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Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt360° Aerial Panoramas

Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt - • 360° Aerial Panoramas • 360° Virtual Tours Around the World

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Arabian proverb says, "Everything in the world is afraid of time, and time is afraid of the pyramids".

A year ago Sergey Semenov tried to rent a helicopter in Cairo to shoot the pyramids. It didn't work. "No photos allowed due of the close proximity of the military base" such was the explanation. However there was positive news — a story of a French science enthusiast, who bribed local guides and got on top of a pyramid with his equipment to measure some magnetic fields. We have to say that pyramids are surrounded by high fence with motion sensors; and special guards with machine guns and security dogs patrol the perimeter during non-tourist hours. Based on Sergey's story however we assumed that there was certain flexibility in Egyptian national security system, and that we might have a chance to fly there :)

We had to hurry up, because pyramid of Cheops was the only one of "Seven Wonders of the World" still standing; and the last "Transformers" movie made me think that the militant robots might actually destroy the pyramids for real next time :)


Transformers in Egypt

Frame from the movie «Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen»  

Transformers in Egypt

Frame from the movie «Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen»  


We assembled the team and sent it off to Egypt. This time we decided to shoot with the help of a radio controlled helicopter. It's worth mentioning that according to news reports, there were series of protests and street gunfire in Cairo, so our guys were not very happy about the trip. I called my friend in Cairo to see what was really going on there, and he said, "There is gunfire in Downtown of Cairo, but the outskirts, where all the tourists stay, are quite safe. Just watch out for Cairo taxi drivers. Don't let them rob you" :)

So the guys left for Egypt to photograph pyramids. Their SMS saying, "we took off, and got arrested" did not surprise me. I was not worried a bit, thinking "It's Egypt. They won't hurt a tourist, they like them there." So when they texted me "It will cost 1000 US dollars to get us out flash card with photos back and continue shooting", I replied "No way! Stay where you are and keep bargaining".

It is considered rather rude in Eastern culture to accept the first price offered, so your counterpart would appreciate if you bargain just a little. It turned out to be true in our case. However, our guys were probably very uncomfortable in these circumstances — surrounded by 20 policeman and military, so they dropped the price just a touch, settling on 800 US dollars.

This price included access to the photographic location and police escort for entire day. So the photoshooting began.

Before we let one of the group members, Stas Sedov, the pilot of our RC helicopter, continue with his story, I want to say that Egypt is a very unique country, where they love tourists in general, and photographers in particular. My father went there 14 times and wants to keep it the way it is ...



"Quit playing games, boys! — Oleg told us one day last fall, — it's time for you to go to Cairo to shoot pyramids"

"Which Cairo? The one with revolution, gunfire and barricades on the streets?" — went through my mind, but I said out loud "Mmmm... When is our flight?"

It took me two weeks to assemble and set up another radio-controlled machine, which would serve as a back-up in case the main helicopter fails. Each helicopter was packed in a separate suitcase in case one bag gets lost. The total weight of our luggage — two helicopters, repair kit, and photo equipment (3 sets of cameras and lenses) — was 80 kilos.

Here I am admiring desert beauty of Egyptian landscapes, passing by our airplane windows. "Those cities look so much alike" — says sleepy Sergey pointing out of the window, and I notice that we in fact have been circling above one spot for over an hour. In a few minutes our captain announces that the rebels have occupied the international airport of Cairo and that our plane must remain in the air until the situation is resolved. How interesting!

We safely landed after about an hour of hovering above the airport, and immediately got into rebels' hands. Just kidding! I didn't notice any signs of a takeover; it was a normal peaceful life of an international airport. As it turned out, traffic controllers were on strike demanding a raise in salary.

After spending so much time on the plane we were anxious to start shooting the pyramids; but due to the delay we arrived to the closed gates. The name of our guide — a beautiful local girl — was Hinda, which surprisingly means "100 camels" in Arabic. We told her that we would try to get there early in the morning, before the museum opens (we wanted to take few shots without tourists).

