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I consider this a most generous gift.
I will read more to find out what spawned this idea. Thank you for this very positive, beautiful presentation. Be very proud of your efforts.

janice gilley, USA

I have lived in many places & had 5 studios in Manhattan over many years.
I wish I could see some of those buildings & neighborhoods now. They are:
47 W. 28th St. NYC 10001
111 W. 17th St.
3rd Ave. & 10th St.
NE corner Bowery & Houston St.
188 Sullivan St.
all in Manhattan.
I am a painter & have lived the last 40 years in rural Maryland. If you will send me your email address I will send you an announcement of my last one man show in Washington, DC, & photos of a few paintings.
I cannot seem to manipulate airpano precicely enough to see these locations.

Henry Niese, USA

THANK YOU! This is truly a "Gift" to the world what you have captured here so exquisitely and professional.

You should be highly rewarded for your efforts & work.

Williams Will, USA

Panorama excelente de Samana en Republica Dominicana donde vivo. Etapa prxima Mnaco (Montecarlo) de donde soy originario ?? Buena continuacin. Gracias ...

Alain Patrick M., Dominican Republic

Gob smacking So beautiful and I have been in many places around the world but have never seen it like you have presented it. All power to your elbow

John Crowley, United Kingdom

Dear, thanks a lot for such possiblity to visit world with you :-)). Thank you to whole team for this great work. These pages will be my favourite and I will send contacts to all my friends! Thank you again, I love it !

Karmela Strapczyková, Czech Republic

Thanks to the 'AirPano Project', all of us can enjoy these wonderful sites in their full glory. Thank you for all your efforts. Thanks also to the friends who are forwarding these sites. Well done.

S. Y. Singh, USA

Friggen "H", these images are unbelievable. Thank you so much for taking them. I will be watching and following you closely, Thank you !!

Jake Searle, Zimbabwe

never been to different
countries but with this ingenious group; it seems
you've been around the world in an instance, through their endless and tireless effort they share
were commendable. Congratulations for a job well done!!!

Mariano Castillwejo, USA

Visited the stupendous Kalyan minaret in June but your presentation, especially the close up of the brick work on the minaret made me realise how much I had missed. Fantastic, keep it up.

Kay Are, Malaysia

This is truely a wonderful sight/site! Firstly, for those housebound or not able to travel, and secondly, tempting us to visit some of these marvellous places. It's great that so many people from around the world can see this wonderful photography.

Catherine Dear, Australia

Excellent presentation. I have seen the Taj many times but not like this!

Bindu Dogra, India

Just awesome. Not something that can be watched all in one time.Talk about "Round the
World in 80 Days." This programme does it in less.

Reg. Catterall, Australia

Growing up we did not travel but we had National Geographic and loved all the color photos of the exotic places.
Then once an adult I realized what a good job NG was doing when I walked to the edge of the Grand Canyon it was exactly as I had imagined through NG photos.

AirPano you have outdone National Geographic by leaps and bounds!!!
Thank You for sharing!!

Edie Kehoe, USA

We are grateful for your high estimation of our skills. Thanks a lot.

Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for an awesome effort and even more awesome result

Pradeep Sharma, India

This is really an amazing site I have ever visited. And each time, when I visited and image or a web page WOW!!! came ot of my mouth. Great. Please , if possible, upload the pages for UTTARAKHAND state of India on your site and update.

Chandra Prakash Dandriyal, India

It felt as though I'm looking out of my window of a high-rise. I felt as if I was right there. Thank you!
I wish I could accompany you on one such project to see how it's all done from start to finish.

Claudia Thomas, India

This is one of the most amazingly beautiful emails I have ever received. What a wonderful gift you have given us! I can't thank you enough.
And I can't wait to send it on to all of my email friends.

Boyd Scheff, USA

Thank you too! It will be nice to hear from you soon again.

You have taken much effort to create this imagery. Really appreciate this. Thank you very much for this great photography and wish you guys the very best.

