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2013-11-03 19:15:25

"Absolut Klasse. Ein Glückstreffer, hier auf dieser Seite angekommen zu sein."

- Waltraud Clasen, Germany

2013-11-02 02:24:34

"Gostei muito! Parabéns!!!! Estou com expectativa de iniciar a trabalhar com Video 360 - Muito bom!!!!"

- Romeo Campos AbelhaDigital, Brazil

2013-11-02 00:38:53

"I use your videos extensively in our adult learning programmes. It is just beautiful and so inspiring, as well as giving our learners (who all come from very disadvantaged backgrounds) the opportunity to see places they would otherwise never even know about. Thank you!!!"

- Jacqueline Klem, South Africa

AirPano: Thank you very much, Jacqueline! 

2013-10-31 17:23:25

"Best described in one word "Magic ""

- Louis Ryan, Ireland

2013-10-30 19:03:36

"I love the music you chose for the Matterhorn Panorama."


2013-10-29 16:42:03

"Eine wunderbare Seite! Meine Hochachtung. Endlich mal was zum Chillen am PC. Bitte weitermachen und danke für die schönen Eindrücke."

- Gudrun Bratz, Germany

2013-10-28 01:11:45

"Beautiful site, wonderful pictures, thank you!"

- Sonja Dancheva, Macedonia

2013-10-27 19:12:29

"I love your panoramas and will embed some into my blog for old photographers who no longer roam the world.It's almost like being there. Thanks so much!"

- Marlene Hutchison, USA

AirPano: Thank you, Marlene! You and your blog readers are always welcome!

2013-10-27 14:41:20

"Very beautiful pictures! Good Job!"

- Cri R, Italy

2013-10-27 07:19:33

"Thank You, for the beautiful pictures in all the beauty."

- Michael De Loach, USA

2013-10-26 13:42:11

"great work.."

- Nikunj Dangariya, India

2013-10-25 21:42:15

"Absolutely amazing. I teach World History and your site is a marvel. Being able to show so many significant places in a new way to my students, fantastic. I used the Machu Picchu site today and they were in awe, far better than any traditional photographs could accomplish."

- Chris Wilbur, USA

AirPano: Thank you, Chris! It's nice that you use our panoramas in education!

2013-10-24 13:44:01

"in one sentence ,your site is extraordinary."

- mahdi ghafarnezhad, Iran

2013-10-24 02:34:01

"I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experience our world in such a breathtaking and extraordinary way. Thank you, with all of my heart, for embarking on this endeavor and sharing it with us. Many of us will never have the chance to see most of these places. Many of us never knew we shared this Earth with them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know something of the people, places, and what we are actually a part of. This opens up a dialogue toward truly knowing our history, and our place in the cosmos. What a magnificent blessing, thank you!"

- Heidi Gilmore, USA

AirPano: Thank you very much, Heidi! We are so glad to read this! Hope to see you here again!

2013-10-23 10:51:54

"Something good.Something wonderful.Something amazing.Something new!!"

- Derek Woodman, United Kingdom

2013-10-21 12:43:32

"Hy, your work is amazing! Could you please make a video from Jerusalim ? All the best!"

- Mihai Pascu, Romania

2013-10-20 14:02:27

"AWESOME. A lot of effort has been put in and is appreciated. What about funding"

- krishnaswamy rajagopalan, India

2013-10-19 16:01:31

""thank you so very much * BEAUTIFUL" AWESOME WORK""

- Jonathan & Joan Branch, USA

2013-10-18 10:19:45

"I could see the Causeway from Singapore to Malaysia - and memories of when my husband and I walked across. That was 1995. Wonderful to see the world through the eyes of others. Thank you!"

- Marny Fair-Fischer, USA

2013-10-17 08:44:26

"Hello, I wish all the Geography classes around the world can show your work - that would make this class so much more interesting! Is here a pilot among your team? Or do you hire local helicopter company to take you up in the sky to do these shots? Many of your work were done on blue sky day. Do you check the weather forecast before hand, before you fly to a spot and begin shooting video? Karina"

- Karina Yen, USA

AirPano: Dear Karina, usually we photograph from a helicopter, however at times we use light jets, dirigibles, hot air balloons, and radio-controlled helicopters. We rent helicopters and we have our own RC pilot. Every shooting is a serious expedition, where we wait for the right weather and light.

