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Absolutely amazing!!Ihave just been watching Hong Kong - the City where dreams come true! I visited HK in 2004 and vow it's the one place on earth that I would love to go back to. You have made me remember so many beautiful things and your choice of music just set it off perfectly!! Thank you so much!

Elaine J. Ness

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is all for you.

Una maravilla de pagina, con ella se puede viajar y soñar. Gracias por dejar que la disfrutemos

Carmona Pla M Jesus

Thanks for permitting me to be a virtual tourist in the locations you have photgraphed. I look forward to the additions you plan to make.
Hope the Canadian Rockies make it to your list of future locations to photgraph.


Thank you for your interest and enjoy viewing our site!

Brilliant work!!! Amazing pics and shots... Great work...Hatts off to the whole crew of airpano god bless :)

Aneez Mohammed





it's so beautifull to see our planet this way. I'm a graphic designer and i also shoot panoramas, how can anyone join your teem or help you in anyway???
Keep up the good work!!!!

John Metaxakis

Dear John, thank you! We need your HELP in getting permissions to photograph the world's wonders...Any information would be useful - the responsible organization, the contact person, the possible intermediary and so on. May be there is somebody who has already had similar sitution and can explain us what to do. Don't hesitate to send us an email.


Avinesh Pather

So very beautiful, thank you. Wonderful, too, that so many people can now share the world's lovely places.

Bernecia Moeller

Very good job , wish you all the best

Capt.Haitham Alkaddour

I have always loved waterfalls, but haven't visited any since my heart attack. Thankyou so much for taking me there with your camera work.

Albert Roosma

You are welcome and take care of yourself!

Nagyon köszönöm a látványt, fantasztikus a munkátok!
Andras Balkay, Hungary

Balkay Andras

These are beautiful! Please come and photograph Sarajevo!

Kay Ess

These are so beautiful! Please, please, please come and to the north coast of British Columbia, Canada before the pipeline and supertankers we are being forced to accept against our will start to destroy our beautiful back yard. I desperately want the whole world to be able to share the space that produce the Spirit Bear. I don't want what we share to be the horrible aftermath that is still Prince William Sound 20 Years after the Exxon Valdez. I'm a disabled woman living in Kitimat. I want to live for the rest of my life. That was the intent when I purchased my home. I am staying here. Please since the Government of Canada has stated over and over that the pipeline will go through, and I live on the Douglas Channel, I know an accident is going to happen, please record while it can be done, please. I love it so, i can't go see myself, you look as close AND as far you will see the whales in Devastation Reach, and the Seals in Kemano Bay - Probably no more, sorry. I'm a little sad today, I guess.

Laura Yeager


I would like that you travel to Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas river as you did with Saint-Petersburg !

Great work !

Best regards,


Maria Luiza Lapa de Souza

i wish you travle to iran and produce some panor from dream view in some places in iran

reza majidi

Beutiful shots and 3D views. Thanks for the amazing work!

Ákos Tamás Nováki

Brilliant work!!! Amazing pics and shots... Great work...

Bharath Gowda

I sincerly agree with everything all your viewers have said about your wonderful work, thank you, Jay

Jay Holmes



Amazing pictures about an amazing planet!
Take care of it!

Istvan Nemeth

Congratulations! Amazing and Excellent job. It's really an creative work of art in exploring and portraying the wonders of our planet-particularly for those who are unable to visit and see in reality.Please keep it up with this great work.
Very much appreciated. Thanks to each member of AIRPANO team for sharing this with the world.


All we do, dear visitor, is for you and your pleasure. Have a nice time in viewing our panos!


Eric Yadon

Awsome....fantastisch......Thank you

Monika Sammons

Enhorabuena y gracias por vuestro excelente trabajo.
Todavía hay miles de lugares asombrosos por presentar, mucho ánimo.

Congratulations and thank you for your excellent work. Still thousands of amazing places to present, cheer up!

