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World / Europe / Russia / Being a Sandwich

Being a Sandwich

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great photo i dont like eggs tho

lauren king, Antarctica


But how did you make the lens flare appear to be '3d'?

Ian Fennell, United Kingdom

I like it

zahra borhani, Iran

You have a very vivid imagination. Not easy to come up with this pano.

Roland Karlsson, Sweden

I am sorry guys but do not understand the purpose of this picture.

Farah Bangash, USA

es real mente una pagina hermosa

eduardo del prado, Costa Rica


Pablo Rivas, Mexico

me parece una tonteria

luis galker

Y por que le parece asi? Por que tonteria?

Varvara, AirPano

Outstanding !

Ravi Tiwari, India

Ji Jing, China


lelosa pontso, South Africa


lelosa pontso, South Africa


p q, China

Valdir Azevedo, Brazil

love it~

feijie jiang, China

we too :)

Varvara, AirPano

My homa lavasani , i love you

Mohsen Alizadeh, Iran

ali ranjbar, Iran

Nice panorama.I could feel the heat.

Behrooz Bayzaie, Iran


babak mahan