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Your website is an invaluable gift to the world. All i can say is Thank you! You put me there!

Edgar Bansale, Philippines

I love travelling but I'm to young to travel on my own. This site is like travelling for me, I'm always looking forward to see new panoramas. The pictures are beautiful, really great! Now I'm want to travel even more ;) Thank you so much!

Liam Wouters, Belgium

Acabo de descubrir su página gracias a un programa de tv.
Un trabajo precioso y que debiera conocer todo el mundo. MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS por enseñar al mundo el "hogar" donde viven pues mucha gente parece que no es consciente de lo maravilloso que es este planeta y de la necesidad de cuidarlo.

Francisco Montero, Spain

I have been watching your panoramas from your beginning and look forward to seeing them, they are beautiful.

Jack Keenan, USA

Thank you very much, Jack! We're glad that you follow our project so many years!

I hope the government listens to their people. The panorama is beautiful. Thats the Ukrainian anthem being sung.

Darka Kaliczynska, USA

Really impressive. Thanks for giving these wonderful panoramas. See you on Facebook.

Carlos Mainzer, Spain

just fantastic. Please join Facebook.

sylvia navarro devroy, Spain

Sylvia, we already are in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirPano

Gracias por permitirme viajar con la imaginación.
Un trabajo maravilloso.

Liliana Pereyra, Spain

the World are beautiful and amazing creations made by Mother Nature herself. While man can make many glorious things, nothing can top the awe-inspiring designs that naturally occur on this Earth. Everyone should strive to see as many of these gorgeous natural wonders as possible in their lifetimes.Awesome Work ... Thanks ..

Devendra sharma, India

Fabuloso trabajo! Increible, magnífico y gratificante....! Gracias a Vuestro excelente trabajo podemos apreciar las maravillas de nuestro planeta. Gracioas tb a 4 milenio x daros a conocer.

Jose Alberto Martínez Lopez, Spain

Sencillamente, Fabuloso! una manera de viajar y disfrutar
sin moverse de casa. Felicidades a los autores,y a Cuarto Milenio por difundir la web.

monica pardo, Spain

Increible todas las imagenes publicadas. Me gustaria que publicaran videos de Jerusalen. Gracuas

anyuaniett morales, USA




Es increible. Gracias a vuestro trabajo tenemos posibilidad de poder admirar los maravillosos rincones del nuestro planeta. Mil gracias :-)

Grazyna Kiszko, Spain

Bravo, excelente trabajo.
Otra forma de viajar

Francisco Escribano Mayorga, Spain

Gracias por vuestra inspiración

Hugo Peyrel, United Kingdom

All beautifully done and amazing to watch. Well done!

Barry Bloomfield, Australia

Je to opravdu krásné,ani jsem se nemohl odtrhnout,prostě perfektní práce-jsem nadšený...

Eda Čekan, Czech Republic

gooooooooooooood jop

Nagi Kalalian, Egypt

I realy like all you have done. I wonder if another language is possible. I think the dutch language can not be done but maybe the german ?

Gerrit Hemmes, Netherlands


Nelva Nora Gandolfo, Argentina

Hello lovely talented people!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your truly amazing work bringing the wonders of our planet to my home here in Wales UK. This website is life enhancing. I am entranced and I feel so privileged even seeing these wonders on my iPhone. It is an amazing experience. Keep up your amazing good work. All the best. Cher and family xxxxxxx

Cher Jones, United Kingdom

Dear Cher, thank you for your kind words! Try to see it on computer, it is more spectacular :)



Spend another hour enjoying the amazing pictures of our beautiful world.

Paul Mengelberg, Netherlands

nice website. great idea

sajid ali, India

hello.your vebsite is very good.pleas put one from iran.excuse me i dont write enghlish very good

fateme madahi, Iran

Really stunning images and concept! The Uzon Caldera, one of my favorite places, was depicted with great beauty.