Pablo Fernández

Great!! But it would be even better if you have some views of spain

Rosa Lopez

AMAZING!!! Thank u!

Nabil Diab

Sois geniales, os felicitamos y pensamos que Cristobal Colon os tendria envidia. Gran trabajo.

Carlos de Andres Garzaran

Muchas gracias! De Rusia con amor.

Love your work with the pyramids especially - what a great site and fantastic work. Can you please consider Karnak if you go back to Egypt? It is so big it is hard to visualise on the extent of it all on the ground.

J Forest


Ray Totoro

Wonderful! Excellent idea and astonishing project! Good luck for the future

cristiano mariani

I am literally stoked by your amazing work of art and engineering. I knew this is only possible by an extraordinary effort from extremely creative and talented people like you guys who are great admirers of nature's wonder.

Please keep up the great work and consider visiting Nepal someday!

Dhilung Kirat

Many thanks for your kind opinion!

Fantastic job. Congratulations !!!

Nin Garcia

Excellent view , appreciated !

Denny Ho

Δεν εχω λόγια ότι και αν πω θα είναι λίγο μεγάλο ευχαριστώ για ότι μέσα από την δουλειά σας είδα ναι ευχαριστώ για την ελεύθερη αυτή επίσκεψη μου στην ιστοσελίδα σας...
ηταν υποχρέωση μου να σας πω μεγάλο ευχαριστώ ...εδώ από την Θεσσαλινικη και την Ελλάδα..

Δημητρης γεωργιου

It's just wonderful!!! I love your work, its the most exciting and beautiful work...
I almost cried...

It was one evening journey around the world i would never forget. Because most likely I wont visit even three of those places in my whole life. Of course, theirs always hope :)

good look and wish you luck


Egle Milka

We are very glad that you find our works wonderful and exciting. All the best to you too!

Your tean make the fantastic job. Congratulations !!
Sua equipe faz um trabalho fantastico. Parabens !!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Adilson Olivato

Thanks so much for showing me the wonderful view of our planet.

Vitue Septham

amazing!!!!!!!!! simply breathtaking. It's so great that the air pano team does this and makes it available to everyone. thank you.

Bailey Raha


I apologize, can you re-send your repy to my email? I have not received it. I checked my spam folder as well, but there was no message.

Thank you.


Bill Morales

Mas, para já, há aqui uma falha: nenhuma imagem de PORTUGAL ?! Que tal uma vista do Cristo-Rei (Lisboa), ou da Serra do Pilar (Porto), ou da Caldeira das Sete Cidades (Açores), ou do Pico do Areeiro (Madeira)?

Vitor Oliveira

I lived in Thailand for two years. Listening to the music for the Bangkok video by Maxim Moiseev was AWESOME. It took me back in time. Where can I go to download 'Joy of Life?'

Thank you,

Bill Morales

Dear Bill. We’ve sent the message to your e-mail.

I appreciate the hardworking job of your team which is priceless and valuable, thank you for providing your good work to the public and I wish one day to see a panoramic photos for Beirut !

Bilal Itani

Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

Immediacy of very nice pictures. In your hand, your eye health. Thank you and good luck.
Greetings from Turkey Goodbye.

Mennan Özdemir

Dear All,

Appreciation To A.Ru 4 Sharing Awesome Global Views.Our planet Is Awesome,Together We Can Make More,Hevenly Divine.

Raj Chandarana

By all means, this great website and the job done both deserve the most impressive words of apprciation and amiration

A way to realize how this planet has beautiful places to see without any cost, except to enjoy the moments during the visit to your Double WooW website!

Thank you for the time and efforts exerted to place such enjoyment on the tip of our fingers !

Dr. Sayed Elghitany

Many thanks for your opinion. All our efforts are devoted to you, our dear visitos!


juan mendoza

¡¡¡Should photograph the entire planet would be so beautiful ... For example, Maracaibo, the city where I live!!!

George Miquilena

great idea , great team
never enjoyed something like that before,
thank you.

gamal rayess


cesar tovar

Thank you for a high appraisal of our work!

