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Swiss Saint Moritz is right considered to be a king of the alpine ski resorts. Aristocratic, cosmopolitan and respectable are the definitions of Saint Moritz that is favorite leisure place of the royal dynasties members, billionaires, politicians and show-business stars. 

Saint Moritz (panoramas No.3 and No.9) is situated on the banks of the same named lake, in the region of Engadin in Graubünden canton at a height of 1856 meters above the sea level. Today the settlement itself counts 5600 inhabitants and in the height of the season there are 3000 touristic service employees and thousands of tourists more. There are good conditions for experienced downhill skiers: 36 "black" skiing tracks and 136 "red" skiing tracks; and many opportunities for snowboarders, amateurs of plain skiing and skating. The total longitude of the regional downhill skiing tracks is 350 km and plain skiing tracks is 150 km.

There is an opinion, that Saint Moritz is the "lightest" Swiss resort. There are 322 sunny days a year. That is why there is no lack in tourists after the ski season is over: in summer, late spring and early autumn. When it is warm tourists are interested in sail, walk and bikes enjoying astounding views, thermal waters and elite leisure service.

Right from Saint Moritz it's possible to go up by the cog railway at a height of 2486 meters (Corviglia station, panorama No.8). In the same panorama can be viewed Piz Noir (the height is 3057 meters). The experienced downhill skiers like it for its steep track of an upper level of complexity.

Several comfortable downhill ski regions are closed to Corviglia and one of them is Piz Corvatsch (3451 meters, panorama No.1). It is one of the most beautiful places for the skiing and the going down from the peak is on a glacier.

Piz Bernina (panorama No.2) rises 4048 meters above the sea level and this makes it the highest point of the Eastern Alps. And at a height of 3600 meters there is a mountain hut Mark and Rose was found as a key point for rest of alpinists. They usually go down there in the end of the route. In spite of its abounded view, the hut is a place of a really civilized rest. There is a maintenance staff all the time and it serves all the travelers independently on the hut's fullness. And another thing that the comfortable rooms may be reserved and then you will rest in an unheated shed on the simple beds.

On the South-West of Graubünden canton there is a wonderful Alpine valley Bregaglia. Nowadays Italy owns its bottom and Switzerland owns it top where artificial Lake Albigna is located. It was created in 1959 for the hydroelectric power plants functioning. Among the snow-capped peaks a wall of weir unexpectedly appears and then — the same idyllic sceneries of Switzerland with its toy houses and great mountain masses. This scenery can be viewed in panoramas No.4 and No.5.

In the sixth panorama there are two highland lakes: Silvaplauna and Silsersee as well as surrounding villages. Thanks for the stable winds, blowing from Maloja Pass, Silvaplauna Lake is popular among amateurs of windsurfing, kites and yachtsmen. And in the beginning of XIX century in one of the local villages a famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was living during 7 years. He walked so frequently along the bank of Silvaplauna Lake enjoying surrounding unearthly beauty that in its honor now there is a memorial tablet on the bank of the lake.

In the Engadin Valley, 5 km far from Saint Moritz, at a height of 1797 meters above the sea level there is a small airport (with one takeoff and landing strip) — Samedan — the most high located European airport. Before the regular flights were realized but now because of the frequent catastrophes they are cancelled. But it's still possible to arrive in Samedan: by private jet. Because of the rarefied air, especially in summer, it's hard for the low-powered light helicopters, which has arrived from the plain, to take off in Samedan and go back. When there is much weight or full of fuel tanks, a helicopter has to fly not vertically up, as usually, but in an airplane manner: drive a takeoff strip, making speed higher and speeding up gradually, then take off and begin to ascend.

The thing is a normal cargo weight at a usual height on the plain becomes extra heavy in the conditions of rarefied highland air; and there is lack of a helicopter engine lifting force to fly vertically.

You can view Samedan Airport in panorama No.7.

12 October 2010


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"Egyszerűen csodlatos, szinte letszerű, vagy taln szebb is? Remek munka. Ksznet az lmnyrt!"

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"Absolutely gorgeous!! Some of the best art on the internet!! Thank you for sharing it!!"