Frank Robb, USA

Thank you, Frank! Hope you'll find another favorite places on our website.

Wow!!! Incredible!! Thank you for the world travel!
It's awe inspiring!

Brenda Cooper, USA

You are the best guys!!!! Very great idea, Very great project!!! My compliments
Than ke for sharing

Stefano Menghini, Italy

This website makes me a lot of beautiful minutes and hours. Thank you to share with me this delight!

Márton Horváth, Hungary

Thank you for your comment! We'll be glad if you spend minutes and hours on our site again :)

What a wonderful project! Congratulations

paul liu, China


nistor ghiorghe, Italy

Glad to find your website. And let me "travel" so many beautiful places. I hope you can visit Tibet and make a 360 video for Tibet. It's also a amazing place. Keep up the good work!

Stella Ng, China

Just wonderful, keep it up and I hope you visit us in Tunisia.

Ferid Abderraouf, Tunisia



Thank you, Patricia! Hope to see you and your friends here! 

Hi !
I found you today and I only can say: whow, what a great great project !
It's so nice to view all this beautiful places !
Good luck for further projects !

Harald Richter, Germany

What a wonderful project! Congratulations!

Ulrich Hoppe, Germany

I am so happy I found you.Keep up the good work.

Ron Dismuke, USA

As a professional panoramic photographer, I can really appreciate these very special photographs. the quality is outstanding, the subjects fascinating, and the eyes of the photographers is outstanding.

Mike Willett, USA

Dear Mike, thank you very much for your kind words! It's always important to hear professional photographers' opinions.

love this 360

les whitcomb, USA

DA DA love to visit Russia
learn Russian language and read a lot about the great country,your work Air Pano
is superb,pride of the world.We benefit of such a marvelous work a great contribution to humanity.
Enjoyed a lot Macchupichu and Tikal films made by PANO.SPASIVA
Felix Costa

Felix Costa, Peru

I just wanted to say that i enjoyed looking at all of the images that I would not have a chance to see on my own. Thank You for sharing this!

Nellie Manning, USA

Maravilhoso! parabens pelo trabalho.

Eny Louzada, Brazil

un trabajo espectacular el de todos

jorge alexander polindar, Colombia

Absolutely sensational, what swell pictures. Really like the way you can navigatge them scrolling in any direction, very easy to do. And the selection of music to go with the pictures also is grand, and no rock and roll!

P&J Lapidus, USA

i find so cool panoramas here,thank AirPano Project all contributors for your work.we can find our beautiful planet through Airpano,and i want to know if you have a plan to turn your krpano Panorama Viewer from flash to HTML5 platform,now the krpano Panorama Viewer support the HTML5,The flash is not efficient

blueid zhao, China

HTML5 player does not support file encoding. We don't want to show our high res images unprotected. So we are not going to move to HTML5. Mobile version will be available under HTML5 for all panoramas soon.

If you are not able to travel the world, on this site you can.
Are you physical disabled ore with a small budget here you enjoy the beauty of places all over the world.
Thank you for this.

Paul de Kort, Netherlands

this site is FUN

becky Melville, USA

Absolutely spectacular!!! Brilliant site! Thank you so much for your work!

Mateusz Mojsak, Poland

"Just saw your panorama of the Great Wall--we've all seen photos in various books, mags, etc. but YOUR work is what brought home to me the magnificence of this structure. You do such wonderful work! Thank you!A faithful subscriber."

Amruth Rao, India

Just saw your panorama of the Great Wall--we've all seen photos in various books, mags, etc. but YOUR work is what brought home to me the magnificence of this structure. You do such wonderful work! Thank you!
(i hope you can eventually do the Danxi area--and would love to see one of Dubai--unfortunately i dont have any contacts there, keep up the good work and thank you!
A faithful subscriber.

Irene Carlyle, USA

Thank you very much, Irene! We already have virtual tour of Dubai City (http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=UAE-Dubai-City-Virtual-Tour) but we'll try to go there again.