Arvind Rao, India

The Best ever website I have ever come across.You made my day guys...!!! Thankyou so much

Siddarth Barbaruah, India

Just watched your Hong Kong - it was amazing, although I am Scottish, I spent some 35 years as a project manager in Hong Kong working on quite a few of these high rise buildings but what a way to see them!

Well done - luckily I'm retired so I can spend hours watching your other panoramas!

Ian McKinnon, Malaysia

So many cities and countries and the images are awesome. Might I make a correction to the statue of liberty text, the statue of liberty is located in New Jersey not New York...sorry.

Lauterio Mascioli

Thank you, Lauterio, for your comment. ButiIt seems to us that you are wrong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Liberty

Awesome! These panoramic images are just amazing.
Thank you!!!

Andrea Licata, USA

Great work! O love everything you guys do. Also Mexico City have great panaramas views. Should visit Mexico City and also the pyramids in Cancun.

Gabriel Bravo, Mexico

Amaizing work,all the places I wanted to see and visit, now I can with you, thank you, and I look forward to the upcoming 3D panoramas. Also want to tell you that the Bosnia & Herzegovina also have panoramas interesting to see, even though it is a small country. Great job!

senka terzic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sou fotógrafo há 31 anos já conhecia esse trabalho com programas 360º, mas realmente os profissionais criaram imagens extraordinárias, perfeitas.Parabens pelo excelente trabalho.

Ivanês Lopes, Brazil

Awesome! I love your work. Best ever 3D. Way to go,I look forward to next and I hope that I see sometimes Czech.

Monika May, Czech Republic

Awesome work, thank you
for taking it and give this beautiful images to the world.
I can see the wonders earth has to offer.
Thank you

Pedro J. Mejía, Colombia

It is an amazing experience to views these panoramas. Wishing you all the best for your future assignments. I have already shared your work with others so that they too can experience this "outta this world" views, magically created by you guys. Thanks for making them. Also, if you may allow, can I use them for teaching in my classroom in school ?

Savita Mishra, India

Yes, you can but, please, note that you can not save panoramas to your local computer. You can view them online only. And If you like to use materials from the site AirPano.ru, please read about reference and citation rules: http://www.airpano.com/citations.php

Excellent work done. Master piece of photography.
After 50 years of my visit I was able to have a glimpse of Taj Mahal. What a monument?

I was able to confirm that across the Jamna River Shah Jehan was building another Taj Mahal for himself. That proves beyond doubt that all the allegations that he got the fingers and hands cut, were all totally wrong so that no body else will make another Taj Mahal, while he was making one for himself. All these allegations were to defame one of most outstanding work of Muslim architecture.
Your photogph shows clearly the opposite side across the river that preliminary work had been done when he passed away.
Thanks a lot. May Allah bless you.
Jazak Allah Khair.
Imtiyaz Desnavi
19 June 2012

Syed Desnavi, USA

Thanks a lot, Syed, for your message.

All I can say is, "Wow!" Your work is magnificent. It's the next best thing in getting to my dream destinations. I look forward to the wallpapers!!

Sandra Maalouf, USA

Stupendous job Oleg & both Sergeys!

My head was spinning when I was having fun with the curser. Ha! HA!
I felt like I was flying over different sites. I am definitely going to pass your work of art to others.
Keep up the good job.

Farah Bangash




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Congrats. I loved your site,its really wonderfull. It seems that i am on that place. This is awesome and thank you for your efforts.

Rajesh Sanaria, India

Very good to see the place, in 3D rotation, I always wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing your talents and making people feel good. Raj


amazing site.i not able to travel to these places so it lovely see this.congrats on wonderful site

caz wilson, United Kingdom

This is an unbelievable Website !!! All of you guys have spent a lot of time, money and efforts to create these photos. I really enjoy watching ...Thanks so much !!!

Cung Vo, USA

Brilliant, We work to sustain mother earth.we have earth photo's from NASA (satellite photos) airpano is miles ahead in detailing exact features . HATS OFF to patience and creative vision demonstrated. CARRY ON GOOD WORK...........save mother earth.

ameetsinh vaghela, India


Extremely beautiful and captivating photography. Would it be possible to send me an update when there are additions or when there is something interesting that you post on your site.