2013-10-16 23:23:08

"I am thrilled to have found your site. I teach a World Language and Cultures class and I cannot wait to show them the castle in Germany. I plan on using this site for several more "visits"."

- katie Hollis, USA

2013-10-10 02:41:49

"Hola! Lindísimas fotos! Nuestro mundo es precioso; luchemos por mantenerlo y no destruirlo! FELICITACIONES... Hi! Beautiful pictures! Our world is precious; we must fight to maintain it and not destroy it! CONGRATULATIONS!"

- Muriel Prieto, Sweden

2013-10-08 19:05:03

"This site is fantastic. I stumbled onto it by accident and will now save it as one of my "favorites". Good job. Keep up the good work. Loren Wilkinson from Plano, Texas, USA..."

- Loren Wilkinson, USA

2013-10-07 17:48:39


- Major Cobbon, United Kingdom

2013-10-07 06:48:31

"If there is or will be any award for best photography should be given on this entire planet, it must be dedicated to none other than AIRPANO Team, wonderful, marvelous, awesome......all the best. Sayed Masood, India"

- Masood Sayed, India

AirPano: Dear Masood, thank you for your kind words! You're always welcome!

2013-10-06 17:52:54

"meraviglioso e spettacolare, viaggi seduto in poltrona,anzi meglio che viaggiare!"

- giuseppe sebastianelli, Italy

2013-10-03 12:30:48

"This is the most beautifull and fascinating experience I've had with the computer machine ;). I can't express how great your work is, guys, you make a lot of people happy, well done and thank you :)"

- Jana Baird, United Kingdom

AirPano: Thank you very much, Jana! It's nice to read it!

2013-10-02 02:54:12

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work. Wish I could help."

- Andy Reti, USA

2013-10-01 05:21:13

"Hello guys you are a blessing to a lot of pple that cant travel at this moment and you' ll give them an opportunity to see the world! I am Herma Andela from Gouda Holland having a LDR Long Distance Relationship for 3,5 years with Alex Nazario from Daly city San Francisco. We cant be together yet but will be in 2014. Through this video' s its like we travel the world together as we see them in our pc on the site and go view them together, he there in SF, I here in Gouda Holland. Its like we travel the whole world together amusing and the ask sign is also wonderfull, so we can learn from it too! ;-) Thank you very much for the awesome work you- do Keep on going GBY! You bless a lot of others with that!"

- Herma Andela, Netherlands

2013-09-30 08:12:20

"Bloody marvelous mate. Do you need someone to carry your bags, if so Iam your man top job keep it up if you can. Bullyboy Cairns Australia."

- Garth Bull, Australia

2013-09-26 22:23:10

"atlicinaia !"

- vasile stan, Romania

2013-09-25 01:36:03



2013-09-24 14:24:31

"Its reallyawesome.Plsmade it for india also.."

- Deepak Karma, India

2013-09-23 12:09:04

"This is extremely extremely cool! Wishing the team all the best"

- Ankit Shrivastava, India

2013-09-23 11:05:27

"Hi There, How about some views of Cape Town PLEASE ? Thanks"

- Austin Acker, Australia

AirPano: Dear Austin, here you can see virtual tour of Cape Town:

2013-09-22 23:43:48

"This is a fantastic resource. I just retraced my steps through St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) in July 1982)! Thanks for making this so easy to use."

- William Hay, USA

2013-09-22 08:04:04

"Really Saint Petersburg is an very beautiful and unique city, with much history and rich culture. Cordial greetings from Lima, capital of Peru, and congratulations to Russia."

- Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Peru

2013-09-22 00:26:08

"Extraordinary work! Fantastic and unique! Watching them made me live again in a lot of places i've visited. Thank you for this!"