Hours of operation of the local museum complex depend mainly on the timetable of tourist buses that bring most of the crowd to pyramids. The complex is open 8 am to 4 pm, and for the rest of the day it becomes a fortified military base, which we had no intentions to assault.

Early morning, 30 minutes before the opening, we are by the museum gate trying to convince the guards by money and speech to let us in. Absolutely useless! Against our expectations, gatekeepers are not interested in our money. I won't tell you how nervous we were while waiting for the beginning of our photo session. After one and a half hour we finally got to the first location only to face new difficulties.

Practically every local person living near pyramids makes his money here one way or another. We heard of camel drivers and other eclectic characters, but we had no idea about guards. It turned out that in addition to policemen in uniform there were policemen in plain clothes, military representatives in plain clothes, and the museum personnel near each pyramid. It would be hard to say who had more authority, perhaps, the army guys.

Hinda suggested talking to the military people right away to avoid further problems. We were prepared for that, and after a long conversation between Sergey and a tall camel rider in white robe and keffiyeh, we got permission to fly our helicopter. By that moment I was almost completely worn out by stress, uncertainty and heat, because there was absolutely no guarantee that our equipment will function properly in the condition of "over +35C in shade". Fortunately, everything worked fine, and we made two successful flights.


Первый полет


We moved to the second location, and when we took off our luck turned. One of the "plain-clothed" officers made a phone call and the whole army came to arrest us.

We were taken to the administrative building of the museum. There were about 20 people, some wore uniform, and some were obviously from the museum. It was rather difficult to figure out who was in charge in this crowd. At first there was a lot of shouting, our guide was very pale and hardly translated a word for us. Finally one of the museum managers demanded to see the photos and then took our flash card. After taking control over our most "valuable possession", the museum authority immediately changed his tone of voice, and the atmosphere around us relaxed. Everybody took turns checking out the "magic apparatus" that we flew near pyramids. It was a sign for us to begin negotiating terms of our photo project. Hinda translated the reply of the museum authority: "We'll sort everything out in 5-10 minutes".

These 5-10 minutes turned into about 4 hours of continuous negotiation; people were coming and going, making impossible requirements, calling the Minister of Culture, Minister of Police and who knows what else. Imagine the chaos of the Egyptian street market increased 10 fold, and you'll get the picture!

We had to go to the police office (Where we accidentally ran into the Prime Minister of the country. No kidding) to negotiate a police escort for the duration of our shooting — the museum people refused to give us their permission without the escort.

By the end of the day we managed to sort out almost all the formalities, and the conversation focused on the final fee for taking pictures. Egyptians asked about 1000 US dollars. Everything would be official, with receipts and other paperwork. Of course, there was no such thing as official permit for aerial photography, and so they offered us to buy a permit for professional photography: "if you shoot from the air, you must be a professional!" By the way, there is no problem to shoot with a regular pro photo camera around pyramids, but not inside. After some more bargaining we dropped the price to 800 USD, and finally purchased this precious piece of paper and a police escort.


в сопровождении полицейского

Stas is reparing the R/C helicopter

I can describe the following day with only one phrase — we worked like plantation slaves! 

Our permit covered practically the entire territory of the pyramids. The police protected us from annoing bypassers and local beggars. The museum management let us to the Sphinx 30 minutes before the main crowd, for which I am very grateful. Too bad we couldn't get on the archeological ramp by the feet of the statue, so we had to shoot from the side. Having very limited visibility, I was concerned that our helicopter could add another "special feature" to the Sphinx's face with already missing nose by hitting its eye; but everything went well.



By the end of the day we became such good friends with our escort that we didn't want to part. Only deputy director of the museum, rushed us: "The museum is a military zone." Last tourists leave the territory at 4 pm, and we must go by 4:30 pm otherwise our escort would have serious problems... 



That day we also wanted to photograph the famous, beautiful old Mosque of Muhammad Ali, located in the center of Cairo. However because of the ongoing protests our guide refused to go there. After stuff of the museum confirmed her words we decided to skip it.

