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Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Namibia - AirPano.com • 360 Degree Aerial Panorama • 3D Virtual Tours Around the World
Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Namibia

Price List

Plain image files


Plain image files 

(non 360 image or crop from the 360 panorama; examples),

Image size by longest side Price in EUR *
3500 px (30 cm, 12 inches) 250
4700 px (40 cm, 16 inches) 300
7000 px (60 cm, 24 inches) 350
8800 px (75 cm, 30 inches) 400
10600 px (90 cm, 35 inches) 450
12000 px (100 cm, 40 inches) 510
13800 px (115 cm, 46 inches) 580
15300 px (130 cm, 51 inches) 650
18000 px (150 cm, 60 inches) 720
21200 px (180 cm, 70 inches) 800

 - The price for the unique shots or extra large images can be increased up to 100%.

* - Special price for commercial usage is applied.

If you need images greater than 180 cm wide please look at this collection and send request to info@airpano.com. We have a range of ultra high resolution images including gigapixel panoramas. The price for ultra high resolution images is negotiable. 

To see our photographs please visit the Photogallery.

You can order a print at
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Full 360x180 panorama files

Full 360x180 panorama files
 Image size: 6000x3000px  14000x7000px  18000x9000px  6000x3000px 14000x7000px 18000x9000px 

Nonexclusive single usage
1 year license
Nonexclusive time unlimited license for multiple usage within one project
 Category  EUR
Regular location 500 900 1050 900 1900 2200
Unique or expensive location 700 1200 1300 1200 1900 2200

To check the quality of 6000x3000 panorama please download the test file (12 Mb);

To check the quality of 14000x7000 panorama please download the test file (60 Mb);

To check the quality of 18000x9000 panorama please download the test file (95 Mb);

* - Not all panoramas are available in size 18000x9000 px. Please send request to info@airpano.com or complete the form above to check the maximum available size of panorama. 

Video files


Video files (plain, 360° and converted from 360° photo panoramas)
 Category Price per one second (EUR)
360° video in 4K 60 (minimal order is 1300 €)
360° video in 8K * 100 (minimal order is 1300 €)
Plain HD video 40
Converted HD video * 40 (minimal order is 400 €)

We sell videos without sound. If you want to get video with music, there will be additional cost for license of chosen song.

* - Some 360° videos are available in 8K resolution. Complete the form below or send request to info@airpano.com to check availability.

** - We can convert our 360° photo panoramas into HD video. Examples of such conversion can be found here.  

Click here to see the example of our 360° HD video (4K). Please note that the powerfull computer is required to see HD preview. For other users lower resolution (2K) example of 360° video is available here.

* - Nonexclusive multiple world wide usage for 1 year adds 50% to the base price;

* - Nonexclusive time unlimited usage adds 50% to the base price;

* - Commercial usage adds 100% or more to the base price;

* - Up to 20% discount could be applied if ordered more than 3 panoramas. All discount are the subject of negotiation.



There are two ways to pay:

1. PayPal invoice will be issued for you;
2. The bank transfer invoice will be issued for you by our representative in Switzerland. 


After successful payment a final digital file will be put to our FTP for downloading. We can provide TIFF or JPEG with best quality files.

All our 360 videos saved as separate frames-files with size 4096x2048. We can provide any bitrate you may require, as well as output format.