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I'm really fascinated by the panoramas you've made. Very well done, just superb, great, gorgeous !!!
Just a little recommendation: add the song by Frank Sinatra New York, New York to the panorama I love you New York
Thanks a lot again !

Alexander Samalov

Hi AirPano,

I saw the Cataratas del Iguazú (as we call Iguasu Fall) and I loved your work.
Ive been twice and Id go over and over again.

Best regards!


Verónica Travaini

AirPano: Thank you! In fact, I prepared a 4-meter pole, windy weather for the day, so I only use two 1-meter pole, until the weather is good I went to re-shoot it.

jacky cheng

Tower Hill Park in Chengdu, China - 9 days -3 panoramic roof

jacky cheng

Jacky, it looks good, but it is better to have 1-2 meter longer pole.

Todos muito lindo e encantador, trabalho.


Great, just great! Can't say more! )
I have a suggestion about a music: each view different music. ))

Evgeny Subbotsky

Very beautiful, the fhotos and nature pictures. Come to Brazil, to Natal city, because im a local police. All team member. Wellcome my city, to make photos in: Ponta negra, pipa beach, genipabu dunes and others.

Ivanaldo Rodrigues da Cunha

Thanks, Ivanaldo! Be sure that we’ll discuss the idea about your city.

That makes me dreaming of some of the places i`ve been and many where I want to go.
Thanks for your great job.


Gert Walker

It's amazing! you should go to Machu Picchu!

Miguel De La Cruz

Sure, Miguel! As soon will be in Peru!

i want se bahrain

brhomesh 123

may be...

Achei magnifico !como posso participar????

José Silva

Amei o trabalho de vocês, sinplesmente lindo.

Apenas como sugestão, o site poderia ter tradução para o Português ou Espanhou.



Nilde Souza

Fabulous web site amazing photography and videography software. Just Love It!! Way Cool Stuff :)

Steve Fry

Thanks, Steve!

Great website! I really like the images , thanks for sharing! there are many interesting places in south america: you should try to picture glaciar perito moreno(argentina) before global warming make it melt away.. ; lago titikaka en bolivia, ruinas de machu pichu en peru, the city of ushuaia in argentina (most southern city in the world).
greetings from argentina!!

Gabriel Damian

Thank you, Gabriel! Be sure to arrive in South America!

I really appreciate the work you do, many of his views made me fill with emotion.
Thank you for sharing your amazing work and allow us to know these places around the world.

Once again thank you!

Ramon Torres

Thank you, Ramon!

Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I'm shocked why this accident didn't happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

projektowanie wnętrz katowice projektowanie wnętrz katowice


jacky cheng


Adina Agmon

Um dos melhores trabalhos de fotos que já vi.
Continuem assim...

Abraços a todos você e que Deus abençôe.

Rodrigo Brasil - Santo André

Obrigado, Rodrigo!

Magnifico trabalho
Obrigada por mostrarnos tantas maravilhas

Elisabeth Brasileiro

Obrigado, Elisabeth!


Reference New York, I love you.
2011-05-26-chengdu-test: all the filming process is completely your own work. Next week will continue to improve the shooting.

jacky cheng

Good luck, Jacky Cheng!

I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You're amazing! Thanks!

Canteetet Canteetet

Hey!! Gracias por el trabajo de las Cataratas de Iguazú de Argentina, hace mas de 35 años que estuve ahí y esta es una de las formas de volver a estar, Excelente sin lugar a dudas.
Muchas Gracias.

Gabriel Lopez

Gracias, Gabriel!


Beautiful sceneries from Iguassu Falls. Thank you for allowing us to travel with you around our own country!
Congratulations for such a beautiful work!
Silvia Rehder

Maria Rehder

Chengdu, the city is often foggy. You see my picture taken a lot of Chengdu, the weather is not good. Sunny weather is not very good and often foggy. But good weather or some of the sun. O (∩ _ ∩) O Oh ~

jacky cheng

Thank you for giving me suggestions! I Qiangzai the shooting about a new experiment. I have most of the time each year in China, Chengdu, and some time in Beijing. If you to Chengdu or Beijing, I am glad to see you, we have the opportunity to know each other and can communicate and share panoramic photography technology.

jacky cheng


After reading New York, I love you ... Yesterday, I did the shooting test. Please guide us. O (∩ _ ∩) O Thank you.

jacky cheng

Very nice work! You may try to use longer pole(3-4 meters). In this case you will need to rotate the pole with camera. You are doing 360 shot so it does not really matter where the zenith and nadir is going to be.

Excelente trabajo. Felicitaciones!!!

