to present to you will be successful!
Greetings from Heidenau Sachsen in Germany
Andreas B#252ttig

Andreas B#252ttig, Germany

I would love to see these made available for the Samsung Gear VR. They are absolutely gorgeous.

John Wright, USA

Great what a wonderfull world we live in,Thank you for allowing us in Australia to see them,Thank you AirPano and your talented staff.

Leonard Barber, Australia

I saw your work guys few years ago and I'm still very impressed. Music in the background brings emotions to the whole picture. I was waiting to see a bit of Poland not only because it's my country but it is truly beautiful place. You're not far from there so I'm surprised you didn't think about it. Maybe you could show Krakow or Mazury lakes?

All the best

maria ha, Poland

Very poor to make such a fast change from Ukraine to Russia !!
And you really do not know the Prekkestolen in Norway ??

Klaus Wolkerstorff, Austria

Amazing - I'm impressed - beautiful photos - thank you so much

Mette Lade, Denmark

Thank you, thank you, thank you.....what fabulous work!
I have been to many of your locations, but at ground level only So great to see from a beautiful new perspective!! Please continue.

James Williston, USA

What an incredible project! What has been the best part about travelling to so many exotic places? Do you guys have a favourite?

Sophie Z, Finland

These are excellent!

How much would it cost to commission you to do more areas of Italy?

Alex Roe, Italy

For those of us that can not travel to these places, this is really appreciated on many levels. Thank you..

s lew, USA

very nice temple and well executed .

BHADRESH PATEL, United Kingdom

Really nice web!!!

dash tulga, Mongolia

This site really took me away to so many places I would love to see. Thank you for these epic shots.

Doris Reinert, USA

hello you take very nice pictures just if you can take pictures from iran

behdad nikooyan, Iran

hello,very nice and beutifull, i want aerial 3d panoramas,please send for me in email. tank you

reza khadem, Iran

Thanks for very beautiful panorama high quality 360 pictures.
If possible please take pictures from iran isfahan...

mohammad sadeghi, Iran

Thank You for all the beauty You are letting us see.Eva Chilliwack, British Columbia ,Canada

eva schmidt, Canada

Discovering Air Pano was wonderful . Thanks to you guys I was able to travel to places I always wanted to see but did not have the means to do it.

Tomas Escobar, USA

Hi my d7arlings,
You are the best,how can I download your panaruma place pictures?
With the bests

sas farizani, Iran

Amazing! Awesome!
Your pictures have never failed to satisfy me!

I hope to see Aero picture of my country, South Korea, in your site.

Won Jae Kim, Korea

I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful Air Pano is for me as I have always been interested in traveling and Air Pano has shown me parts of the world I could never have seen!!

Olga Beck, USA

Extrodinary and awesome.Here,I found the amazing scenery Ive never seen before.And its also pretty great that you are uncommercial.Its hard to believe.I really love photography.Forgiving me that I still not passing my CET6,I will always pay attention to you.Lastly but in no means least,its so fun to communicate with all the people here!

Junyi Feng, China

I regret so much for having not found this site until today. It's so exciting to see such wonderful and unique panorama works of all these top sights and cities around the globe. I look forward to enjoying more pictures shot in China, where there are so many places worth your excellent panoramas. My gratitude and respect for your team.

Shi Di, China

Wonderful to see.

joyce kater, USA

Maybe I have missed this, but I cannot see anything of Canada?

Surely going along the edge of Vancouver Island is a sight for every ones eyes? Just fantastic!

I have been in 75 countries, and live in the best of them- Canada my opinion I admit!, but my favourite Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, has been overtaken by the whole of the coast of British Columbia.

Maybe just my ideas, but I miss some of the sights in your fantastic programme.

Thanking you, Peter G. Lay

Peter G. Lay, Canada

Breathtaking photography!!!

Glenna Stephens, Canada


Patricia Ann Abraham, USA

Jestem pod ogromnym wra#380eniem. Cudowne zdj#281cia.Serdeczne podzi#281kowanie za ich udost#281pnienie.

Stanis#322aw Lumer, Poland

Superb work! Keep going!

Usha Menon, Oman

hi my dear AirPano!
your aerial pan. is wonderful. Thank you for this site!This is the most beautiful site!Please visit iran
Thank you very much

hojat solimani, Iran

i love you pictures

sandipan sarkar, India

I look forward each week to see what you have so wonderfully photographed. Thank you for sharing these experiences with everyone. Love the music with each video.

Bill McInturff, USA

The program is wonderful. Thank you very much. Truly enjoy.

zinni spahi, Serbia and Montenegro

Fantastic, what will they think of next.

Jim Morrison, South Africa

Asombro, es la palabra que define la oferta de google maps 3D, lamento no ser mas joven. Me imagina lo que viene. Felicitaciones !!!!

Raul Marcos, Argentina

Awesome!! This is so fantastic. Thank you for creating this site, I love it and will share with my friends and family. Nice that you have fun music with the videos too!

Lynda Moller, Canada

It is amazing!I love this site!This is the most beautiful site!Please visit iran .

Hamid Taryan, Iran

Airpano people,
Please visit South Korea,
Take great pictures of Jeju Island and many other beautiful places.

HyeJoon Lee, Korea

Amazing the music is great too!