Eu pensei que conhecia locais maravilhosos pelo mundo. Engano. Ainda tenho muito a andar. Parabéns pelo belo trabalho. Jaru, Rondonia, Brasil.

Nereu Moraes

Congratulations Gintlemen for your excellent work. We have travel in all planet by your Panoramic Photos.
I have to suggest some WONDERFUL PLACES TO TAKE Panoramic Photos in Greece.
1. Acropolis Athens
2. Lycabetus Hill Athens
3. Santorini Island and Volcano
4. Parga City Greece
5. Preveza City Greece
6. Ancient Nicopolis Greece
7. Ancient Kassope Greece
8. Lindos Rhodes Greece
9. Meteora Greece
10. Zeros Lake Greece
11. Acheron River Canyon Greece
12. Ancient Oracle Preveza Greece
13. Koronisis Island Greece
14. Dilos Greece
15. Zagori Villages Greece
16. Acheron River Delta Greece
17.Ambracian Gulf Freece
18. Ancient Corinth Greece
19. Isthmus of Corinth Greece
20. Rio Antirio Bridge Greece
21. Delphi Greece
Best Regards
Dr. Harry Gouvas, Greece

Harry Gouvas

Thank you for your message, Harry! We think, it will be useful for us. Have a nice day!

Amazing work ! Keep going with passion of sharing for FREE !!

Raymond Lam

Just plain fantastic work, really enjoyed looking through most of them, will be back at it tonight when I will have more time. As per permission to film more, personally I think no one should have the right to stop you and it should be an open door or airways for you and whom ever works with you. All the best. Anne Delia

Anne Delia

Thank you, Anne, for your kind attention! If most people (espesially from Administrations and local governments) thoght like you, It would be a fairy tale in reality.

Amazing work! I love when dedicated people so something like that! This is such a great idea and I hope you get a ton of funding to really capture and photograph all the urban areas of the world! Thanks for the amazing Toronto work!

Yannick Lampron

Many thanks! Yes, it's really not a cheap pleasure, but it worths it.

Really, really good !! keep up !! Would like to see a New York one and more of my country, Venezuela..

Juan Carlos Gutierrez


Ayoob Nab

Thanks to your magnificent and genius work.I hope you will add more about UAE.

Hasanen Ibrahim

Exelent work! Congratulations!
When you came in Romania?
We have wonderfull places here.
Best regards


sinto que vou ter que navegar muito para ver toda essa maravilha que voces produziram. Amo a Russia, acho Moscou fantástica. Sou muito grato a essa equipe de pessoal competente e tamanho zelo profissional. Continuem assim. O mundo so pode lhes agradecer,,


Thank you for the warm words about professional team and, of course, we are trying to do our best!

felicidades ¡¡
un espléndido y gran trabajo.
¿ para cuándo Barcelona y españa?
a wonderful and great job.
When you can do your work in Barcelona and Spain?

Xavier Sainz

Thanks a lot! We are going to shoot in Barcelona in August 2012, but we need help in getting permission for the shooting. If you are able to help us, please, write us through the web-site contact form.

I've spent hours browsing/viewing/enjoying your site/sight.
It's really good to see that some people are using technology the good way.
Keep up the good work; what you are doing is fantastic and is at the highest possible quality.
I'm looking forward to see some shootings from Norway!

Istvan Roman

We are grateful for your message! Hope, you can enjoy the pano of Svalbard when it is ready.

????????????? !
Sorry, my Russian ist not so good.
I like your 360°-Panoramas very much. Especially the Moskva videos, which help me recall my times there long ago.
Greetings from Austria, where you hopefully will take some panoramas soon,

Stepan Othmarovich Rittenschober

Thank you, Stefan. Yes, you are right, we are going to shoot Vienna soon. See you!

Lindo,inteligente e maravilho os trabalhos de vocês, admirei 1.000%, gostaria que se possivel, inseri-se a nossa bela Salvador-Bahia-Brasil. Grato e obrigado.