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"wonderbaarlijke, mooie ,prachtige beelden .
Hartelijke groeten"

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"These panorama pictures are just absolutely fantastic! Really amazing!
Thank you so much for sharing them with the whole world!"

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"Spracovie je na veľmi vysokej rovni a ned sa tomu nič vytknť.Veľmi som sa tomuto materialu potešil."

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"Wonderful!! Great work. Many thanks for sharing."

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"Some place I fell in love withwhile visiting with malak my wife 1085 , 10 beauiful days , in the middle of snow with the warmest feeling you can ever get even with the new technology of 3D and high resolution , i can see it more beautiful than i can imagine."

Nashaat eldaly, Venezuela

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"I do realy enjoy the new technologhy , it added a new parameter with the high res. to places i lived in and visited throughout the last 60 years , Thank you for that."

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"Hello my loved one! I wish to say that this
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"Exceptional imaging of the world places.
Maybe you can translate in spanish in a future short.
Thanks a lot."

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"I really like these kinds of my friends"

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"Awsome and beautiful aerial pictures!"

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"i like 360 AERIAL PANORAMA"

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"Simply STUNNING achievement in aerial photography and is BEAUTIFUL ART!!! OUTSTANDING WORK!! AMAZING CLARITY!!"

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"beautiful hsve visitd msny of your sights but could not see all the things you present
great photos kudos"

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"Marvellous!! almost facing jetleg after experiencing the so-real view"

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秋雄 張, Taiwan Region

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"super extraordinario... rebasa lo inimaginable...muy agradecido por este magnifico viaje.. felicidades y gracias por compartir"

gonzalo moreno gutierrez, Mexico

2012-06-21 21:21:18    

"Great work! But a lot of mountain labels are wrong. For example, in the Bernina's panorama, Piz Corvatsch is Pizzo Scalino; Piz Alv is Piz Roseg.
Best regards from Italy!"

Stefano Caldera, Italy

Varvara, AirPano: Dear Stefano, thanks a lot for your recommendations! We agree with you and would like to make changes. Can you, please, mark your notes on each pano? And soon these changes will appear on our web-site.

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"really awsme thing on web, Love to see these view.. even in our real life it wouldnt be possible to see such an amazing things ... Kudos!!!!!!!"

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"Very good video pictures"

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"Computer technology at its best. Fantastic!"

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"It's wonderful."

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"tu eres el mensajero del TODOPODEROSO, CREADOR DEL UNIVERSO!Te felicito, por ensenarnos y apreciar las Maravillas que ha creado, dichosos los ojos que pueden ver. gracias"

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"Enorme belleza, gracias por compartirla. Cordiales saludos"

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"wow!It is awesome.I like it very much"

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"incrivel,muito bonito da vontade de estar la, uma festa para os olhos."


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Varvara, AirPano: Le agradecemos, Carlos, por sus palabras cordiales.

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"tremendous !!! congretulate for for this workJ.neytcheff"

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"magique !merci pour cette parenthse"

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"It is the art of technology and technology of art ... It's really wonderful"

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"Very good video pictures ."

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"Verry good video ."

Jacques Locker, Netherlands

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dinghua tang, China

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"I have been working with Credit Suisse more than 23 years and have traveled to Switzerland more that 20 times. I have seen all the routes to Alp and specifically have been in St. Moritz. I have seen the hotel which used to belong to Shah of Iran.
You have done an excellent job, it is so beautiful.

Sousan Zarrabi, Iran

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"Gracias por estas imgenes tan bellas todo es tan espectacular y que buen trabajo felicidades..."

MarcoAntonio Carmona Sampedro, Mexico

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"Fifty years ago I often skied on the Corvatsch slopes of St.Moritz (Switzerland being my native country) and this gorgeous panorama is a great souvenir for an old man. Thank you."

Erich Heer, USA

Varvara, AirPano: We are pleased with your attention, Erich. Thank you for the comment!

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"Dky za skvělou prezentaci krs naš planety.Kž zůstane stejn i pro dalš generace"

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"Breastakingly beautiful.Thanks."


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