Celine Chan, China

I love this site!This is the most beautiful site!

Alvin Lee, China

Thank you from the West Coast of Canada. Your views of the world are just amazing.

Lois Morgan, Canada

It is amazing

Jiang xiaoxiao, China

A really great effort on your part, but...how about one of the best parts of the world: British Columbia, and in the best part - Vancouver Island.

Not complaining, but take a look at it.

Thanks for the opportunity to see all of your great efforts,


Peter G. Lay

Peter G. Lay, Canada

Saved as a favorite, I like your site!

Lurlene Fraser, Bahrain

All. We all, young and old can take this journey.

wayne wilkinson, USA

Wonderful job. Excellent work done by creative minds.

Saqib Ishaq, Pakistan

Thank you for this contribution to the Internet. Very enjoyable.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Karen Miriam Chambliss-Abraham, USA

I was very impressed with this site!

RaeAnne Michael, USA

Hi Guys

This is the best creativity by you people. i always want to see the world, i still want to xplore physically, but due to money m unable to explore.

But thx guys to gave me the change at least to feel the beauty of the world.

One thing i suggest you please make an andorid app so that people can see the world through download the video view any time.

Hatts off you guys, keep Explore update the planet beauty

Abhishek Saxena, India

Pomys#322 Air Pano jest wprost genialny i to pod ka#380dym wzgl#281dem R#243wnie#380 muzycznie - jak brzmi ..... bosko.
To si#281 nazywa Mistrzostwo #346wiata - Gratuluj#281 i dzi#281kuj#281... Zachwyca mnie ka#380dy szczego#322 ... Najserdeczniej Pozdrawiam Wszystkich, dzieki kt#243rym mog#281 w tym cudzie uczestniczy#263! POMY#346LNO#346CI


Iwona Logay, Poland

This is the most exciting site I've ever seen. I'm confined to the house, yet I can travel anywhere in the world through your photos and feel like I've been there. The photography is superb. Thank you!
Any chance of getting footage from Cuba?

Carol Puerto, USA

What an amazing website and images! Makes me want to travel the world and see these sights in person.

The world is so beautiful!

Felipe Andrade, USA

Incredible images and what an undertaking..Fantastic project, absolutely brilliant. Love it

Bob Berry, United Kingdom

Your website is simply great. its AMAZING. I love it.
You are requested to include all museums of the world especially The Grand Egyptian Museum.
I shall be thankful to you.
Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal, Pakistan

#1581#1602#1610#1602#1577 #1607#1584#1575 #1571#1605#1585 #1585#1575#1574#1593 #1608#1571#1588#1580#1593#1603#1605 #1593#1604#1609 #1578#1581#1602#1610#1602 #1575#1604#1571#1601#1590#1604 #1593#1604#1609 #1571#1606 #1578#1607#1578#1605#1608#1575 #1608#1604#1608 #1602#1604#1610#1604#1575 #1576#1575#1604#1576#1604#1583#1575#1606 #1575#1604#1593#1585#1576#1610#1577 #1608#1582#1575#1589#1577 #1575#1604#1580#1586#1575#1574#1585 #1604#1605#1575 #1578#1581#1608#1610#1607 #1593#1604#1609 #1605#1606#1575#1592#1585 #1582#1604#1575#1576#1577 #1589#1583#1602#1608#1606#1610 #1580#1585#1576#1608#1575 #1601#1602#1591 #1608#1588#1603#1585#1575

gassem khaled, Algeria

I love the views and the website.....so much!!!!!!!!!!:lvu

Elaine Gomez, USA

This is fascinating. What very clever people there are in this World! Thanks so much for your work.

Rita Lamey, United Kingdom

Amazing website. Already bought the app air pano on iTunes.
One of the best app of the store.
I hope you can put the whole world in it. Thanks

Piedade Pais, Portugal



Thanks is not enough sometimes,its just an amazing experience of my life, love you guys.

Aditi Sen, United Kingdom

Awesome website..was almost lost in the views...loved it so much!!

Krati Agrawal, India

this site is Incredible. best 3d view i have seen on web. thanks a lot to those who are creating this amazing views.

sandip das, India

Please let me know once you guys got those beautiful stuff from Japan since I cannot find some Japan scene. Okay?

----Thank you so much

Yukai Linken, China

This is beautiful ... good job.

Mathew Briggs, Nigeria

The best site ever thank you AirPano for providing it nochmals vielen Dank

Egon Fink, Australia

I know it's not on the grand scale of large areas, but you may want to do a trip superfast - to CA Coast...photograph the tide pools sealife, as they are disappearing dying off due to Fukishima radiation:

CBS: This is really disturbing, sea stars dying by the millions on West Coast — Like the Black Death, only faster and deadlier — ‘Mystery plague’ affecting 20 species



Abdul Allibhai, Canada

Magnificas tomas, otra forma de conocer el mundo sin salir de casa.

jose lopez, Mexico

Can we download and save the vitual tours in our computer?

Chetan Gandhi, India

This is awesome. Great way to travel when you have health issues. Just sit back and relax!

Marge Grubb, USA

It's amazing

jan kowalski, Poland

Todas as tomadas LINDAS


From now, my aim is to make this possible in every Hindu temple in India...!!
Thank you for motivating me !!

Agastya Yeturi, India