- Apostolos Schoinas, Greece

2013-09-21 03:16:13

"Just fantastic, subhan allah"

- abdelrahman ahmed, Egypt

2013-09-17 04:51:21

""I will lift up my eyes unto the hills...." That and your video says it all. Wonderful piece of work..."

- Mary Morris, USA

2013-09-16 12:42:50

"Amazing! I really enjoy it! The very best! The best hour spend in my PC during my insomnia! Congratulations to all!"


AirPano: Thank you, Alejandro! We're very glad to read this!

2013-09-16 01:53:36

"fantastic site .friend sent this to me . loved it . THANKS"

- John Credeur, USA

2013-09-13 01:52:30

"I love your site. I enjoy so much with the virtual tour."

- Gabriela La Guardia, Honduras

2013-09-07 13:40:47

"Fantastic photography, just wish I could get a fish eye picture of Sydney Harbour for a screen save. Looking forward to more Australian photos"

- Dick Smith, United Kingdom

2013-09-07 07:40:57

"This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen!! The picture is so high resolution , it makes you feel as if you are actually there!! This is amazing keep going guys!!"

- Chika Nnadiekwe, Australia

AirPano: Dear Chika, thank you for your kind words! You're always welcome!

2013-09-05 18:56:29

"I have never been so amazed to see a new photographic technique, all the aerial panos are absolutely beautiful. The 360 videos are stunning, would love to see a proper behind the scenes and maybe even going over the gear you use to achieve it. As a hobbyist photographer myself, this might be the most awesome job I could imagine, keep it up!"

- Nikolay Zorov, United Kingdom

AirPano: Thank you for your message, Nikolay! We're glad that you like our project.

2013-09-04 22:44:41

"Congratulations I don't have words to describe what I see. Very good jobs."

- Jean-François THEBIRD, France

2013-09-03 21:10:58

"Geweldig om te genieten wat een mooie vredige Wereld als dat zou kunnen. dank je wel voor al dat MOOI.S"

- pierre bosems, Netherlands

2013-09-02 20:17:30

"fantastic site , congratulation excellent photos. I´m from Lefkosia -CYPRUS. You must come to "Beautiful CYPRUS"

- Yiannos Nicolaou, Cyprus

2013-09-02 05:34:27

"simply stunning.. I have no idea how you did the video ones... amazing.. any chance of doing some of Ireland? :)"

- Rory Brandon Byrne, Ireland

2013-08-30 10:00:56

"Ossssaaaam ! Superb ..... I have no words to explain .... I have never visited to Delhi Akshardham but wanted to visit before view 360 degree panorama on your site. I am very much thankful to you for the excellent work done by you. Even if i visit the site , i will not able to see through your angles. Once again, thanks a lot...... JAI SWAMINARAYAN !"


2013-08-30 01:30:34

"Beautiful photographic work! You have the best job ever. I'll tell everyone I know. Keep it up. Thank you."

- Richard Coonse, USA

AirPano: Thank you, Richard! You and your friends are always welcome!

2013-08-29 04:12:04

"Thank you so much for this virtual trip around the world."

- Patricia Awisus, USA

2013-08-29 00:52:05

"By far the best pics I have ever seen on internet. I wonder how you are funding this endevour....awesome as it may be , but it must be bloody expensive. Anyhow, it is great plesant surprise from Russia."

- nou alv, Pakistan

2013-08-28 23:46:41

"whaj i cant see CRAOTIA ???"

- martin gradicek, Croatia

2013-08-27 05:14:09

"fantastic site , congratulation excellent photos. I´m from Guatemala Central,América. spañish Fantastico sitio, congratulaciones,fotografías excelentes,Soy de Guatemala centro américa"

- frank velarde, Guatemala

2013-08-26 10:54:26

"i will photos of iran"

- mehdy sharify, Iran

2013-08-23 18:07:53

"One of the finest photo sites I've ever seen on the internet! Congratulations, and keep up the good work!"

- Alessandro Ohde, Brazil

AirPano: Thank you, Alessandro! It's nice that you think so! We'll be glad if you visit our site again!