We were so tired that we fell asleep the moment our heads touched the pillows in the hotel, which was located just a couple of blocks from pyramids. Tomorrow we were going home.

At the airport screening a security officer told us that in Egypt it was prohibited to carry helicopters in one's luggage. After a short negotiation I took out 20-dollar bill and he politely let me though. Our second suitcase with the helicopter was received much better and cost only 10 bucks.

Here we were — Sergey and I — sitting in a café with the notebook, going through the images while waiting for our flight; and on the news they were saying that 19 people were killed yesterday in Cairo during protests on Tahrir Square... Egypt is an amazing country. It is very friendly to tourists. As one of the museum authorities put it, "Egypt has only two commodities: tourism and Suez Canal".

Arabian proverb says, "Everything in the world is afraid of time, and time is afraid of the pyramids".

And now you can look down at these pyramids, from the bird's eye view.



You can watch the short video from the above of Pyramids.



Photo by Sergey Semenov, video and pilotage by Stas Sedov

24 December 2011


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2012-06-08 13:53:25    
  5 from 5

"Although i have not been these places i really enjoy the panorama imagining its geographical,historical and environmental values."

piyatilleke kaluwa dewa, Sri Lanka

2012-06-07 02:46:23    
  5 from 5

"Truly the wonder of this planet - Hoping the Islamic brotherhood will not destroy these wonders. Egyptians should go back to their old glory and their own Gods in religion, going back will make them powerful again. Egyptians are not Arabs, they are Egyptians an exceptional civilization."

Howard MacAndrew, USA

2012-06-07 00:52:51    
  5 from 5

"Go to the hell!!! :-) It IS beutiful idea!!! Ruisian brain is same as american (red or blue brother it is same)but with poetic charge. Thank YOU guys. By czech language:"fuck Magi(Czech broth)cubes" or "That to me (dick) get out.""

RUDLA newer mind, Czech Republic

2012-06-06 10:44:11    
  5 from 5

"Simply marvellous. I have seen a few views esp. the pyramids & I am deeply impressed, I have earlier visited Cairo and the various pyramids and thus I could enjoy & appreciate the panorama still more. Well done."

Vijai K Sharma, India

2012-06-05 17:11:05    
  5 from 5

"I thank the team behind this great and difficult spectacular job. I am proud of being an Egyptian at the same time I enjoy this Panorama.
Thanks to all who commented so nicely"

Cherif Loutfi, Egypt

Varvara, AirPano: We are grateful for your interest. Thanks!

2012-06-04 15:32:17    

"I would like to see some of the pictures of these fabulous countries that is on show
Mavis Law"

Mavis Law, South Africa

2012-06-03 06:06:22    
  5 from 5

"Feel Like Im in EGYPT This is Amazing"

bill platers, Australia

2012-06-01 16:09:38    
  5 from 5

"Great work!Well done."

koralagamage sarath chandraratne, Sri Lanka

2012-05-31 23:02:57    
  5 from 5

"Its a great job...but i think that u discovered,that if u went through the proper channel,every thing will be easier,any how,I realy admire what u have done,now u know the way,looking forward to see u,we have many other good sights worth to be photed....wish u good luck,take care...."

ahmad zeidan, Egypt

2012-05-30 16:59:31    
  5 from 5

"Me pareció estar cerca de un mundo celestial que sació mi sed de conocer. Infinitas gracias."

Mario Adalberto Machón Escoto, El Salvador

2012-05-30 10:18:23    
  5 from 5


Amaratunga Ha, Sri Lanka

2012-05-29 09:36:13    
  5 from 5

"Simply......... unbeleavable.."

Dillip Baral, India

2012-05-29 04:29:58    
  5 from 5

"superb show. keep the good work up"

sanath Panabokke, Sri Lanka

2012-05-28 04:13:46    
  5 from 5

"Muy buenos paseos en helicóptero , que se repitan de otros bellos lugares ."