Lorena Coto

Gracias, Lorena!

wonderfull job. Incredible. Thank you indeed

miguel angel pintado lago

This panoramic picture is perfect.


jacky cheng

You have a really good works. We like this one for example http://www.360cities.net/image/panorama-4a-my-car-chengdu#419.30,-5.10,70.0 THe problem is that there are lots of similar panoramas. You may want to try something unusual. For example try to shot panorama in traffic jam or dynamic panorama while the car is moving. Probably you will need somedoy who will help you. You may need to use Photoshop extensively if you shot while the car is moving. We have been twice in Chengdu. Very nice city but both times it was some kind of fog. We were told that it is quite normal for your city. Is it truth?

See you in New York in 2010, Millennium Hotel, take panoramic pictures taken very good! I also read your website the other panoramic image is very good! I am concerned about your site last year and works in the future I will continue to pay attention.
I am a panoramic photographers from China, I started in 2001, the commercial production of panoramic pictures, now, I take panoramic pictures are mainly entertainment:). I shot some pictures published in: http://www.360cities.net/profile/landeshow.
I also love to shoot some panoramic images difficult, such as the Millennium Hotel in New York your kind of shooting panoramic pictures.
http://www.360cities.net/image/panorama-2011-04-04-11-chengdu # 59.83,6.39,70.0
Hope that you can see more of your excellent work. Learn from you! :)

jacky cheng

Thank you for the wonderful work that you guys (and girls) did. It is a pleasure to see the fantastic places that you have seen, photographed and shared with the rest of the planet. Perhaps if you shared your techniques, more people could get involved with your project and show the rest of the world that this beauty should be treasured by all. Thank you again!

Edgar Schuchardt

Thank's Edgar! Techniques gradually share: Spherical panoramas night shooting using external pole

Stunning photography and clever navigation techniques. Brilliant idea! Hope to see more of your work as the years go by!
Is this the future of 'armchair travel'??!!
Ignore the grumpy argentinos!
Loved the tango montage ... I used to live in BA.
Keep up the superlative visuals! Michael

Michael Poynor

Thanks, Michael!

i want to know how to make it?

mohd alkuwari

Dear Mohd, it is a quite complecated task, but we are going to write some articles about panorama shooting technique. Here is the first article which describes how to create panoramas from the outside of window.

You did a wonderful work!
The virtual tour of St. Petersburg made me fall in love with this town <3
Id love to get to know what song you used for it. Its incredibly beautiful and Id be really happy if you could help me find it.
Again: You do an amazing job!
Many greetings from germany and spasibo bolshoe!

Stefanie S

Thanks, Stefanie! This is a song from the movie "Gangster Petersburg" - "A city which does not". The author - Igor Korneluk. Look on YOUTUBE...

Beautiful pictures for the Iguazu falls, but the music is Brazilian, it is called
Brasil, Meu Brasil...Brasileiro
This leads to confusion, many people think that the Iguazu falls belong only to Brazil so please change the music. Regards.


please correct a typo in word "Brooklyn" :)


Thank you very much. It has been fixed!

very nice!

Aref Alfahoum

great, great, great website. Million thanks for sharing our world. buenos aires argentina.


Thank you Fernanda, we'll keep creating a new tours!


How can I work for Airpano?
there is beautiful places in Brazil to photograph, as well interest companies on that services.

Gilson Pilger
A developer system in brazil

Gilson Pilger

Dear Gilson, we have answered to your email address


I am Brazilian and I have had the opportunity to visit the Iguazu Falls. I really want to thank the work of Airpano, who did a great job here in Brazil. The images of Iguazu Falls were phenomenal. Congratulations!

Gilson Pilger
A developer systems


Thank's Gilson!

Fantastico trabajo, si puedes fotografiar mi Pais Cuba, y en especial la habana

Mario Jose hernandez Vazquez

the link of iguasu falls is not working (404) !!!


Very good but you are an ignorant. The falls belong are not only to Brasil. Half are from ARGENTINA!!!
How about playing a TANGO instead!
Muy bueno pero sos un ignorante. Las cataratas no son solo de Brasil!
La mitad son de ARGENTINA!!!


Guys, what's wrong with you? We had lots of complaints from Argentinians about this tour (you can imagine there was no complaints from Brazilians). We changed title of the tour and title of all windows to "Iguassu falls, Argentina-Brazil, virtual tour", we changed map to show what view points are located on the Argentinian side. So I don't think the word "ignorant" is about us. You probably have to think that music is international treasure and has no borders. We use English music on our Russian tours and nobody cries. We are not going to use Tango on this tour because it does not fit the situation. It's a "city" music. Porbably we'll try to find something you may like.

Awesome! And I´d like to see Paris, France.


Dear Deise, we will definetely create a Paris tour sometimes. Right now we just want to say sorry that we don't have all interesting places on our website yet.

Mooooooy bueno!!!
Felicidades. Esperamos por más lugares.
General Roca (RN) - Argentina


Amaaaazing !!!
From San Rafael - Mendoza - Argentina

Federico Eiras

Maravillosamente Fantasticas!!!!

carmen estrada

Very nice - but disapointed to see Buenos Aires Tango. Please do one of the city, not the tango!