ME GUSTA ME SORPRENDAN CON LOS LUGARES,TIENEN ALGUNO DE ARGENTINA?(no se porque figura anulada mi suscripción?si lo hice fue por error)

Jorge Fariña, Argentina

very beautiful and spectacular!

Thank You,

chris Heller, Poland

Super,Spectacular,wellkeepgoodwork going
Capt Jagdish khokhar

Jagdish Khokhar, India

A new and wonderful experience in my life! Completely extraordinary project.You can think about "Majuli"-biggest river island situated in Brahmaputra river of Assam(North-East India).Keep it up Friends!!thanks a lot.

SameerJyoti Baishya, India

Thank you, Sameer Jyoti Baishya! We'll think about your offer

Jsou to mimořádné fotografie od profesionálů.
Z volené pohledy jsou nádherné zvláště svými barvami. Blahopřeji.

Myslibor Chalupa, Czech Republic

Very Beautiful, glitch free work. Keep it up

Gagan Saini, India

Spectacular! Breathtaking!
Thank you!!

Lesley Guzman, USA

"This is the best site to watch 360 panoramic pics and how i can downloading this panorama in my computer without the intern Thank you "Airplane for my love

alaa essa, Egypt

You can't save panoramas to your computer. You can view them online only

Thank you for sharing your
extraordinary works!
I'll follow your site ;)

Mariano Nemec, Italy



Thank you for the enjoye which i missed in my life

Basel Bibi, Jordan

You send for me the verifefication is wrong

Basel Bibi, Jordan

Stato un lavoro da Fabola.. complementi! e mandatemi una traduzione in Italiano o Spagnolo per condividere con pìu amici nel mondo.
Gizella Samillan

Gizella Samillan, Italy

This is the best site to watch 360 panoramic pics.. Was searching very hard.. finally got the best site

SAmeer Pagare, India

I stumbled across your web site by accident and am blown away......the photography is unbelievable. Every thing I have seen is awesome. I will spend hours on this site. I've already recommended this site to several friends and my son. My son and I both are photographers and I have no idea how we have missed this site in the past. Thank you "AirPano" for sharing this great beautiful world that many of us will never get to see without your wonderful website.
Gratefully Inspired,
Mechelle Mchirter/USA

Mechelle McWhirter, USA

Es uno de los "Sitios Web" mejores que yo conozca y no solo felicito a todo el equipo que lo hace posible, sino que les animo a seguir engrandeciéndolo. Pues el mundo ha sido, es y seguirá siendo algo maravilloso. Saludos

Saturnino DURAN VIDAL, Spain

wonderful pictures !!!

Nikos Tsitsos

Nikos Tsitsos, Greece

This is stunning.Absolutely brilliant.Thank you for sharing.This planet is beautiful.

Dragan Uzelac, Serbia and Montenegro

Thank you, Dragan! Hope to see you here again!

excelent, momci svaka čast - Well done guys - Ìîëîäöû ðåáÿòà

saša mrđa, Bosnia and Herzegovina



i have recommended the uyuni salt flat on this site.

uyuni is the nearest place to the heaven on this planet.
but some day it will disappear,because people get the salt to eat ,to build house from the salt flat.
hope you can go to there to photo it before it is eaten up.

you de, China

God is Great! The team had just shown to everybody how beautiful the world is . . . Masha Allah! God bless and wish you more success in your project.

Zeno Usudan, Philippines

i like camera

situ dong, China

The world looks more enchanting ! The Pan views are too good to avoid viisting these places!
The labour taken is worth!
Thanks and keep it up....

subhash solanki, India

Dear Subhash, thank you! Get ready to new travel with AirPano!

It's ironic how taking these images from height help to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Luke Moore, United Kingdom

The world is beautiful, and thanks to you, it can be viewed from this perspective is not available ... beautiful images, greetings.