2013-08-23 14:03:39

"I like this website very much, and I am going to show this website to my family and friends. The virtual tour is excellent, and the music creates a beautiful atmosphere that fits to the place. You must come to Israel and do virtual tour in Jerusalem or Haifa."

- Nathan Shvarts, Israel

AirPano: We were trying, but government of Israel hasn't permitted shooting.

2013-08-21 21:45:58

"Fantastic fantastic fantastic!!!! Thank you once again for taking me down memory lane and remembering my visit to Rome and Istanbul, along with my dear mother. All the very best to the Airpano team. :)"

- Fren Bill, India

2013-08-20 01:49:17

" majora"

- Giovanni Epifano, Italy

2013-08-19 22:26:01

"excellent work...thanx"

- rajendra kumar muduli, India

2013-08-19 14:55:02

"What a great thing you are creating! Being able to 'visit' some of my favourite places in the world with such reality takes my breathe away and gives new life to great memories. Keep up the amazing work .. your passion is contagious!"

- Tammy Mariano, Canada

AirPano: Many thanks, Tammy! We're glad to read this! 

2013-08-17 10:05:40


- 有庠 项, China

2013-08-16 21:00:27

"Excellent job Guys,"

- Peter Paul, India

2013-08-13 22:41:29

"Hey, You all guys are doing excellent job. I don't know, if someone is paying for you, how much you are earning from this, but this is amazing | mindblowing. I felt stunned when I see balloon traveled to Stratosphere. hah! beautiful."

- Varad Soneji, India

AirPano: Thank you, Varad! You're always welcome!

2013-08-13 19:10:21

"Thanks for bringing the wonders of the world for all to enjoy. I can't wait to show this to my grandchildren. The world is amazing, and the work you've done is simply Awesome. I thank you!"

- Michael Hicks, USA

AirPano: Dear Michael, thank you! Hope your grandchildren will like our panoramas!

2013-08-13 17:20:09

"it is a fantastic experience to me and my kids"


2013-08-12 21:31:56

"i engoyed a lot"

- shlomit gelis-terner, Israel

2013-08-11 02:58:38

"Muchas gracias. Yo que tengo dificultades para caminar esta es una forma de poder conocer el mundo desde mi casa. Algo maravilloso!!"

- Marite Salvat, Argentina

2013-08-10 11:51:49

"Absolutely Great"

- Suzanne Smedley, United Kingdom

2013-08-08 20:48:39

"Thank you so much for bring us to those amazing places, so we can know places without even go there. Again thank you so much, keep doing this amazing work."

- Miguel Frias, Mexico

2013-08-07 03:41:15

"There are soooooo many beautiful, breath taking places on our planet and you truly showed me some today. Thank you for the wonderful photos!!!"


AirPano: Many thanks, Gail! We'll be glad if you visit our site again!

2013-08-06 22:35:24

"I know we are only small but why no panoramas of Britain, we do have some great scenery in Wales and Scotland you know. But you are doing a great service. I had not traveled much until I found your site and bow I have been all over the world!!!"

- Gordon Russell, United Kingdom

AirPano: Thank you, Gordon! We will try to shoot panoramas in your country also!

2013-08-06 16:43:04

"These pictures are amazing and I can not get enough of them!!!"

- Albert Haines, USA

2013-08-06 07:20:34

"Êðàñèâî ñäåëàíî. Ñïàñèáî!"

- Dale Stevens, USA

2013-08-06 04:01:53

"Thank you AirPano for the great great pictures and vistas!! You are doing an amazing job here! Thanks for letting me visit the places I've been to and the ones that I'll for sure visit someday! The music used on each of these landscapes is awesome. Keep up the great work!!"

- Ana Ferrara, Argentina

AirPano: Dear Ana, thanks a lot! We will be very glad if you visit our site again!

2013-08-05 01:28:42

"I can't wait to come and see in person! My twelve year old wants to come over,too. Thank You so much for the pictures."

