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World / South America / Argentina / Argentina's Tango. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's Tango. Buenos Aires, Argentina

      Tango has millions of the fans and very many styles. So, there is Finnish Tango, though it's difficult to imagine how the severe Northern people do this with hot passion. But the most famous tango is the Argentinean one: romantics and sensuality, temptation and inaccessibility are united in it as nowhere else.

      Tango's origin is under cover of darkness: according to the first version, the dance originates from the African culture, another version supposes Spanish Flamenco is a start. But, somehow or other, Tango is more than a dance; it is a real phenomenon and cultural occurrence. Is it, however, cultural indeed? From the beginning of XX century, the time of tango's appearance in Europe, the clergymen devoted their irate sermons to "an unacceptable intimacy of the dancers". Frankly sensual character of Tango provoked a storm of malicious attacks of a wide range of the decent community's representatives.

      Finally, American doctor Boheme discovered a new disease, named it Tango-Foot, it tells its own tale. It was a crucial point for Tango in fighting for its place under the sun when the film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of 1921appeared: people took another view of this dance. Now Tango is an ordinary guest in the modern films too, and it is danced even by the movie stars like Al Pacino (Scent of a Woman) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies).

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muy bueno


este minunat.It is wonderfull, es maravilloso.Este foarte frumos
dr. Nicolae

Nicolae Stefan, Romania

He tenido ocasion de ver Buenos Aires y fui muy impresionado dela bellieza de esta grande ciudad,de la hospitalidad de la gente y tambien de vitalidad de la poblacion.Muy exito y salud para todos los argentinos por parte de un simple ciudadano rumano que quiere Argentina!


Realmente una falta de respeto a la Republica Argentina la presentacion que hicieron. Una cancion que no es argentina y cantada por Rafaela Carra, bailarines que no representan a nadie y fotos malisima y de pesima calidad. Repito, una falta de respeto!

Fabian Lefebvre, Argentina

Tango is a dance where age does not matter
Experience the sensuality, it never ends

George Rahall, USA

Very nice
Thank you.

Ali Jahanian, Iran

Raymond Luk, Canada

Me encnta esta pagina, felicitaciones, pero me gustaria que Colombia tambien estuviera entre todos

Amparo Trujillo, USA

Lamento que quem fez esta amostra de BA. não tem um conhecimento do que é a Argentina, nem tampouco de suas incontáveis belezas naturais. O video mostra apenas algumas senhoritas de la noche, que nada tem a ver com Buenos Aires. Que pena. Aí residi mais de 1 ano e sei que não é isto aí. Mi encanta Buenos Aires y abrazo a los hermanos argentinos con sus caracteristicas peculiares.

eduardo reges bezerra, Brazil

¿And the tango? ¿Raphaela Carrá singing tango?
Cha, cha, chá is not Baires music, pleassssssse!!!!

german treibel, Argentina

los felicito pero lo que no me gusto fue el tango que eligieron y menos cantado por un artista que merece mis respetos,pero no tiene voz para tango eligan D,Arienzo,Troilo,Pugliese y cantado por voces como Jorge Falcon Argentino Ledesma,Julio Sosa y miles de cantores que ahora no me viene a la memoria,Soy Argentina amo mi pais y quiero que muestren mas lo que es buenos aires gracias...


Lamentable la presentación que hicieron de Bs. As. Donde esta la vista panorámica de la ciudad? Nada tiene que envidiar a Los Angeles. Esto es solo un pobre montaje de fotos de supuestos bailarines. Si al menos se los viera bailar real tango!... y ademas una canción tipo pasodoble cantada por una italiana!!!! Ausencia absoluta de conocimiento y de investigación de lo que es Argentina!

Ana Hernandez, Argentina

I agree with the readers who did not like the Tango dance and also the Pano of Bueos Aires...It needs a good change...otherwise the other panos are not too bad....they all need an upgrade.Good Luck.

Philip Yacoubian, Canada

Hermoso, soy de Chile, y me gustaría ver el Desierto de Atacama, El Lago Chúngara, Las Torres del Paine.
Gracias por esta maravillosa página

Xenia Caro, Chile

أحمد العام&#158, Yemen

I've found that the best way to view this is very slowly, maybe only one or two each morning to get the full beauty of these Panoramic presentations. I fully appreciate the time and expertise here

Nansi Bohne, USA

Buenos Aires was the first city I clicked because I grew up there and I just love the city and its people. Unfortunately, your choice of photography, tango and tango singer (Rafaella Carrá is not Argentinian but Italian) was horrendous to say the least. THAT is not an Argentinian tango (if a tango at all)... with a pair of castañetas it would sound like a Spanish pasodoble. Argentina and Buenos Aires have a lot more to offer than just tango, it hurts when individuals who never visited the country give their poor opinion on such wonderful place and such nice and suffered people. Too bad the show was not at all representative of the real thing.