Hector Araujo, Uruguay

2012-05-24 23:27:34    
  4 from 5

"wow! great work ...amazing"

aliya sharafi, Canada

2012-05-22 19:48:23    

"Great photos!! Than, fantastic scenes also can be sharing in hintherland of Brazilian Amazonia; especialy on lefth border of River Amazonas"

Rogério Funfas, Brazil

2012-05-18 18:54:30    
  5 from 5

"Veeeeery excelent !"

Ricardo Ruhl, Brazil

2012-05-15 06:21:38    
  5 from 5

"Fantastic Photos, excellent topic, your work shows the length you went through to get such honourable results... Congratulations! It´s a true version of these monuments, which can only be a praise to Egypt Country and People... Well done! Berry and John Bell"

Berry Bell, Brazil

Varvara, AirPano: We are grateful for your kind opinion.

2012-05-15 03:17:48    
  5 from 5

"Thanks for the opportunity to remember the nice weeks I´ve spent in that magic land....keep up the good work. Congrats"

Genaldo Vargas, Brazil

2012-05-13 17:00:19    

"topic Beautiful"

zaki adob, Egypt

2012-05-12 14:19:57    
  5 from 5

"really its amazing work thank you
( long life Egypt )"

ahmed elkhshin, Egypt

2012-05-12 14:03:51    
  5 from 5

"really its amazing work thank you
( long life Egypt )"

ahmed elkhshin, Egypt

2012-05-12 02:56:48    
  5 from 5

"This is amazing! (Y)"

Abdelrahman Hesham, Egypt

2012-05-11 21:40:04    
  5 from 5

"thanks a lot ,, we appreciate your efforts to bring this magnificent work .. we like to share our great history with all the world"

Ahmed Ibrahiem, Egypt

2012-05-10 17:23:39    
  5 from 5

"wow wow wow... i'm looking forward to my next visit to egypt. this time must be Cairo"

Tosca Gauthier, Luxembourg

2012-05-07 12:08:06    
  4 from 5

"good contents"

yucheng LI, China

2012-05-07 08:01:24    
  5 from 5

"Thank you very much for your great work! I can use your photos to help my students to know Egypt Pyramids!"

baole chang, China

2012-05-06 02:37:20    
  5 from 5

"Me pareciò , algo Fantàstico , realmente me transportò alli casi que en el tiempo mismo , !gracias por mostranos estas bellezas , del mundo , y mas las Piràmides , ! cosa , que jamàs sabremos , como fueron conztridas ,, !!!! gracias , gracias , bellìiiiiiiiiisimooooooooooooo!"

Ana Maria masramon, Argentina

2012-05-05 14:05:05    
  5 from 5

"Excellent piece of work.Pls add other world famous sites if u can.Thanks."

karim dhanani, Kenya

2012-05-05 13:37:11    
  5 from 5

"Superbe réalisation! Un grand merci à l'équipe de tournage pour nous avoir fourni pareil document.On s'y croirait..!"

Renée MARCEL, France

Varvara, AirPano: Unfortunately, we don't understand French. Please leave your messages in English. Thanks.

2012-05-04 18:22:19    
  5 from 5

"This is a very poor country with so much history. You have to be there to understand. Don't miss the River Mile cruise. One day we pray the troubles of the country will be over so we can return."

P;hyllis & Terry Fondriest, USA

2012-05-02 18:50:08    
  5 from 5

"well done panoramas are excellent and the music is inspiring was there a certain composer who made that type of music"

jordyn bateman, Australia

2012-04-30 04:57:57    

"If you can get there you must see Egypt before you leave the earth.We will never forget the sensation of seeing the treasures of Egypt.I only hope whatever form of government comes to power there protects them.
Gerry & Jacki Mongeluzo"

Gerry Mongeluzo, USA

2012-04-27 03:16:41    
  5 from 5

"I love the site! Please, I need some information: what is the name of the songs that touch the video of the pyramids? Thank you!"