Hrishikesh Datar

Hrishikesh Datar, India

If you like, you can subscribe to our mail notifications following this link http://www.airpano.com/maillist.php?set_language=2

Fantastic concept, and its rendition! Trust the Russians to come up with something unique and long-lasting!!!
Much better than bombing civilians in Third World Countries!
All the best for the future!
~ rajeev
P.S.: Will you let me know when the wallpapers are available? Thanks!

Rajeev Joshi, India

Congratulations, for what you are doing. Many Thanks for all who can't travel. Hope you will make one of Cancun and Isla Mujeres.. in Mexico also...
Thanks again.

Veronik Fabregoul, Mexico

Dear Airpano,

God has given us the World and the Man. He has also given the PASSION to man. Hats off to your passion in making it possible for us to enjoy HIS creations.

Thanks, may you live million years to human memory.

Manas Kundu, India



THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.. What a gifft you have given me today....I am 60 and I was on the Victoria Falls Bridge with my parents at midnight on 31/01/1964 to celebrate my 11th birthday and witness the closing of the gates between the new country Zambia(till this point Northern Rhodesia)and Southern Rhodesia which became Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe.... Please keep using your God given gift of amazing Photography to bring more love joy and kindness in this sometimes sad world.

yannick Martin

first time heard of airpano.com through looking at facebook posted tajmahal.looking forward for other panoramic views.well done for giving joy to persons already viewed.

anilkumar jani, United Kingdom

I love this stuff! A friend just sent me a your link to site, now I owe him many thanks as well as your team for all this spectacular work!

Alan LaSalle, USA

Dear Airpano,

Thank you for your amazing work!! I can fly to many beautiful places without actually leaving home..simply brilliant!!
I love Airpano now.

Blanquita de Leon, Thailand

Amazingly beautiful work. Great job, thank you for all the great tours.

Molly Pratt, USA

Great great work.No words to appraise it.Gives panoramic view of the selected world places.Very very nice.....Keep it up dude.....

Aabid K, India

Hi, we are waiting your fabulous team here in Panama. We have beautiful places to shot. The Panama Canal, our rain forest among others, see you soon.I am totally agree with the guy from India. "1. "AWSOME" 2. "INCREDIBLE" 3. "AESTHETICALLY APPEALING"

Juan Almillategui, Panama

I went there on the mid 1980's. Flew in on AVENSA in a 727 and enjoyed watching the wing tip skirt below the edge on first the left side and then the right side of the plane. The camp was wonderful but crude. I took several dug-out canoe trips on the river. Took a local charter to go very close to the top. Watched the natives compete in blow gun contests. Even bought a blow gun that hangs in my office. I saw a black panther in the wild on the side of a trail. I should look up some of my photos.

Norman Strickland, USA

Incredible job guys!! Awesome!! All the best for future plans.

Akshay Chougule, India

Howdy! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good information you've gotten here on this post. I shall be coming again to your blog for more soon.
moto usagé

ShacerDemod SkyMrx, Latvia

Brings back many great memories

Jack Jennings, Mexico


I would say the work done it just too good. I am into Travel industry and these virtual tours would attract people to visit those places and actually see the beauty which you have shown in these panoramic view. Lovely... and Beautiful...

Nehal Shah, India

Thanks for sharing you opinion.

Incredibly amazing, guys! What a marvelous job you have done!

Viewing the films has made me feel like I was totally in the moment... experiencing and seeing every nook, cranny, waterfall, cloud, and mountain; feeling the breeze in my face, swimming with the fish, flying up in the air! What a creative way to show the beauty of earth, the wonders of nature. What a wonderful way to share the world to humanity! All the more you've whetted my appetite and desire to see more, to experience more of this beautiful world. Keep the films coming!