Luciana Camplese, Canada

BA is great, the people, the music(tango and folk music of the pampas and mountains), the food. The economy is horrible, but the people survive, I don't know how, but they do. It's Europe in South America.

Jerry Alexander, USA

I like yours photos.I travel all over the world with
those photos from my p/c.If you can put some photos from wonderful Greece.We have a lot of beatiful places here too.


Hay muchos temas mas interesantes de esta ciudad. No solo es tango, lamento la producción dapara mucho mas

edgardo medina, Argentina

he visto este promocional de argentina
soy argentina y tenemeos mucho para conocer pero quisiera hacer un comentario referente al fondo musical q tiene el video, deberian poner un TANGO tal cual no una version musical q no tiene nada q ver con nuestra musica . Yo creo q confunde . Gracias

carolina martines luna, Argentina

Sres.por favor Argentina, no es solo Tango.Porque no hay vista de 360 grados de la ciudad.Es inmensa y hay mucho para mostrar.Ademas hagan del interior de Argentina,es muy bello pais.Las bellezas de la Patagonia, el norte, las cataratas del Iguazu,la costa Atlantica(Mar del Plata),las provincias de Cuyo,la Cordillera de los Andes (el Aconcagua),Tierra del Fuego,la Antartida,las sierras de Cordoba,.etc,etc.Por favor un poco de Justicia con mi patria.Merece mas que un tango.Esperamos ansiosos los argentinos.

jose enrique ferreyra, Argentina

Hermoso todo lo que hacen.Pero por favor pongan las vistas en Español.Mi pais Argentina,sin vanidad,es hermoso,no solo Bs.Aires,el resto es divino(Patagonia,Iguazu,los Andes en Cuyo,el norte nativo,la costa Atlantica,Tierra del Fuego,la Antartida,las sierras de Cordoba,etc,etc.Un abrazo sincero desde Buenos Aires.Que sigan los exitos !!!

Jose Enrique Ferreyra, Argentina

Dear visitors, who is very good at tango music. Please, send us "real" tango that we could replace this mistaken music. We apologise.

Alina AirPano, Russian Federation

What a pity they picked this song to represent the tango. It has nothing to do with a tango. The singer is italian, Raffaella Carra, and the song is called "Lola", just a summer fun song.
Que pena que hayan elegido esta cancion para representar el tango. No tiene nada que ver con un tango. La cantante es italiana, Raffaella Carra, y la cancion se llama Lola, una cancion veraniega.

Angela Sanchez, USA

manuochehr nourizadeh, Iran

Thank you, I love all your presentations particularly the tango song..

Robert Ruiz, USA

Yes. It sounds like a Tango but the lady singing isn´t porteña thouth she does it pretty well. Her pronunciation is not porteña.
Sorry but you must come from Bs As South.

Sara Alvarez, Argentina

I was born in Buenos Aires, that music and dance is NOT tango. Maybe is today's young generation's version. I don't like it, because I grow up with the real thing.


Ahhh Joe, what a shame you didn't feel the magic that is BsAs. I lived there for three years, in San Telmo, and there will always be a piece of my heart in la capital federal. I loved the people, the architecture and the economy was amusing. I miss the train rides from Constitucion and Retiro out to los pueblos y las planas. Of course tango is a big part of the magic and I cannot hear it now and not pine for Argentina. I was walking by a restaurant one day in small town mexico and heard the tango. I dined there that evening. Yes there is corruption and while more overt than in some countries perhaps no more than in others, and certainly less than in some. Big business buys governments and a few pesos buys cops. The dance goes on, enjoy.

Dinah O'Brien

a joe martin, que no creo que se australiano, solo decirle, que mejor se quede con sus canguros, no necesitamos gente que nos critique, y si estuvo mucho tiempo, por algo fué, seguro que lo hizo para matarse el hambre, pq si era tan malo se hubiera ido antes...soy argentino y no tengo culpa de sus gobernantes, pero AMO ARGENTINA, y para terminar recordarle a todo el mundo que un pais no es su capital, Argentina tiene mucho mas que la capital, tiene todos los climas, paisajes hermosos y lo mejor es la gente, y lo digo con conocimiento de causa, ya que he vivido en varios paises europeos y americanos, y personas buenas, respetuosas serviciales como el argentino medio no he conocido en ningun lado, obviamente mala gente hay pero no mas que en todos lados, y politicos malos, tambien basta mirar un poco a europa!!!


Bs As is an ugly city. I lived there for a few years and the people, the transit and the weather not fit for a human being (and I do not want to mention the economy; it is unbearable.)
I wonder how I survived living there. The violence now is comparing the worst of the world.
Avoid the city...if you can.

joe martin, Australia

This music is rubbish and is certainly not tango

Barry McKay, Canada

People, the TANGO es music and dance

alberto ruiz, Canada

Very nice...