Dear Alicia, we would love to do more Argentinian cities. Unfortunately we can't travel 365 days in a year. But I really hope we will be able to visit your beautiful country again.

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing so much beauty with the world!


Thank you, Paula! Glad you enjoyed it!

muito intersante!, é como viajar sem sair de casa!!!!

antonio fernandes

fantastic, thanks !


Amazing places and an outstanding website . Keep up this good project

Cláudio Orestes do Nascimento

Nice work, recomended!


Por favor,Paris, Rome


Dear Fernando, we will definetely create a Paris and Rome tours sometimes. Right now we just want to say sorry that we don't have all interesting places on our website yet.

Amazing project. Congratulations!


keep up the great work!
I would love to see Bodensee (Lake Constanze) some day

Scott Hur

May be! German is a very beautiful country and we have to do some work there!



You make my imagination fly. Thank you so much for this amazing work. Could you add something about 9th o f July Avenue and Obelisk in Buenos Aires? Thanks!

Santo Loquasto

Great job! Congratulations!...of course traveling is better, but you launch our mind across the world, so THANKS A LOT!


Thank you, Mimi! Have a pleasant journey!

Viajar eh muito bom.... melhor ainda eh voltar pra casa !

Gilberto Pacheco Venancio

Viajar é muito bom... melhor é voltar pra casa !

Gilberto Pacheco Venancio

Lindas fotos! Parabéns!

Curitiba - Paraná - Brasil


Congratulations from Athens, Greece!


Amsterdam the Netherlands


Chapeau bas !


Fantastic as usual. Hey Mary don't be in a "bud" mood" - just joking ....

Veronica Baker

Excelente pagina, las fotografías espectaculares.

Matias P

Melhor site da internet.


Amazing photos, you did a great job, congratulations =) - Rio de Janeiro/ RJ - Brazil

Carlos Vinicius Esch

Thank you very much! You are always welcome to our pages.We are going to add to our website much more virtual tours.

The music, very well selected, is "Brasil", whose author is also from Brasil: Ari Barroso. But the Waterfalls belongs to both countries: Brasil and Argentina.


Sorry if you did not like the music. We'll try to find something suitable for both Brazilian and Argentinean.

From distant Argentina: Fantastic!, Outstanding! So many thanks to you to allow such a special view of OUR falls!


simply beautiful images, congratulations everyone who worked on this

By the way, does anybody knows the name of the music which is played on the site?

Jonas Lavarini

Excelente las Cataratas del Iguazu, pero los saltos pertenecen a ARGENTINA, e Brasil solo hay 2 saltos...deberian corregirlo Gcias


Excelente trabajo, maravillosas fotografias, en su viaje a torres del paine, no olviden reservar tiempo para San Pedro Atacama y su valle de la luna


Amazing site, good job all of you :)


Too great! Congratulations from China!

jacky cheng

Thank's Jacky!

Amazing work!!
Greatings form Hungary!

my panos: www.kerekterek.hu

Istvan Takacs

Nice panos. Good luck in your project

Great airpanos
Great job


Frank FEyder

Good luck in your great www.360grad.lu project

beautiful thank you for sharing can i join you on the next journey?


amazing view
i want to save this and used
when iam in bud mood.
thank you from greece


Awesome photos!!!


Beautiful Images

Check out

Thank's for the sharing. It could be useful info for us.

Hello Andrei, I, too, attended LIKI in Leningrad. Pls contact me above email. Best rgds



Congratulations on the job. The places are really wonderful and deserve to be seen around the world. Thank you. Selmo from Cascavel/Paraná - Brazil

Thank you very much! Our expedition to Brazil was one of our most memorable trip.

I had the pleasure of taking Mike and Oleg up at Lake Powell and Monument Valley in my helicopter. The photos are amazing. Great work!

Hi, Maria! Sorry for my bad english, but It seems that you had double pleasure, because you left two messages here... :) Oleg.

I had the pleasure of taking Mike and Oleg up at Lake Powell and Monument Valley in my helicopter. The photos are amazing. Great work!

I am traveling with this wondering pics... Hope be there soon


Maravilloso es el poder de Dios

Minor Camacho C




F.Sadi Gucum

Классные фотографии, и вобшеее, унеси меня ветер куданибуть в эти красоты, Спасибо большое, приятно даже дома было сидя такое увидать


Thank you very much for your answer and all another photos of Rio. What can I say except "wow". Photos are fantastic. Once again thank you. Best regards from Poland


I never get bored to see Rio everyday but this awesome images makes me very proud of my home town. Congratulations for this great site!


Albary - RJ

Awesome works! Awesome places! Thank you very much!

P.S. Завидую белой завистью)


очень красиво
завораживает, спасибо что Вы дарите нам исключительно положительные эмоции :)


Congratulations on your superb work.

Joao Santos

Спасибо, совершенно непередаваемые ощущения, вы молодцы!

Александр Коваленко