Kathleen Reguindin, Canada

Thank you very much, Kathleen, for you letter and your kind attention to us. We are happy about your opinion and that you liked the results of our job.

Merci du fond du coeur de me faire voyager avec des vues sublimes et en musique.
Ma santé me cloue en Bourgogne,(France)mais quel cadeau!!! MERCI,continuez à nous faire rêver,alors que d'autres nous détruisent.
Vous êtes le trait d'union des nations.Merci,sincères compliments.

bernard MARTIN, France

nice! i can tell this was important! good job!
Photosonix Luma 10

ShawnBlueda KristenShacer, Latvia

Stunning. Simply stunning. You need to go to Zion, Utah. Angels Landing. The landscape is magnificent and it's worthy of your incredible work.

Tom Bjelic, Canada

Dear airpano photography team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving me a wonderful experience. I salute to all of you for your work and passion for perfection. During and after taking the voyage, through Airpano web site, of our mother earth, following thoughts flashed in my mind, and all the credit goes to Team Airpano. a) I felt proud to be born on our mother earth. b) Felt the power of and vastness of nature. c) All the boundaries of religion, caste, creed, nationality dissolved. d) Realized the Evolution of mankind from cave man to today's super technology era. By the way, I am an engineer, working in Pune, Maharashtra, India and 'Photography as an Art form' is my hobby. I wish you best of health and best luck for your forthcoming projects.

Dilip Deshpande, India

Dear Dilip, we are happy to receive this message from you and we are extremely contented that our works could touch your soul. Thank you very much and we wish you all the best.

this is fantastic

susan peterson, USA

Love this!!!!!

Betty Lou walker, USA

great blog! ill be stopping back! do you mind if i share this?
home theater

RisaenBlue JaxBruce, Latvia

I'm speechless...
However I'm able to articulate A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!
Amaizing beautiful work you can totalky self-immerse in the panorama and the choice of music for each of them excellent!
10 out of 10.

Ana Smith, USA

Many thanks! You are really kind to us.

What a wonderful site. I spend a lot of time here. Thank you for you extrodinary effort

Margaret Gillies, Canada

This amazing world, really i enjoyed. Thanks to Team.

manjunath GS Manjunath, India

Congratulations for this outstanding and innovative project!
Amazing technology, great photos and also very educational.

Nagib M. Filho, Brazil

Nice to hear that. Regards!

I have never visited Chicago but after this wonderful view I can't want to plan a trip and use the one of Food
tours while I am there!

Sharon Mazurek, USA

I enjoy this very much. I would like to see Poland, If you could help. Thank you;

It used to be Germany and I was Born there. I have not seen any Pictures since I was 10

Thank you. S.Voller Miami,Florida

Sigrid R. Voller

99.9999% perfect!!!!...only thousands Chinese music to select for the HK tour (all 3 are Thai.!)

Liya Gao, China

Really fantstic Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
It´s a real wonder of nature!

Fernando Silveira, France

I really enjoyed the the views of N.Y.C. & Manhattan. My family & I spent many an Xmas season & and other occasions seeing the sites.

Seth Hazen, USA

Amazing World that We live in
But so sad that We all Don,t
Take care of her

Henry Whitehead, New Zealand

I am in awe!! How about the Rockies in Alberta, Lake Louise, Toronto, Montreal, Old Quebec city...

Suzanne Quenneville, Canada

Amazing photography. Always look for Canada but didn't find any. Niagara Falls, The Rockies, Peggy's Cove. Just a suggestion.

lynn vooro, Canada

Thanks a lot,it is an excellent proyect. I love it. Congratulations!

Maritza Olmos, Venezuela

Absoluut geweldig al deze beelden het is een groot genoegen om er naar te kijken.
Ga vooral zo door!!!
Dank aan allen

Thijs Raeijmaeckers, Netherlands

Thank you for these amazing view. It allows us to see things from a different perspective. When are visiting Singapore to put us on your amazing map?

Kieren Tan, Singapore

Thank you Air Pano, how beautiful! You have opened the eyes of the world to these fabulous sights even though we are sitting at our computers...excellent photos.