Vijay Panchal, India

Arvind Chaudhari, India

I don't know who created de Buenos Aires segment but was a....you picture is awful and they got I don't know what nationality people to sing and play music that is everything but NOT TANGO! shame

Bety Martini, Australia

I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina and 7 other Central & South American countries,last fall, so I really liked this.

mary murgo, USA

I had been to BUE, Argentina several times, beautiful city, fantasteak!! Tango Show is my favour, and Iguasu Falls ... BRAVO!

Albert T. Yuen, Canada

it's a beatiful sight of argentina.
what about peru-macchupicchu

enrique gil, Peru

Dear Enrique ,

Please check this page: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Machu-Picchu-Peru

Best regards


Argentina is so easy to love and BA captured my
heart first day. So much so, that I returned there only three weeks after coming home to Florida. Please show us more of BA with other
dancers and better music.

Edward Brown, USA

The best thing in Argentina
the Tango dance

Hossam GAmal, Egypt

Thank you, Arturo

Arthur Hakes, USA

ilove you panorama thank you veri mach

kamal zarrin, Iran

This is very good, I love photography more people visited

mehdi kalhor, Iran

the page it?s great but the music is awful

rodrigo scavone, Argentina

Tastes differ...

Varvara, AirPano

A mi, me encanta, yo tambien vivia en Buenos Aires, pero este lugar no conocia, capaz eso esta en San Telmo? Ni idea tengo. Pero la ciudad es realmente hermosa, vale la pena a visitarla, quién podría. Felicitación. George

Gyorgy Vermes, Hungary

The music is not very tango.

Liliana Gaszek, Italy

5=100% ptos por la idea
1 por el contenido.
¡Vamos amigos que hay muuucho material en Argentina para trabajar!=GRACIAS.
¡Ah! Habrá posibilidad de agregar la página en castellano=1000 puntos.

ANA ROMERO, Argentina

La letra del Tango esta linda y la idea de la presentación esta súper, ademas de la belleza de la piba !!!! gracias por el bello momento!!!

Ariel Zagorin, Mexico

Gracias pro su mensaje. Estamos contentos que le gusto esta panorama.

Varvara, AirPano

Gracias por el intento pero no representa a Buenos Aires Podrían haber puesto un tango de Verdad y haber incluido tomas mas reprentativas de la ciudad
Espero con ansiedad uno o varios de Argentina es HERMOSA tiene muy dispares lugares

Ana María Martínez, Argentina

Very, very nice. I hope, you make a full location, by AirPano in Santos City, too. Thank you, so much.

Sandy Claudio Bispo Jr., Brazil

ali ihytf, Iran

I only give 3 because the music ruined the picture since it is not a tango (this is what the americans call tango -ballroom-)it is a pity that you did not use a tango from Disarli, D'arienzo,Calo, etc. and the picture would have came alive with a rating of 5 or 10.

Ricardo Ignacio, Australia

Thanks a lot for your sincere opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

WOW! brought back memories of beautiful Buenos Aires and the tango festival I attended. That is one fantastic city.

zena mohamed, USA

Since I knew your work, I don´t stop sorprise.The shots are awesome, you are the best thing that could have happened to photography.Saludos from Buenos Aires

Adrian Magnone, Argentina

We are happy you’ve visited us. Come to visit us again soon!

Varvara, AirPano

The pictures are very good but the music is NOT A TANGO. The tempo changes to a cha cha cha. A true tango band 1. has a bandoneon 2. drums are never used. As a tangero for more than 50 years, let me tell you this music is for the birds

Sergio Perelmutter, USA

Thanks a lot for your sincere opinion.

Varvara, AirPano

silvia mikey, Israel

Hi, Mehran Samadi. If you are a lover of Tango I suggest to you to hear: Adios pampa mía; Quejas de bandonión; El tropezón; La cumparsita; La Puñalada. And if you want to know a bit of the soul of Buenos Aires, I thing you have to hear: Yira; Cambalache.

Enrique Tello

Enrique TELLO, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the safest, friendliest city I ever lived and worked in my life. So many things to do in Argentina from Perito Moreno, Salta, Bariloche, Cordoba, San Martin de los Andes, Mar de Plata, Antarctica, Tierra de Fuego. Buenos Aires is the “Paris” of South America I made the best friendships there.

Theodore Anastasiou, USA

We are happy, Theodore, that you found this pano interesting!


I love it! Thanks a lot! make a panorama of Cordoba... please!

Ivan Cano, Argentina

Thanks for your beautiful panoramas.There is my interest in photography because I am so.I mean that
my amusement is photography...so shake my hands far away for your suggestions.Buy...

mn khosh, Iran

Thanks a lot. These are great, lovely and wonderfull panoramas. This one Argentina's Tango has a beautifull song but unfortunately I don't know its name. Would you please send me the name cause I want to download it from net.

Mehran Samadi

Hi,  Mehran! This is song of Rafaella Carra - «Tango».