- Joni Tharp, USA

2013-08-02 22:11:20

"Keep up the hard work it is great. One issue android devices are not able to play the video because the videos are played by adobe flash player. Can u send it in a format that can be played on android devices thanks"

- Azad Sultan, USA

2013-08-02 13:31:09

"amazing work!"

- Kimberley Dhaenens, Belgium

2013-08-02 12:09:25

"Thank You!! words to express :)..i am amazed. Good Luck :)"

- Arun Kashyap, India

2013-07-31 21:32:53

"Πάρα πολύ ωραία σελίδα..........Φανταστικό θέαμα."

- Παπαδο& μΑΡΊΑ, Greece

2013-07-29 17:48:01



2013-07-29 09:47:56

"This is just awesome... amazing work!!! all the best for next!!"

- Dipakk Polekar, India

2013-07-27 15:06:36


- umesh Chandak, India

2013-07-23 20:48:01

"Felicitations extraordinaire photos et videos, sans vous il nous serais impossible de voir ca en 3D Bravo"

- Jacques Proulx, Canada

2013-07-23 00:58:09

"Thank you for this beautiful visual of one of God's masterpieces. Breathtaking is an understatement. I will be in this area in October, and after viewing the visual, I cannot wait to see it in person. Many thanks for this gift."

- Maria Oliveri, USA

AirPano: Thank you, Maria! Get ready to the next flights with AirPano!

2013-07-21 23:47:43

"Eine wunderbare Seite, ich liebe die Bilder. vielen Dank für eure Arbeit. çàìå÷àòåëüíûé ñàéò, ÿ ëþáëþ ôîòîãðàôèè. Ñïàñèáî âàì çà âàøó ðàáîòó."

- Peter Wermer, Germany

2013-07-19 00:30:38

"Hi. your pictures are nice.but why don,t you have any picture from IRAN?"

- yasin y, Iran

2013-07-17 17:13:52

"Dear all, i would say all panos, thank you very much for such extraordinary art. i would be happy to see some of your snaps like how do you capture bird eye images. Hats off to all.."

- Hiren Patel, India

2013-07-17 17:05:18

"I will like to come for the sight seeing.."


2013-07-16 13:09:13

"I honestly not getting the correct words to express, but it's really amazing and thanks a ton to all you people out there who worked really hard from concept stage to the visualisation and only thing is i wish you could have provided a lighter version that is downloadable which people like me can carry on our mobiles or laptops or desktops where network availability is lacks and which soothes the body and sole. congrats and keep it up."

- amn andz, India

AirPano: Thank you! Unfortunately we can't provide downloading panoramas. But you can see our panoramas on iPhone and iPad.

2013-07-15 22:04:51

"Fantasticas suas fotos.Gosto muito de ver seus trabalhos São magníficos Parabens"

- Elisabeth Brasileiro, Brazil

2013-07-15 18:53:34

"It's completely amazing! I've loved all panoramas in South-America, these are indescribably beautiful. I'm sad, because it's impossible to shooting at us. I'd be very happy and grateful, if there would be panoramas in Japanese nature, I think that is impressive too. Thank you for all!"

- Jael Sharatt, Israel

AirPano: Jael, thank you for your kind words! You can try to add Japan in our plans in the link below:

2013-07-14 14:25:43

"I have been in the virtual tour business for 8 years and I just wanted to congratulate you on the best I have ever seen Well done. Regards Femi"

- femi omomo, United Kingdom

AirPano: Thank you, Femi! Nice to hear it from you!

2013-07-14 01:45:16

"I like a lot of projects coming in every week you wait to see your beautiful new application from the hard work and thank Qshngtvn. And I wish you success. Always be frisky."

- aliakbar izanloo, Iran

2013-07-12 06:13:27

"Awesome views....I love it!!!"

- Patricia Moore, USA

2013-07-11 23:08:39

"love your pictures would love pictures of macedonia to show the world!!!"


2013-07-11 02:32:52

"Guzel calisma.Good job. Thank you"

- Murat ONAY, Turkey

2013-07-07 17:25:02


- Salam Bahadur, Saudi Arabia

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