Shaon Staab, USA

I have flown over Grand Canyon, your pictures show the beauty I have experienced.
Thank you for sharing.

Carole Korade, USA

I exstreemly thanking you Air Pano,for showing us the beauty of the world.

ramakrishna dara, India

Realemente excelente, gracias por hacernos viajar a la distancia!!!!!!!!!, que lindo es nuestro mundo!!!!!!!

Guillermo Manzotti, Argentina

Excelente! Me encanta...muy interesante proyecto!

Nathaly Ramos, Dominican Republic

Geniallll Fantastico

Manueka Manuela, Spain

These are amazing shots. Thank you so very much for making them available to the world. Our world is truly a beautiful place. May we all help it to remain so. You should be very proud of your wonderful work!!

Margaret Fera, USA


dara ramakrishna, India

No word "Beautiful."

Minesh Doshi, India

Congratulations...!!! It is an excellent and very professional work ... I would like to see some sights of Mexico. What a joy it is to know our beloved land from that perspective...

Roberto Villegas Velázquez, Mexico

Mexico can be viewed either in December or in the beginning of 2013. Thanks for congrats!

êàêèå ÂÛ ìîëîäöû- ýòî ÷óäî!! ìàñòåðñòâî è âèäû!! ïîðàæåíà ñìåëîñòüþ ìóæåñòâîì è ïðèÿòíî ïîíèìàòü ÷òî ýòî òåïåðü äîñòóïíî âñåì Ñ Ï À Ñ È Á Î!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

natalia setford, Russian Federation


Tung Teh Hu, Hong Kong

i want to congratulate for such a wonderfull work! i do my self aerial photography in Mexico, and love to learn.

Ricardo Gomez Garrido, Mexico


Joyce Angell, USA

they are very beautiful

aliakbar damavandi, Iran

very nice image
thank you

razzagh salmani, Iran

Amazing job, spectacular panoramas! Would be great to have more Russian cities in the gallery!

Mikhail Mosesyan, USA

beautiful 3d photos
think next 3d photos will be Jerusalem .... mecca ....Petra (Jordan)
thanks for beautiful page

adel khalil, Russian Federation

Dear Mr. Gaponyuk:

Please would you like to be so kind and tell me the NAME of the song you played!! You have the finest, exquisite music taste!!! TOO! I am very much in love with the music and your photos!
I would try to greet you by phone. What time would be good? And ... would you like to have one ... tequila in my name to celebrate all your magnificent work?

In advance my very sincere thanks.

Luz Stella Perotti

Luzstella Perotti, USA

Hello, it's very easy to know about music. There are control buttons in the left bottm corner. Put your mouse over the "sound" button or over the "change melody" button. And you will see the title of the melody and its author. http://www.airpano.com/FAQ.php

Hello, Please you visit Indonesia and capture some beautiful panorama in Bali Island, Lombok Island, Raja Ampat-Papua, karimun Jawa, Bunaken Island, Komodo Island, Belitung Island, Seribu Island, etc. These spots are awsome.

Heli Setiawati, Indonesia

Hello guys.
Impressive unusual photography point of view. Very interesting birds perspective and absolutely hight performance optical quality.
I like to watch it on my iMac 27" very much.
Good luck with the project for the next future. The Earth has millions of greate places.
Big tribute to all the photo team members and of course to sponsors too, for such nice peaceful views.

JL Fox, Slovakia

Thank you for your wishes, we are touched by your message.

Your works are so extraordinary ones. I really love all photos.They are excellent and make me want be there sometimes. Can I save them in my file and use them in my face book timeline? I want others know and enjoy these all too. Thank you

Heli Setiawati, Indonesia

Dear Heli, Thank you for your warm words. Our panoramas can't be saved or downloaded. Only online viewing is available. If you would like to use the panoramas offline you need to buy them. You can use print screens or iFrame code for non-commercial purposes according to our citation rules: http://www.airpano.com/citations.php?set_language=2