Dener Giovanini, Brazil

Varvara, AirPano: Thanks a lot for the message left. The answer to your question can be found on page FAQ

2012-04-25 05:43:03    
  5 from 5

"I loved it, beautiful, beautiful beautiful!
I appreciated many details. I wish to know Egypt, seeing these pictures, my desire is even greater. Thank you for the beautiful work."

Bya Albuquerque, Brazil

2012-04-22 16:40:40    
  5 from 5

"magnifico estonteante da vontade de estar la pois nunca tive esta oportuninade lindo lindo lindo obrigado aos colaboradores desta pagina"

teresa cristina dos santos crespo, Brazil

2012-04-22 12:49:16    
  5 from 5

"Veľmi dobrý nápad. V živote som túžila na vlastné oči vidieť tie nádherné skvosty ako sú pyramídy. Pre rôzne dôvody (zdravotné, finančné) to asi nikdy na vlastné oči neuvidím. Ďakujem touto cestou za naozaj dobrý nápad, je to naozaj nádherné. Ešte raz ďakujem."

Jarmila Laznovská, Slovakia

2012-04-22 00:36:02    
  5 from 5

"LOVEEDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! Keep doing extraordinary things like this!!"

Bia amorim, Brazil

2012-04-21 22:14:32    
  5 from 5

"At first I want to thank you for sharing this FANTASTIC PHOTO with us. then I want you to photo the deep of the red sea to show all the world how beauty it is , the mountains of the red sea and TAHRIR SQARE too ."

Ahmed Alaa El-Din, Egypt

Varvara, AirPano: Thank you for the high appraisal of our work.

2012-04-21 22:14:31    
  5 from 5

"Cest voyager à peu de frais...
tout simplement magnifique

Drapeau Réjeanne, Canada

2012-04-21 21:14:38    
  5 from 5

"thats a great jop.u know i always see pyramids, but this time u make feel like first time i see pyramids thank u very much. u are great man who made that great work for great pyramids :D :D xD"

AhMeD SaaD, Egypt

2012-04-21 14:37:23    
  5 from 5

"Que de superbes images, bravo ! Quel plaisir de revoir ce beau site !"

Joyce Mez, Switzerland

2012-04-21 11:53:19    
  5 from 5

"Egypt's most beautiful tourist country in existence. Even drank water from the Nile back again if in another world.
وحشتينى يا مصر"


Varvara, AirPano: Thanks a lot for the message left.

2012-04-19 21:29:29    

"Os meus sinceros parabéns por este maravilhoso trabalho e belas fotografias! Já lá estive e também adorei!!!Vivi muito intensamente esta história do mundo! Maravilha!"

Julieta Mateus, Portugal

2012-04-15 18:30:30    
  5 from 5

"de verdad los felicito por el arduo trabajo que realizaron para beneplácito del resto del mundo personas como ustedes hacen que la humanidad pueda permanecer sobre la tierra. gracias"

Rosa Maria Gómez, Mexico

2012-04-15 14:49:52    

"Magnifiques,époustouflantes et fascinantes images !"

Misraïm GLMM, France

2012-04-15 07:04:11    
  5 from 5

"This is amazing!"

Ajay Karde, India

2012-04-14 17:54:54    
  5 from 5

"ces images magnifiques nous ont montré les sites
d'une façon totalement différente de ce que nous avons vu.
A quand d'autres images aussi superbes.
A bientôt j'espère."

MARION Valerie, France

2012-04-14 11:11:19    
  5 from 5



2012-04-13 11:44:42    
  4 from 5

"Wonderfull committed work, one can feel that I am visiting the world famous Gaza Pyramids of my own. Encourage you to bring such panaramic views fo many such world famous events. Goog... Good.."

kalavakuri Abraham, India

Varvara, AirPano: Many thanks for the message left.