Francisco Wellington Jucá Rolim, Brazil

Guys, you are a true followers of another great Russian photographer and inventor: Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky. You did a great job. Thank you so much. And what about Borodino battlefield panorama, this year Russians will celebrate 200 years. Take your UFO and camera and do it mates.

Alex Ugron

Thank you! we'll try to shoot this event.

Wonderful images !!!
Great, Great Job !!!

The Brazilian people would like to get some pictures from our country.

Thank you.

Roodney Fortunatti

Thank you Thank you
I will be spending a bit of time watching the Panoramas
Ìíîãî ñïàñèáî

Guy Keele

These are beautiful. I have forwarded it onto a few 1st grade teachers so they can view the NYC/Statue of Liberty. We live 5 hours from NYC and this is the next best thing!

Julie Kuzma

We are happy to help and be useful ;)

Love the image! It's go direct to the memory at the brain.

Ruthy Paul

The pictures are breath taking.

khehchew ho

Muito bom!!! Vejo aqui a verdadeira evolução da fotografia , combinando tecnologia e bom gosto.
Congratulações à toda equipe.

Jorge Carlos Monteiro

We are grateful for you message! But, dear visitors, please, leave your comments in English. We'll understand each other better this way ;)

Wonderful World!!!
These attitudes that serve as a vehicle for World Peace!

Paulo Neves

Bellisimo su trabajo me encanta,comparti un link con ustedes en mi pagina sigan asi....

francisco marti

Öncelikle sizlere teşekkür ederim böyle çalışmaları bizlerle paylaştığınız için...Mükemmel ötesi fotoğraflar insanı bir an için alıp oralara götürüyor.Sizleri Türkiye'ye de bekliyorum burada sizleri büyüleyecek çok şey var emin olun buna.BEKLİYORUM TÜRKİYE'YE.Kolay gelsin.

Muharrem Dursunoğlu

I love the pictures.

perry Olive

When will you do Montreal?
Great site!!

Annie Montminy

Dear Enthusiasts

Thank you for flying on your bird

from where no picture is blured.

Up here in the sky and high

I am quiet as we passing by.

Let it last, just let me fly.

Don't ask me why.

I don't cry nor spy.

I am amaized by the view

which keeps my eyes as a glue.

That is nice and true!

That is nice and true!

Viewing your web and your panoramas is wonderful experiance. Please keep doing such amazing shots.
Actually your idea is not unique but that you already know. A had also such an idea but unfortunately I am 100 years behind you.

Congratulations. I give up but YOU MUST CONTINUE YOUR EFFORT IN YOUR WAY! Good luck...

Nice merging of the shots,

crystal clear presentation,
easy usage of the interface, even on different platforms (win, linux, Ipad, Mac..)
wonderful user experiance!

All the best from Slovenia!

Albert Gyurica

Dear Albert, thank you very much for your verse! We are very pleased to receive such message from you and your words are very valuable for us. Good luck to you too!

A friend send me an e-mail for your site, I had only 5 minutes and stayed for an hour! Your work is great! Thank you so much for this wonderful, amazing, inspiring experience!

Yiannis Yiannakakis

This is just fantastic. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
Wonderfull work, keep going !

Jadranka Kovac

For sure, we are going on and on ;)

The best thing I've ever seen on the Internet!


Ñëàâèøà Ìèêèž

magnifico portal de airpano,,,,,,,,,,

sergio salazar

gracias,me has regalado grandes momentos a tu lado, te invito a mexico nuestros paisajes son realmente espectaculares y el gobierno te daria todas las facilidades

irene gomez nava

Thank you, Irene! Your offer is tempting enough. We'll take it in consideration.

