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Epson International Pano Awards 2016


The winners of the most prestigious competition in panoramic photography Epson International Pano Awards have been announced. 13 works of AirPano are in the Top-20 of the VR/360 category and the winner is Oleg Gaponyuk with his underwater panorama of Pit Cenote in Mexico. 

Winner of the Epson International Pano Awards 2016

“The most beautiful country” photo contest


The final jury meeting of the Russian Geographical Society photo contest “The most beautiful country” took place on September 21. Sergey Semyonov was a member of the jury. Sergey Shoygu, Sergey Gorshkov, Konstantin Ernst, Oleg Tabakov, Elena Gagarina, Dashi Namdakov, Timur Bekmambetov, Ivan Kislov and Dmitry Vinogradov evaluated the works with him. 110 000 photos of Russia were presented to the contest. Winners in 12 nominations were selected and one more “Public chosen winner” nomination is put to the vote on the web-site of the contest. The winners will be awarded on September 24. The video report can be found on the First Channel web-site.

“The most beautiful country” photo contest

“The most beautiful country” photo contest

Golden Turtle 2016


We are happy that our photographers once again have become winners and finalists of the international wildlife photography contest Golden Turtle 2016. Dmitry Moiseenko — the winner of the Cup — was also presented a gift-book for his picture of a volcanic eruption in Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka, Russia in the category "Landscape". Sergey Shandin is a finalist in the category "Animals" with his photo of the giraffe. You are invited to visit the exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall "The Moscow Manege". It closes on August 21.

Sergey Shandin at the Golden Turtle festival

Dmitry Moiseenko at the Golden Turtle festival

Opening ceremony of "The most beautiful country" photo exhibition


Today the CEO of ‪‎AirPano‬ Sergey Semenov participated in the opening ceremony of the Russian Geographical Society photo exhibition, which consists of works of the winners and finalists of the "The most beautiful country 2015" contest. Sergey is also the member of the jury for this contest this year. These photos can be found in the Moscow metro at the "Vystavochnaya" station and will be hanging there till August 3.

Opening ceremony of

Workshop during Russian Photo Week‪


On the 14th of July in the frames of Russian Photo Week‪ AirPano‬ will be giving a workshop at the Gallery of Classical Photography (Moscow) from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Sergey Semenov is going to speak about VR, 360 technology and drones.

Sergey Semenov

The Russian Photo Week and 35AWARDS


The Russian Photo Week started yesterday, on July 7, in Moscow. In the frames of this event an exhibition of the works of winners in 35AWARDS - 100 Best Photos of 2015 is taking place. ‪AirPano‬ is amongst them. The exhibition is held at the Gallery of Classical Photography until 17 July. Come and see it for yourself!

Stas Sedov and Dmitry Moiseenko in front of our panorama of Raja Ampat

Trip Secrets festival


On 2nd July at the Trip Secrets festival in Moscow  you can watch our 360 videos from Kamtchatka on Samsung Gear VR. Entrance: free.

Trip Secrets festival

AirPano apps for Apple TV


Great news! We have launched 3 apps for Apple TV-2. Now our collection of the most beautiful parts of the world from a bird's view is available on the following applications: AirPano City, AirPano Nature и AirPano Night. Browse the App Store for them. Enjoy the view.

AirPano apps for Apple TV

Google Expeditions


Google Expeditions — an educational program that started not long ago and already has become very popular in child institutes all over the world — has finally issued and app for Android. There you may find ‪AirPano‬ panoramas. It is very pleasant when your work useful, especially for young researchers! Soon iPad and iPhone versions will be available.

AirPano in Google Expeditions

Museum of one photo


A "Museum of one photo" exhibition is taking place at VDNH, Moscow. Each week the exposition is changed with a new photo. This week is represented by the ‪#‎AirPano‬ panorama in the genre of "Aerial photo shoots". Hurry up and see it before July 3.

AirPano at the Museum of one photo

Stas Sedov in China


At the present Stas Sedov having been invited by the China State agency for tourism is overseeing the beauties of the Gansu province of the country. The Silk Road festival is taking place there. Gansu is one of the most gorgeous provinces in China. The Silk Road goes right through it. The province is famous for the Yueyaquan oasis in the desert, the ancient Jiayuguan Pass of the Great Wall, The Zhangye Danxia colored landforms.

"My Chinese journey continues. Up till now I have seen herds of camels, climbed to the top of a high barchan on top of which I saw a great view. I have also experienced a sand storm that changed into a storm with sand and rain. The Sleeping Buddha in a 45-meter high cave seriously impressed me". Stas Sedov, AirPano drone operator.

Stas Sedov in China

The Zhangye Danxia colored landformsChinese desert

AdMe Photo Awards 2016


Hurray! We have just found out that two of our photos won second place in the AdMe Photo Awards 2016. The jury liked the photo “Westerdok” by Stas Sedov in the “Travel happiness” category and the photo “How the ferries are seen off” by Oleg Gaponuyk in the “Our smaller brothers” nomination.

AdMe Photo Awards 2016

AirPano at the IVRPA Conference


The 11th international conference Québec 2016 — IVRPA Virtual Reality Photography & 360° Video Conference is starting today. The #AirPano team is being represented by Sergey Semenov and Andrey Sudarchikov. Sergey will comment on the specifics of 360° photo and video in the wild nature. He will share with other interesting moments of the life of AirPano. While Andrey, our computer and web expert, will present the new multipurpose Vrap player and conduct three workshops on the specialties of his activities.

Andrey Sudarchikov and Sergey Semenov at the IVRPA Conference

AirPano at the Global Arctic Awards exhibition


The Global Arctic Awards exhibition has opened today at the Photo Center on Gogolevsky Boulevard in Moscow. Best photos of the Arctic taken during the last two seasons by 70 photographers from 15 countries are presented there. You can also find AirPano masterpieces at this event.


Prize for winning EPSON International Pano Awards


Here it is! Our prize for winning The EPSON International Pano Awards. We got printer Epson SureColor SC-P600. Thank you, Epson! Сongratulations Dmitry Moiseenko!

Dmitry Moiseenko with the prize for winning the EPSON International Pano Awards

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