Grzegorz Borczynski, Poland

fantastic jaw dropping web site.. 5 star

Kieran O'Connor, Ireland

you guys are doing an incredible work and i hope your work will continue like this and you will show us some much more amazing panoramas around the globe. i think you should do a bet "around the world while taking marvellous ariel 360 degree panoramas in 80 days"i think you will win it

Aniketh Hotagi, India

Aniketh, thank you very much for your comment!

Dang !! increduble work ...awesome, awestruck..now i can die in peace and proudly say I have travelled the ends of the globe..without having left my system :P
On a serious note, it is a job extremely well done :D

Dona Thapa, India

the marvellous flying Russians!!! thanx for doing what you're doing. You open a window to the miracle of nature.

George Gambrinos, Greece

The 360 shots of iceland with music from Braveheart,you really do capture the mood of the shots ,being honest i cried when i heard this with the views ,it really affected me in a nice way thank you.And yes im Scottish.

Darren Michie, United Kingdom

This is an absolutely superb
resource and it enables people to see how wonderful our planet is, and the magnificent buildings mankind has produced.

Thank You, you and your team are Marvellous!!

Kevin Perkins, United Kingdom

Thank you, Kevin! We're glad that you like our project!

¿Por que no utilizan tambien el espanol para ensenarnos esas maravillas?

Joan Ammetller, Spain

Vivid and amazing photography in every respect. However. I am disappointed that there seems to be no shots within the bounds of the UK. I live in Scotland which is the most beautiful of countries within the UK with truly awesome scenery (mountains and lochs)yet - nothing!
Doug Pate, Dumfries, SW Scotland.

Doug Pate, United Kingdom

Awesome...truly beautiful. Your team is terrific.
Dewese Milstead

Dewese Milstead, USA

Espero recibir actualizacion mas reciente de estos Paises muchas gracias amigos !!

enric colome cuñat, Spain

Living a beautiful and colorful country allow you to deeply appreciate equally beautiful lands and spots worldwide, so I thank you for such blessing of your accurate task. Congratulations!

Zenón Sosa, Mexico

Thanks a lot to your team. Mirracle hapened. Beutiful, amazin, lovely with surprise. I wish all the best.

Marcel Poloncak, Slovakia

Thank you for your comment, Marcel! Hope to see you here again!

...And suddenly my computer turned into a magical transportation gate! Thank you for sharing the world with us. Amazing job!

Emilija Mirchevska, Macedonia

Se puede decir que con vuestro espectacular trabajo, nos dais "magia" en unos momentos tan grises en el mundo. Muchas gracias por enseñar Barcelona al mundo de una forma tan maravillosa! Enhorabuena!

Esther Latorre, Spain

Absolut Klasse. Ein Glückstreffer, hier auf dieser Seite angekommen zu sein.

Waltraud Clasen, Germany

Gostei muito!
Estou com expectativa de iniciar a trabalhar com Video 360 - Muito bom!!!!

Romeo Campos AbelhaDigital, Brazil

I use your videos extensively in our adult learning programmes. It is just beautiful and so inspiring, as well as giving our learners (who all come from very disadvantaged backgrounds) the opportunity to see places they would otherwise never even know about.
Thank you!!!

Jacqueline Klem, South Africa

Thank you very much, Jacqueline! 

Best described in one word "Magic "

Louis Ryan, Ireland

I love the music you chose for the Matterhorn Panorama.


Eine wunderbare Seite! Meine Hochachtung. Endlich
mal was zum Chillen am PC.
Bitte weitermachen und danke für die schönen Eindrücke.

Gudrun Bratz, Germany

Beautiful site, wonderful pictures, thank you!

Sonja Dancheva, Macedonia

I love your panoramas and will embed some into my blog for old photographers who no longer roam the world.It's almost like being there.
Thanks so much!

Marlene Hutchison, USA

Thank you, Marlene! You and your blog readers are always welcome!

Very beautiful pictures! Good Job!

Cri R, Italy