Vielen Dank für die tollen Aufnahmen und der Technik und Ihrer Arbeit.Meine Seele füllt sich mit vielen Erinnerungen wenn ich diese Bilder anschauhe.Vielen Dank und Grüße nach Moskau.
Gruß Harald Hoffmann

Harald Hoffmann

Checking your site for the first time, and i may say it's amazing. Maybe if will be more people like you, showing all the beauties of this world, men will stop trying to destroy and pollute it. Congratulations!

Sergiu Turlea

We are gtrateful for your high appraisal of our project. Thank you!

Thanks for your great job! Really I had a bird-eye view of some of the places I’ve been and many where I’d like to go.
We all could read another message in your work: “See what beautiful world: Enjoy it together!”
Suggestions: Venice (at least a place from Italy!!!) - Perito Moreno (Argentina)-Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
Greetings from Genoa(Italy)

maria angela ghersi

Your words are very kind, Maria, and we are glad that you could enjoy the results of our work.

Espetacular!!! Venham a Natal/RN/Brasil, a nossa cidade do sol tem uma das belezas mais exuberantes do planeta, perfeita para suas lentes maravilhosas. Parabéns pelo fabuloso trabalho de nos mostrar o verdadeiro mundo em que vivemos.

Um Grande abraço à toda equipe!

Francisco de Souza Segundo Júnior

Many thanks! But, please, write in English in order we'd be able to understand you better.

Stunning imagery! Would love to know more about your Heli and equipment.

Rod Cole

Hi guys,
Writing this in English because more people will read it... I am a native Russian, living in the UK for 10 years. What a great work! This made me proud of my home country and I even was fighting tears looking at St. Petersburg panorama - so many mamories... I am really proud of you all and admiring your work. Please, keep the work going on!

Natalia Newman (nee Fedorova)

Dear Natalia, we are happy to hear from you! We promise that we'll go on, because we are really interested in popularization of our project. We are grateful for your interest and the comment you left.

Exceptional work, guys!
If one could access 0.1% of all Facebook loosers' brains to collectively contribute to such a work, that would be a quantum leap for technological progress! :-)
Instead, we'll have an IPO.

Thank you for your talent and hard work, you are real role models for the young generation!

Radu Oprea

Hello,Radu! Thanks for your unusual comment :) and your opinion! We are pleased to read such comments. 

Thanks for giving us such a beautiful job, and only uses all the technological advances for the benefit of aesthetics, art and human sensitivity. Many places are unique, exceptional, go ahead, we need dreamers, artists, special beings to re-humanize ...... this our battered, unique and beautiful planet ..... .... CONGRATULATIONS .....

Carlos Miguel Rey Goberna

Dear Miguel, many thanks for yor message! We are working under AirPano project in order you and many other people can enjoy the views and landscapes of our marvelous Planet. We hope, we managed to reach some good results.

Loved your work guys! Keep it that way!

George Paidoussis

panos of manhattan, are breath taking and inspiring, i see my city much more beautifully than i ever did, thanks :)
would there be a way to have some wallpapers of the same?

sid l

Parabéns! Espetacular esse trabalho! Continuem por favor, tomara que seja possível cumprir as metas propostas! Encantada!

Mariolan Benevides de Matos


Your panoramas are Magnificent, you are working with a lot of enthusiasm, good taste and applying all your knowledges and sensibility. Thanks to share it to us. I appreciate it a lot. Best regards and God bless you.

Paul Chavez

Paul Chávez

Thank you, Paul! We appreciate your attention!

The best I`ve ever seen.

Artur Schneider

Wonderfull work.
You guys are great.

George Tufeanu

Moro na Amazonia, mas precisamente no Pará, em Belém.
Muito bom seu trabalho, parabéns, façam um trabalho desse na floresta Amazônica.

David Alves

many thanks for this great photos, scenes. magnificent, congratulations

peter csillag

In acest mod am vazut aproape toata lumea
In this way I saw almost entire world.
Romania Thank you

Ionescu Horatiu Cristian

Je krásny ten náš svet a vďaka vám ho môžem spoznávať aspoň takýmto spôsobom. Nech sa vám darí.

Stefania Bobotova