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Jiankou and Jiaoshan, China   •   Cape-Town, South Africa   •   360 video, Grozny, Russia   •   Halong Bay, Vietnam   •   Oahu, Hawaii, USA   •   Manhattan, New York, USA   •   Langisjor and Veidivotn, Iceland   •   Holland, Holland   •   Holland, Holland   •   Zaanse Schans, Holland   •   Hollywood, California, USA   •   Jerusalem, Israel   •   Hong Kong, China   •   Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA   •   Huanglong, Sichuan, China   •   Huangshan mountains, China   •   Ilulissat, Greenland   •   Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland   •   Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland   •   Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland   •   Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland   •   Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland   •   Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon, Iceland   •   Iceland, the best, Iceland   •   Iguasu Falls, Argentina   •   India, India   •   Iceland, Iceland   •   Irkutsk, Russia   •   Istanbul, Turkey   •   Istra, Russia   •   Jaipur, India   •   Jakarta, Indonesia   •   Jellyfish Bay, Raja Ampat, Indonesia   •   Jellyfish Bay, Raja Ampat, Indonesia   •   Kaliningrad, Russia   •   Kalyan Minaret, Bukhara, Uzbekistan   •   Kamchatka, Russia   •   Kamchatka, Russia   •   Kamchatka, Russia   •   Kambalnoe Lake, Kamchatka, Russia, Russia   •   Kargopol, Russia, Russia   •   Kathmandu, Nepal   •   Kazan, Russia   •   Kiev, Ukraine   •   Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Namibia   •   Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia   •   Lake Baikal, Russia   •   Lake Powell, USA   •   Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland   •   Las Vegas, USA   •   Las Vegas, USA   •   Pisa, Tuscany, Italy   •   Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil   •   Lima, Peru   •   Lisbon, Portugal   •   Lisbon, Portugal   •   Lofoten archipelago, Norway   •   Los Angeles, California, USA   •   Lucerne, Switzerland   •   Lucerne, Switzerland   •   Luxor, Egypt   •   Machu Picchu, Peru   •   Madrid, Spain   •   Fesdu Island, Maldives   •   Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy   •   Manhattan, New York, USA   •   Maldives, Maldives   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Chichen Itza, Mexico   •   Tikal, Guatemala   •   Meteora, Greece, Greece   •   Mexico, Mexico   •   Miami, USA   •   Mir Castle, Belarus   •   Easter Island, Chile   •   Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand   •   Monaco, Monaco   •   Mono Lake, California, USA   •   Mont Blanc, Italy   •   Mont Blanc, Italy   •   Mont Blanc, France   •   Mont Blanc, France   •   Mont Blanc, France   •   Kotor Bay, Montenegro   •   Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy   •   MKAD, Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Kremlin, Russia   •   Moscow City, Russia   •   Moscow City, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow Kremlin, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow Kremlin, Russia, Russia   •   Moscow, MSU, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Krokus Expo Center, Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Kolomenskoye, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   City of Capitals, Russia   •   Istanbul, Turkey   •   Mount Elbrus, Russia   •   Mount Elbrus, Russia   •   Mount Elbrus, Russia   •   Naarden, Holland   •   Nairobi, Kenya   •   Namib Desert, Namibia   •   Jiuzhaigou, China   •   Nazca Lines, Peru   •   New Jerusalem Monastery, Russia   •   New Jerusalem Monastery, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, New York, USA   •   Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, New York, USA   •   Manhattan, New York, USA   •   Niagara Falls, USA   •   Nice, France   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Shanghai, China   •   North Goa, India   •   North Goa, India   •   North Kurile Islands, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Lofoten archipelago, Norway   •   Northern lights in Norway, Norway   •   Norwegian Fjords, Norway   •   Novodevichy Convent. Moscow, Russia   •   Old Watch Towers, Ingushetia, Russia   •   Grimsvotn, Iceland   •   Orda Cave, Russia   •   Orvieto, Italy   •   Ramenki, Moscow, Russia   •   Pamukkale, Turkey   •   Paraty, Brazil   •   Paris, France   •   Pena National Palace, Sintra, Portugal   •   Peter and Paul fortress, Saint Petersburg, Russia   •   Petra, Jordan   •   Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia   •   Pit Cenote, Mexico   •   Plitvice-Lakes, Croatia   •   Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia   •   Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia   •   Plosky Tolbachik Volcano , Russia   •   Porto Venere, Italy   •   Porto, Portugal   •   Porto, Portugal   •   Prague, Czech Republic   •   Prambanan Temple Compounds, Indonesia   •   Putorana Plateau, Russia   •   Uzon caldera, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Rabat, Morocco   •   Zambezi River, Zambia   •   Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia, Indonesia   •   Kronstadt, Russia   •   Reine, Lofoten archipelago, Norway   •   Reykjavik, Iceland   •   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil   •   Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil   •   Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy   •   Roman Colosseum, Italy   •   Romw, Italy   •   Kubinka, Russia   •   Saint Petersburg at night, Russia   •   Saint Petersburg, Russia   •   Saint Petersburg, Russia   •   Sakhalin Island, Russia   •   San Francisco, California, USA   •   Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA   •   San Juan and Colorado rivers, USA   •   Goosenecks, Utah, USA   •   Santiago, Chile   •   Oia, Greece   •   Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazil   •   Seattle, USA   •   Segovia, Spain   •   Senja Island, Norway   •   Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia   •   Seville, Spain   •   Seychelles, Seychelles   •   Shanghai, China   •   Truk Lagoon, Micronesia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Shoubak Castle, Jordan   •   Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar   •   Siena, Italy   •   Tidore island, Indonesia   •   South Maldives, Maldives   •   Southern Maldives, Maldives   •   Southern Maldives, Maldives   •   Sankt Moritz, Switzerland   •   360 video, mount Elbrus, Russia   •   Elbrus, Russia   •   Statue of Liberty, New York, USA   •   Manhattan, New York, USA   •   Svalbard (Spitsbergen), Norway   •   Svolaer, Lofoten archipelago, Norway, Norway   •   Swaminarayan Akshardham, India   •   Lausanne, Swiss Riviera, Switzerland   •   Sydney, Australia   •   Sydney, Australia   •   Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia   •   Taj Mahal, India   •   Taj Mahal, India   •   Teotihuacan, Mexico   •   Kremlin, Moscow, Russia   •   The Drakensberg, South Africa   •   UAE, UAE   •   White Sea, Russia   •   Palpa, Peru   •   Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia   •   Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia   •   Great Barrier Reef, Australia   •   Australia, Australia   •   Great Barrier Reef, Australia   •   Mauritius, Mauritius   •   Kurile Lake, Kamchatka, Russia   •   The Land of Bears, Kurile Lake, Kamchatka, Russia, Russia   •   Matterhorn, Switzerland   •   Palmyra, Syria   •   Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Australia   •   Blue Lagoon, Iceland   •   The Qiandaohu Lake, China   •   Times Square, New York, USA   •   Toledo, Spain   •   Trinity Lavra of Sait Sergius, Russia   •   Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia   •   North Pole, North Pole   •   Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia   •   Cramp fish, Maldives   •   Maldives, Maldives   •   Uzon caldera, Kamchatka, Russia, Russia   •   Uzon caldera, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Uzon caldera, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Uzon caldera, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Uzon, Western Thermal Field, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Valencia, Spain   •   Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Varanasi, India, India   •   Italy, Vatican   •   Venice, Italy   •   Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy   •   Victoria Falls, Zambia   •   Victoria Falls, Zambia   •   Victoria Falls, Zambia   •   Victoria Falls, Zambia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Moscow, Russia   •   Vienna, Austria   •   Cape Town, RSA   •   Dubai, UAE   •   Toronto, Canada   •   Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany   •   Volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka, Russia   •   Kamchatka, Volcano Plosky Tolbachik, Russia   •   Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan   •   Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan   •   Waterfalls, Iceland   •   Wayag Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia   •   Moscow Kremlin, Russia   •   Sochi, Russia   •   Yamal Peninsula, Russia   •   Yellowstone National Park, USA   •   Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces, China   •   Matterhorn-Cervino, Switzerland   •   Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China   •   Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China   •   Zhivopisniy Bridge, Moscow, Russia   •   Zurich, Switzerland   •